Ideas Pitched at Garage48 Valmiera

April 27, 2012
Here's a list of ideas pitched at Garage48 Valmiera
1. Location Based Marketing - helps businesses promote their physical location. Measure audience and analyse the analyse using Twitter, Foursquare, etc. Reusing data from social networks answering questions about who is 'checking in' what do they do, go to, like, tweet about. 

2. MakeItLoop - capture moving images arround you - make simple animation of the events that happen arround you. Create an animated gif, apply an effect, share it with your friends. Like an Instagram for animated images.

3. moBILLS - mobile app collecting all personal bills. All bills at one place for an enduser. Notifications on payment deadlines. Less messy than e-mail bills and PDF's. Direct payments from the mobile app. Cheaper for a service provider to dismiss paper bills. 4 potential customers already.

4.  LockerRuum - connect people who like to do team sports. Platform connecting people, collecting the participant fees. If somebody wants to organize a weekly football training - for him he can collect the people and the fees in advance to be sure, that he would not have to pay for an empty hall.

5. ShuffleGram - whenever you move in into a new home or place, you'll have empty walls, the app helps you to have a selection of your Instagram pics and order a print of them to put up as a poster.

6. City platform 2.0 - create a white label mobile platforms for city and local municipalities to create their own tourist or local inhabitant info applications.

7. Strawberry - Find the vintage clothes you crave, near you. Social mobile (ad) network for women to exchange (buy/sell) clothes. Filling a gap between E-Bay and garage / yard sale. 

8. Mighty TETRIS - playing Tetris on your mobile phone, screen being a big building. 

9. Zombie attack survival GEO game - build base camp and defense towers in your home city. Social game - defend your city with your neighbours. Mini city builder + tower defence + anynchronous game.

10. Quiz on-line - you can win tickets to cinema, concert by answering questions on your phone.

11. - find a sports partner. An app what finds other people in facebook who like the same sports as you do and would invite to a sports date.

12. SHOPS, SHOPS, SHOPS - people hate shops and browsing through on-line shops. A platform to shop on mobile, its easyer than really going to the shop or shopping on-line.

13. WhatToEat - there is always an annoying question by the end of the day when driving home - what will we eat today? This system proposes food and dishes in a clever way like does with music.

14. Turbo reading App - reading is slow, the app enables speed reading on iPad. It helps you to swich from slow reading to speed reading step by step and later it will be your default reading app.

15. Last Minute Local Mobile - mobile, geolocated last minute offers. People often have a problem where to stay in a new city the same night - the app will offer you local last minute deal.

16. Campaign collector from the shops - app telling the user where is the best deal for the product you need. It calculates your shopping cart and recommends to which store to go.

17. Product scan and shopping list - scan the goods in the shop, or get a full list of goods from the database to make a shoping list and send the list to the shop.

18. - helps you find the best things in the locations you travel to - ranks the top 10 of each category by their Facebook likes. 

19. MallStreet - a web-based platform for on-line store creation with a monthly fee maintenance and revenue share.

20. TripIn - Trip planner with a clever wizard, suggestions to create a very cool trip.

21. LineUp - mobile app connected to queueing system, to notify you when it's your turn.

22. Co-Travel - solving a long-commuting problem to work, school, etc. Mobile application allowing you to find people to travel with you on the spot. To find a car or companion for a trip with a common destination. Helps saving costs on petrol. 

23. Solving un-employment - When you apply for a job or looking for an eployee. Answering three questions - where's the job, how much will they pay me, and what's the job. 

24. Pirmie Soli (First Steps) - app for kids to learn how to count numbers in Latvian. But also shapes, colors, letters, animals etc.

25. SelectATrip - to put different purpose trips on the map, business trips, shopping trips, beach vacations.

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