Garage48 Johannesburg winner is building mobile app for African healthcare

December 03, 2011
Garage48 is an event to build new web and mobile service working prototypes in one single weekend – in 48 hours. 6 teams presented their services on Sunday Demo night on 4th of December at Vodacom World centre, Johannesburg, financial capital of South Africa. International jury announced Garage48 this year last event winner as Mediminder, that is building mobile platform for African healthcare.
Garage48 is known as a very intensive course for IT entrepreneurs. The focus is on bringing ideas into real life and developing great teamwork. Garage48 also helps talented developers to get in contact with successful entrepreneurs in Europe and America. In the beginning of the Garage48 participants pitch their ideas, network with others and form teams based on their favourite ideas. The teams are competing to have the best start-up idea implementation.  For Garage48, that originally started from Estonia in Northern-Europe, South Africa was already 5th event in Africa this year following Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya success.

“African startup entrepreneurs are facing way more challenges then their colleagues in Europe or America. But they have far better understanding about local problems, hence they are more exoerienced to find solutions for them. I personally believe, that Africa does not need so much aid, but more help building up successful entrepreneurship. And we are here with Garage48 to boost the culture of startups and entrepreneurship in Africa, explained Garage48 co-founder Ragnar Sass. He is Silicon Valley based startup entrepreneur, working daily with his own startup, what has more then 500 paying companies from 33 different countries.

After very intensive and sleepless weekend, supported by international tech companies Google, Vodacom, Blackberry®, jury announced winner as Mediminder. Currently MediMinder improves the effectiveness of medication, by encouraging individuals to take their medication at the correct time, but in long vision they want to build information channel between doctor and patsient. And sending suggestions for young parents. Improving healthcare thru reachable channel is extra important in South Africa which is biggest population of HIV in the World.  

“We are impressed with the high professionality of ICT community in Africa, especially in South Africa” adds Elise, the organizer of Garage48 events in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. She emphasizes the importance of building applications that will solve local issues and are helpful for the community. “African events have been really interesting for me after European events. South Africa stands out as more similar to European events with stronger international ideas and implementations” says Elise.

Garage48 next South Africa event will take place 2012 autumn, in Cape Town.

Our 2012 hackathon roadmap is already packed, as we have received so many invitations from different countries. We will choose the ones, where we see strongest support from local community and where Garage48 can make biggest impact for startup community, explained Ragnar Sass.
Our next year plans in Africa includes same 5 countries, that Garage48 visited this year,  in addition we are in contact with Senegal and Cameroon. We will bring  the concept also to Russia and Ukraine and have received big interest from Latina-America especially from Chile and Brazil, added he.

The format of Garage48 was launched by 6 Estonian startup entrepreneurs. Garage48’s homeland Estonia holds the first position in Internet freedom in the world and is the home for the free Internet calls provider Skype. Tiny, but ambitious European country, Estonia is an ICT leader in the world in many ways.

Project launched in Garage48 South Africa. 



D.ling  is passionate about helping people save money while having great local experiences.!  We are leveraging  mobile app and location based technology to assist consumers to search  group buying sites and shopping malls. D.Ling is a great way for consumers to find deals and sales, the best buys available, ensuring that they won't miss a steal!  D.ling –“Its Spreading –Ding a Ling!

Team members: Ivanovic Bojan, Clark Kenneth, Barnard Francois Barnard, Spencer-Moses Muparutsa


MediMinder improves the effectiveness of medication, by encouraging individuals to take their medication at the correct time. We do this via a piece of technology that every African already uses on a daily basis - their mobile phone. Our system supports notifications via SMS, and follow up notifications via voice.
Team members: Swart Vincent, Frisinger Travis, Paul Johnston,  Bradly Angelo Swart


According to the SA National Transport Survey (2003), only 26% of South Africans have access to a private motor vehicle. Siyavaya allows members of the public to easily search for public transport options (bus, taxi and train schedules) within South Africa – on a multi-device platform solution, accessible anywhere.
Team members: Mabutyana Buhle, Mdlalose Mduduzu, Shoko Concern, Zaid Mahomedy

The witnessto.IT is an application that will be used by law enforcement agents to aid in witnesses identifying perpetrators without standing in front of the suspect and feeling threatened. This will also reduce the number of false identities that traditional line ups have resulted in
Team: van Wyk Donovan , Mothoa Mperekeng, Ben Zaaiman, Mahlo Seshego, Kurt Mbanje

Social Vouchers

Social vouchers are a form of cash and credit that can be sent to NGO's, local suppliers, and underprivileged communities dependent on social support. Donors go onto the site, select their beneficiaries based on their profiles, and the type of support (local supplier/NGO) they want to pay for. Dependants will then be able to collect the food, clothing, and other donated necessities from their local suppliers and NGO's
Team: Marneweck Phil, Moruthane Kgolane

Ngazise-Mobi (Keep it Simple)

Ever forgotten your conference schedule? Ever missed that special pair of shoes because you didn’t know about that sale? How about  missing a test because the venue changed and you simply didn’t get to your emails? Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you arrived at a convention or mall you could get a welcome notification that told you everything you needed to know to make you day   well that’s what is about: making sure you’re at the right place, at the right time, sorted. 
Team members: Maluleke Miyelani, Baloyi Tshembhani, Vundla Sifiso, Dolo Maungo, Mphahlele Charles

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    Go MediMinder - what a great concept!

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    Way to go, Travis!!! Amazing original idea.

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    Any idea how the above have gone ahead with their projects?

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