Ben Rooney from The Wall Street Journal visiting Tallinn & Garage48 HUB

September 22, 2011
Ben Rooney from The Wall Street Journal visited Tallinn this week and Garage48 HUB was happy to host the meet up. Estonian capital was one of the most suggested destinations out of other 40+ cities in Europe in his list and according to Ben, he is amazed. Nation of 1.3 million people and the number of startups created is most definitely the best ratio in Europe and simply incredible.
Answering for the question, what we have got, what other European cities don’t, he had clear answer:
  • You have small population. Creating something for a little over 1 million people do not make sense and this makes you think about international and global market straight away. German and French startups do not have this mindset. They are happy about their 63 and 81 million home market, without having any global ambition.
  • Skype has done a lot of good for you. You have a role model to follow. These are simple guys, who did it. Why should not you be successful?! This example helps a lot.
  • You do not feel comfortable. You can not lean back and relax. You want to live better and you will go an extra mile for that. This urge makes you move.
Of course you have problems, everyone does, Ben admitted. In terms of startup ecosystem he pointed out not enough people, specialists he ment and second, Estonia lack of capital.

Meet up @Garage48 HUB brought about 30 Estonian startup entrepreneurs together. Good vibe, fruitful chats and great atmosphere. Beside that, everyone had a chance to have his/her 30sec pitch on WSJ website.

Read Ben’s post about Tallinn on WSJ,
Up and Coming Start-Ups in Estonia.

With compliments from Ben, come and get your free 90-days access code of WSJ by visiting Garage48HUB!

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