Garage48 Kiev 2012 winner helps people achieve their personal goals

May 13, 2012
Ragnar Sass (founder of Garage48) said that one of the biggest challenges is to build products to international markets and persuaded Ukrainian teams to work hard on that. impressed the jury the most with a web application that helps people achieve their personal goals and came the winner of Garage48 Kiev 2012.
From 25 ideas pitched on Friday, 12 ideas managed to attract a team and started product development and 11 ideas presented their working prototype on Sunday, 13th May.

Max Ischenko (co-founder of DOU) said that Garage48 helps well to promote startup-minded business thinking and that Ukraine definitely needs more of this kind of events.

The 1st Garage48 event in Ukraine, co-organized and hosted by and National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" had a high level of specialists as mentors and in the jury:
Thanks to all our great sponsors: YandexSkypeTA Venture and many others for joining forces with Garage48 Foundation to hold the latest Garage48 in Kiev. A weekend-long intensive event resulted in 11 new prototypes. 


Garage48 Kiev 2012 Winner 
+ Skype Special Prize
Web application that helps people achieve their personal goals by allowing them to:
- Organize their dreams - Keep track of the progress - Connect to users with the same goals - Earn badges for good performance- Share achievements with friends.
Team: Yuriy Koziy, Denis Igin, Nazar Panchyshyn, Bogdan Suchyk, Bogdan Danilyuk

The Runner-up
+ The Audience Favourite
Online sharing space for sports gear. Share your unused sports equipment (e.g. snowboard or bike) with your friends, make a handsome profit. Get the gear you need from your friends, and gear up!
Team: Taras Lyapun, Anton Stetsenko, Oxana Lenning, Yaroslav Musiy, Alex Khlivniuk, Andrey Gordeev, Andrey Druchenko
Twitter: @yourgear1

The Runner-up
Have your recipients respond! is a GTD productivity tool. Track email replies you wait for. Send personalized reminders to reluctant recipients and show them you track their replies - if you want to.Easily manage your open loops and reduce stress. 
Team: Alexander Zayats, Serge Koval, Vladimir Iermolaiev, Vsevolod Solovyov, Nikita Vasilyev, Richard Bell

Best Mobile app
PRP is geo-location match-mate service for making new professional connections1- Fill your skills, 2- share your needs, 3- get a map with right people, 4- say hi to the person you need, 5-send a message to whole target group.
Team: Nataliya Trenina, Maxim Tkachuk, Yurii Kriachko, Konstantin Medvedenko, Iryna Troshchynska

The Most Fun Project
aMuse - Write down, play and share music online. 
Team: Daniil Moskovtsov, Michael Tkachuk, Ivan Lappo, Helen Kokk
Twitter: @amuse15

Tweet and chat with people 100 meters around you
Team: Bogdan Pavlovskyy - team lead, Andrey SheludenkovIgor Bogomolov, Denis Nikolaenko, Maxim Fomenko

Our idea is to create a facebook app to allow you to recommend some service (like plumber, electrician or stomathologist) to your friends. Then anyone could search thru recommendations - either from all or only from friends. 
Team: Yuriy Silvestrov, Olexandr Khomenko, Valery Grabko, Mikhail Gladkikh, Vitaliy Podoba
Automatic Kanban boards for any business process with real-time monitoring, validation and visualization of the workflows.
Team: Volodymyr Hotsyk, Sergey Kishchenko, Dmitriy Budashny, Denis Plisko, Yegor Nazarkin, Max Klymyshyn, Eugenia Troyan, Roman Dolgiy 
Twitter: @mapmyflow

Best tourist information website about Kiev.
Team: Margus Hein, Olesia Nikolaiets, Igor Novak
Twitter: @WelcomeToKiev

The idea is to bring together venue owners, young artists and people who love exploring new music. Owners benefit by minimizing risk of an event without attendees. Young artists get a promotion. Users can explore and also support artists they like. 
Team: Iurii Lytvynenko, Vlad Dramaretsky, Andrew Turkin, Dmitry Blinkov, Vlad Moroz
Twitter: @musitude 

Event promotion platform and mobile application - you pay and we promote. Gather events from Facebook, public databases and manual input for promoters and event organizers.
Team: Oleg Dats, Tim Zadorozhny, Andriy Kuzmych, Sergey Protopopov


Garage48 Valmiera 2012 event happened thanks to our cool sponsors!

Platinum sponsor
  • Yandex - largest search engine in Russia

Premium sponsorsPartners
  • Microsoft
  • Edicy - simple online website creator, everyone can create a website in 3 minutes!
  • DataArt - a custom software development firm building advanced solutions for the financial services, healthcare, hospitality and other industries
  • Imena.UA - The national registrar of domain names is a acknowledged leader in Ukrainian market.
Media partners

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