Garage48 Tartu 2011 Winners and Projects

August 27, 2011
Garage48 is a series of 48 hour hackathons to build new web and mobile services. Some of those projects have become real startups. Last event took place in Tartu, Estonia where 100 developers, designers and entrepreneurs launched 14 projects on Sunday evening demo night. Below you will find the winners list and all projects launched and people within those teams. Please follow Twitter hashtag #garage48.

Qminder team.

WINNERS & Projects Launched

Qminder - Garage48 Tartu Winner + Nokia Developer Prize

Taking queue management systems to the next level. Comfortable for the visitors - valuable for the companies.    

Take OR Leave it - "Favourite of the Audience"

It's simple and fun mobile app to share your conquests and hesitations with your friends and receive their cheers.

Shakebeet - "Most Fun Project" + Nokia developer's prize

Choose music on your mobile phone by just shaking your phone to the rhythm of the beat. Use it to get songs with the right speed while running, having a party or during the shakalaka boom.    

WeatherMe - Extra Prize "Best Innovator"

WeatherMe is a professional weather forecast alert service. We will notify you if the weather reaches a certain condition 24 hours in advance. WeatherMe generates a very accurate weather model specifically for you.    

    Extra Prize "Quickest to the market" - Facebook on your TV

    We are building Facebook application for Elion's nutiTV (IPTV) with 330,000 monthly viewers.

    • URL:
    • Team: Arnel Pällo, Kaiko Kaur, Kaspar Kalve, Marko Praakli, Paul Kristjan Lilje


    We want to develop a tool for tracking products back through their supply chain to the raw materials. At the same time the tool will measure ecological and social impact of products. We want do differentiate concrete pieces of clothing, ie t-shirts and jeans, by their ecological and social footprints enabling buyers to make choices based on detailed information. The tool will function as a real-world game, where players could track the product by finding and adding relevant information, for example countries, factories, cotton-growing regions, energy use, waste flows etc.    

    Hooray Us!

    Hurray Us! is a game platform for kids and parents to play, to video the performances and to rate each others' videos online. Complete a challenge, upload the video and a new level will open up! Kids will have fun, learn new skills and spend more time with friends and families.     

    Just Grab It

    Mobile app that allows you to scan products and add if you like or dislike them. With the Just Grab It application you can easily organize your items to remember and recommend later.     


    Jomybooks is a collaborative tool for storytellers and artists to generate and publish tablet stories for children. You have a story, Jomybooks will publish it!    

    Team: Kimmo Kauhanen, Pärtel Lang, Viktorija Lagutina, Taavi Lindmaa, Toomas Laasik, Ingmar Vali, Janek Priiman


    Roundacity makes discovering urban landscapes personal and engaging. With  an interactive mapping tool users can create thematic Roundacity routes and enjoy the city!    

    Spot Property

    Finding a cosy and nice place or suitable piece of land takes a lot of time. New app allows you to go to an area you like and start sorting available apartments/houses in this area. You can also define filters and get alerts.

    Ripe Recipe

    RipeRecipe saves time and waters your mouth! *Pick a recipe cosily on web and shop the ingredients quickly by mobile shopping list which has ingredients in an order of walking through. Globally! Pick a recipe easily by taking allergies and preferences into account. In order to waste no time in walking back and forth the mobile application gives you the list of ingredients in an order that matches the order the items are arranged in your particular shop.

    Filp me

    We are setting up technological platform for voice recognition, not for a weekend, forthnight, or few month, but for our longer goal, which is making information easily available in the most natural medium, and that is voice. Our sample study is commuting in the cityscape and navigating to the nearest service points that you might need. Wait for out demo!

    Currency rate XML/JSON exporter

    Idea is to make currency rate XML/JSON exporter for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) softwares. This service includes almost all the world currency rates updated every day from central banks official databases. Service will be ten times cheaper than compeditor prices (200 USD versus 20 USD per month). 

    Special guests

    For the first time Garage48 invited companies and working teams to the event and take their idea further. Garage48 Tartu 2010 winner Defolio is using the chance to finish an important feature of their already working service and be a part of the energy created at the event. They do not take part of the competition and consider themselves winners anyway.

    Defolio Competitions

    Design competitions around the world need a simple, hosted, social platform for running all their annual regional events. Defolio makes it possible, collecting a small percentage of the submission fee of each work.

    Mentors and Jury

    Garage48 is honoured to have experienced entrepreneurs and technology experts as mentors & jury members:

    Photos and media coverage


    Thanks all our great sponsors helping this event to become reality.

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      Garage48 projects seem to be really cool, considering of only 48hours, limited kick-off time. I hope teams will take their idea further, lots of potential.

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