List of projects built over the weekend in Garage48 Helsinki

January 15, 2011
Garage48 is about building your idea into working service in just 48 hours. There were 31 different ideas  pitched on Friday night and 16 of those ideas were able to form a working team. Here is a final list of all projects and winners.

Members of the Garage48 Helsinki winning team - LapLab

OVERALL WINNER of Garage48 Helsinki
  • LapLab Website | Twitter | Facebook
    Web based application to measure and improve lap times for "non-professional" racing car drivers. All racing cars has GPS enabled data logging device on board. They get lots of log files and they would like to improve lap times via improving and changing their car's technical setup. The idea was to build a web-service to visualise lap times, compare different car setups and so find a best combination to improve lap times. Targeting a global niche market, which includes about 5 million racing drivers. Team: Sven Tiirusson, Daniil Harik, Kaspars Driķis, Kert Valbet, Silver Sepp, Boriss Gubaidulin, Helen Kokk

Winner of PUBLIC VOTE and Nokia special prize
  • Montroller (ex Mii). Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube
    Turn your mobile device into a 3D controller of various devices. The team build mobile controllers for Lego robot kit on several different devices like Nokia N8, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Macbook and iPad.
    Team: Annika Toit, Anton Narusberg, Asko Seeba, Jaen Saul, Pearu Orusalu, Sander Saar

Winner of Microsoft Azure Challenge
  • FloFlo (ex - Twitter | Facebook
    Design a flower bouquet online, order it, share the order on social media. Remember occasions when to send flowers. 
    Team: Gunars Grundstoks, Hanna Liimatainen, Henrik Aavik, Johanna Vuori, Oleg Knut, Rolands Bondars, Valeria Gasik

Other special prizes and runner-ups
  • Ordimo - Table Ordering Service: Website | Twitter | Facebook
    Making an order at bar or restaurant via mobile phone. When restaurant staff is overbooked or very busy because of big crowd, you can order a refill or meal via your mobile phone. Usually people leave the bar when they can't get their drinks on time, this service will help to solve this issue and make more money for bar/restaurant owners and improve customer services. The order goes straight to the bar or kitchen and you will get your order delivered soon enough.
    Team: Dmitri Zutskov, Joni Pitkäranta, Jüri Kaljundi, Māris Zinbergs, Valdis Pornieks, Veli-Johan Veromann, Jaak Sarv
  • Blow 'em - WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Youtube
    Mobile game. Imagine gold miner going to a planet? Find nuggets, covered with layer of dust. Use power of your lungs to blow off the dust (via microphone of mobile phone). More interesting features might come (too fast, too slow). Lets figure out the mechanics, it's going to be a fun game.
    Team: Evija Zauere, Vladimir Grigor, Kalev Külaase, Jaak Laineste, Hannu Leinonen, Liis Peetermann, Ilze Petersone
  • AidBook48 - Website | Facebook | Twitter
    A website to make sense of the development assistance. Support organisations don’t know what others are doing - make a transparent marketplace for sharing information & knowledge.
    Team: llona Mäkinen, Ahti Heinla, Antti Sonninen, Tuuti Piippo, Ella-Roosa Tenhunen, Markus Koljonen, Matti Ilmanen, Samuel Hailemariam, Taavi Raidma, Tuuli Utriainen, Ville Sundberg, Aleksi Niemelä
  • Let’s Meet Here! Website | Twitter
    Send meeting requests to friends from widget on venue (museum, restaurant, club etc) website to meet at that venue.
    Team: Carl-Johan Sveningsson, Enn Metsar, Sjoerd Handgraaf, Tanel Kärp, Leho Kraav, Mihkel Karu

Other great teams:

SportsTradr - WebsiteTwitter, Facebook
With SportsTradr you can bet on your favorite teams in sports, win money and share the information with your friends easily. Team: Nikita Grigoriev, Olli Gunst, Perttu Ojansuu, Rudi Skogman, Santeri Everi, Ali Baloi

TranSpotr / Riga Reach
Mark a sport (your hotel, house, office) and get closes public transportation spots and event/venues where you could go with public transportation from the market spot.
Team: Ciprian Manea, Diana ben-Aaron, Ernests Stals, Ieva Treija, Kārlis Baltpurviņš

WeHearVoices (ex WTF) - Website
Really simple feedback tool for websites, integration in 1 minute. unlike GetSatisfaction or other complicated products.
Team: Jori Lallo, Jukka Välimaa, Mikito Takada, Jens Kasemets

nTaxi (ex iTaxi)
Call a Taxi from mobile, using location based service. Team: Anis Ben Othman, Cuneyt Sina Koca, Dipesh Yadav, Jenni Alasuutari, Margus Pala, Mesut Paksoy, Armanis Liseks, Roshan Lamichhane

Readlish - Website | Twitter
"Social instapaper" for Kindle. App for finding & reading content for Kindle: web articles, links people share etc.
Team: Jaanus Sakkis, Sander Saar, Helen Kokk, Antti Vilpponen, Dan Rowden, Juhan Aasaru, Martn Grüner

Bookstrap - Website | Facebook | Twitter
Simple & easy to use accounting software for startups. Basic invoicing & debit/credit to get started.
Team: Alfonso Ortiz Palma Junco, Artjom Lind, Kristian Paljasma, Lauri  Hynynen, Murad Kamalov

TurnStartUp (ex Idea Pitcher Hub) - Website | Facebook
Servibce for communities to find co-founders, match with other startup people, solve problems, create virtual teams fast. Like an online version of Garage48 events. Team: Henri Laupmaa, Maria Kulse, Markus Nuotto, Otto Laulajainen, Antti Ylimutka

CrapWall (ex DirtyWall) - Website | Twitter
Location based messagewall. Post fun photos, links, comments for a venue. No more messing the toilet walls. 4chan on Foursquare. Team: Kaspar Lemmo Palgi-Unt, Martin Paljak, Meelis Kuldala, Paavo Leinonen, Jüri Kaljundi

TipTrails (ex Footprints) - WebsiteTwitter
Mobile app that sends your location data in background in real time and notifies about your friends sips, postings & locations. Team: Kimmo Kauhanen, Mihkel Karu, Rijubrata Bhaumik, André Andrade

Organizers and Sponsors

Garage48 Helsinki was organized by:

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  • Daniel Jan 15

    Is a list of team members on the way? Been done on previous events. Could really use one already.

  • Martin Jan 15

    We are updating the page on the fly, stay tuned. Please send us updates and we put new stuff up the here!

  • Kristi Jan 16

    good list this time around - my votes go for IdeaHub, Readlish, FloFlo, AidBook48, Montroller, Blow the dust - in that order

  • Jack Jan 17

    Great work guys! Looking forward to participate in next events... very inspiring stuff!

  • Marius Jan 17

    Wow, some teams have done really well. This must have been a challenge.

  • Juuli Jan 17

    I was following the event via Twitter and I must say the coverage was very active. I could feel the energy of the teams working 48h straight

  • sjoerd Jan 17

    Can I just mention that LetsMeetHere won the beer prize? :D

  • Markus Jan 17

    Aidbook description is lacking team members Ville Sundberg & Aleksi Niemelä! If you could add them it would be great =)

  • Martin Jan 17

    Ville and Aleksi added to Aidbook. Did you guys really had 12 people in your team?

  • Henri Jan 17

    Could you add TurnStartup FB:

  • Markus Jan 18

    @Martin: The best ideas draw the most people ;)

  • a Jan 19


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