Ideas pitched at Garage48 Tallinn Music

March 23, 2012
These ideas are being pitched at Garage48 Tallinn Music on Friday 23rd March 2012. Everybody have 60 seconds to introduce their ideas, give a short overview of their background and say what they need to be able to build a prototype during the weekend.

  1. AudioAd - approved!
    Author: Kai Karelson
    Locasion based music

  2. - approved!
    Problem: It is hard to keep track of different riders, especially when organizing festivals/concerts
    Solution: To have digital database version of rider instead of PDf's currently. it is useful especially for startying bands

  3. MoodTune - approved!
    Author: Alex
    Problem: You can't listen to music based on your mood
    Solution: magical app that helps you to listen to music based on your mood. For example when you are sad it will cheer you up.

  4. ReFocus  - approved!
    Author: Külli
    Problem: Most of the radio stations are music stations and need to know what their listeners want to listen - they need to test music to sell advertisement and have more listeners
    Solution: Test the music for the radios. They create templates for the music.
    Need: have designers, need programmers.

  5. StageMe - approved!
    Author: Karl Gustav and Martin
    Problem: It is difficult to find members for bands and projects when you are starting or find gigs outside of your hometown - at the same time it is difficult for places to find fresh bands
    Solution: Linkedin for music professionals. Helps organizers for find new bands - for example band is on the way from Helsinki to Riga and also one day in Tallinn on the way.
    Need: Developers

  6. TipTheMovieAuthors - approved!
    Author: From Playtech
    Problem: You want to watch movies - but no way to buy them legally, so most use illegal torrents
    Solution: Private torrent network to sell and buy movies legally and cheap. He has agreements with many important filmmakers and authors society in Estonia already.
    Need: Developers & designers & marketers

  7. BombCDN - approved!
    Solution: Content hosting like peer to peer network

  8. Music Discovery - approved!
    Author: Alexander from St.Petersburg
    Solution: Very fun music discovery app to share tunes
    Need: UI designer, developers

  9. MegaSpeaker - approved!
    Author: Olavi with EndlessFun
    Problem: There is no problem and no business - just want to have FUN
    Solution: Want to turn every IPad into speaker to play the same tune in perfect sync and form the browser not from the app.

  10. FanApp - approved!
    Author: Janno & NO99
    Problem: What i you miss a show that you wanted to see or want to buy a ticket in the last moment
    Solution: App to buy a ticket in the last moment - get a priority seating in theatre

  11. - approved!
    Author: Toomas & Ilmar
    Problem: Want to sing along in concert or Estonian Song Festival but don't know the words
    Solution: Let's put these words online during the concert in sync
    Need: Front-end developer, Developers
    Motivation: Tanel Padar will come to test it!

  12. SongBoutique - approved!
    Author: Stig (no laughing, it's really his name, and he is a known and cute musician in Estonia)
    Problem: Want to sing a birthday song for your friend - but don't know how to sing
    Solution: Automatic birthday song with the birthdayboy/girl name to send for the person

  13. Improviser - approved!
    Author: Konstantin
    Game to create some music, play and make continuous music
    Need: Project manager to talk with all the mentors and organizers who come and ask questions all the time

  14. TarkElmar - approved!
    Author: Hannes
    Problem: Want to know where some tracks were created or music history of some neighborhood
    Solution: Browse music based on the location - street or something else.
    Need: mobile developers

    Now it is time to form the teams and soon we will know which of the pitches were good enough to attract team members. The tension is rising, hands sweating 
    All the teams have to have at least 4 team members:
  • Designer
  • Front-End & Back end developers or/and mobile developers
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs

The ideas that didn't make it this time 

  1. Music History - 
    Author: "didn't like music history at school"
    Problem: Music history might be quite boring, 
    Solution: Let's make it interesting with app

  2. Kinect
    Author: Rasmus
    90 seconds is too short to talk about it, but he has an awesome idea for Kinect :D

  3. Dance Gator - down
    Author: Lauri Lember
    Problem: it is hard to find new music, especially when you are a DJ. The current ways are hard - you have to manually click through the clips (20sec - 60 sec).
    Solution: Random list playing new music continuously and if you notice something that you like then you can buy or mark it immediately.

  4. Send a Tune -  down
    Author: Kaarel
    Problem: you don't know what other are listening around you through their phones
    Solution: to have an application to discover the tunes that people are listening around you and meet people through it ;)
    Need: have designer, need IOS developers

  5. Take a Break - down
    Author: Kaido
    Problem: All te people we have today will be soon old and sick
    Solution: Let's make a free screensaver  -  happy and fun and sel sports and leisure services with it
    Need: All awesome team members

  6. Tips on Go  - down
    Problem: Often you don't have cash with you to pay tip for services
    Solution: Tip services through your phone (Fortumo services for example) with micropayments

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