Conclusions from Garage48 Public Services 2011

February 25, 2011
Garage48 Public Services took place in Tallinn 25-27 February 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. We had 70 people and 24 ideas were pitched and 11 projects were built over the weekend within 48 hours. 
Everyone had 90 seconds to introduce their ideas and get interest from the crowd. Later a real headhunting was happening until those ideas who had to few team members were removed one by one. 
Read below for further information, links, photos and other articles about Garage48 Public Services projects.

11 projects developed during Garage48 Public Services

112 Mobile - EmergencyChat

Prize: Winner of Garage48 Public Services
Mobile chat to communicate with emergency centers for people who cannot make a phone call (people who cannot speak for example). The requests will also be saved and stored on a created platform to function as a database for the emergency centers.
Team members: Maarja Mõtus, Mihkel Güsson, Jens Kasemets, Tanel Ainla, Steve Perkson

M-Kool - Mobile-School

Prize: Best initiative
Mkool is an easy to use service that lets students check their grades, homework and take notes on the go. MKool gives the user information they want quickly and it also works on all platforms.
Team: Markus Villig, Indrek Vainu, Henrik Peinar, Rene Reose, Rene Rebane

Meie Raha - Government budget visualization

Prize: Audience Choice
The budget of the current year should be accessible, viewable and also playable – visualized nicely with the help of graphs + numbers manageable. Sten Tamkivi offered a grant for the team who decides to develop the idea. Team members: Rene Lasseron, Tanel Kärp, Helena Rebane, Konstantin Tretjakov, Martin Grüner, Reigo Kinusar, Hegle Sarapuu, Henri Laupmaa

Wuppie - Website to help owners reunite with their lost pets

People could publish notices about lost and found pets and connect with each other. Find your lost pet. Team members: Kristo Vaher, Valeria Gasik, Alexandr Volgin, Siim Saksing

Doxbox - Document composition & signature service

Forum where an entrepreneur could manage all documents for building his/hers business. One could create forms for your documents: contracts, invoices etc.; create all documents and sign them by all parties; archive documents. Identification should happen via e-mail. Team members: Silver Kuusik, Lauri Võsandi, Toivo Ellakvere, Jaanus Sakkis, Kalmer Rautam 


Website to connect students who need to select an idea for their thesis
Connects the students in lack of ideas for topics and businesses who need help for some projects/with some research. (Maybe also a platform for thesis competitions and announcing grants) Team members: Rivo Kingi, Indrek Kõue, Priit Kruus

Pinguta - Rule your life

Website where you write down your personal goal and invite your freinds to support you achieving the goal and motivate you - kick your ass. Team members: Kristel Viidik, Hannes Karask, Olavi Soosaar, Indrek Ots, Erki Veiko, Anatoliy Larin

Lastehoid - Babysitters’ database

Prize: Special mention by Open Estonia Foundation
Platform to bring together parents and babysitters. It should be simple, nice and integrated with Facebook and other social media pages. Team members: Diana Poudel, Karl Kongas, Silver Muru, Roman Lihhavtshuk, Marek tihkan, Tanel Unt, Eero Raun

Keskkonna Teated - Public Space monitoring

Connected with ametlikud teadaanded
Personal rss feed about relevant environmental information about the area interests me. Can use ma-location and geo-tagging. Team members: Kristjan Jansen, Silvia Lokman, Heikko Ellermaa

Ajapaik - Locate and reshoot

Prize: Best execution
Digitalize old photos and geotag them and bring today’s new photos for comparizon. Team members: Vahur Puik, Ahti Heinla, Jaen Saul, Kristjan Heinaste, Leen Videnski, Kaupo Kõrv, Jelena Savin, Sven Tiirusson 

Open Transit - Google Transit for Estonia

We convert Estonian Estonia public transportation data set to open format and build a small fun aplication on top of it. Team: Kristjan Jansen, Hardi Niilo, Tambet Matiisen

Public Services Conclusions & Coverage

The fantastic event is over for now! It was the first ever Garage48 event where we tried to create public services and the result is pretty amazing, hopefully inspirational to future ideas and similar events. We thank all the participants, sponsors, mentors, jury members and audience who came for Saturday discussion and Sunday final pitch

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