Projects And Teams At Garage48 Valmiera

April 27, 2012
Garage48 Valmiera opened up with good laugh and great vibe at VBI Incubator. Must say, there's something in Latvia and Latvians, which makes events here so enjoyable. It is no different in rather small city of Valmiera. Here are 10 teams, which got recognized by other participants and have team together. Follow their progress in social media!

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Attaches fun to LED display using remote tools connected via internet (like mobile phone, tablets etc.).
Team: Artis Blūms, Alvis Kundziņš, Gunts Šmaukstelis, Rihards Skuja, Vents Doriņš, Ilmārs Čukurs
Facebook | @pixeltowers

A white label mobile application and communication platform for cities and local municipalities that allows them to be more attractive for tourists and improve communication with inhabitants. Solution can be quickly implemented, it's cost efficient and requires little or not input from the client as data is mainly aggregated from existing sources.
Team: Miķelis Zaļais, Emīls Skujiņš, Rūdolfs Janītis, Uldis Trapencieris, Rūdolfs Levins, Mārtiņš, Janševskis, Mārcis Kaksis.
Facebook | @townupplatform

You visit a city for the first time you like to: Sleep, Eat, Drink, Party, See, Do In the best places!   LIKEGUIDE ranks the top 10 in each category by Facebook Likes and were heres.
Team: Austin Nicholas, Kiril Menshikov, Serge Savranchuk, Rihards Sceredins, Rolands Umbrovskis.

GiveGif allows you to capture more from your special moment than just an image. With GiveGif you can create short, stunning animations within just a few seconds! When the animation is complete, you can apply a cool filter to your gif to give that special touch of atmosphere.
Team: Gatis Strods, Kārlis Biķis, Marcis Viskints, Дмитрий Ангеловский, Kristaps Jaunzems. (Find A Job)
Idea is to visualise demand and supply of employment in Latvia according to official Baltic states employment date, and easily apply CV through the system.
Team: Dāvis Štegmanis , Lauris Āriņš, Viesturs Ķiecis, Mārtiņš Grigors, Andrejs Labunskis, Oskars Gauks.

Fastr is a speed reading application for iPad, that lets you to import text and books form multiple sources and read them using speed reading algorithms. Our application will be created to be used on a daily basis for speed reading (not just training).
Team: Eldars Loginovs, Karina Pilyushonoka, Ingus Rūķis, Alexander Bičkovs, Dāvids Stabiles, Kārlis Kalniņš, Aleksejs Sinicins.

Search, find and connect with people who like to do team team sports. Pay and join the next game.
Team: Jānis Ķipurs, Roberts Baltiņš, Sergejs Zubovs, Artis Bajārs, Jānis Bebrītis, Kaspars Rinkevics. is a mobile geo located deal guide just around you. Pick out your phone and see fancy pictures of deals right around your location and book/buy them from your phone.
Team: Aivars Lauzis, Dainis Voronins, Olegs Bogdanovs, Janis Eglitis, Janis Sprenne, Ingmars Gross.

Pirmie Soļi (First Steps)
We are helping kids to learn the First Steps in LATVIAN language! They can learn first numbers, colours, shapes, animals in interesting way with a sound, so they can repeat it, repeat it and again repeat it! It could be expanded to other languages. 
Team: Aleksandrs Ščavlevs, Rūta Ujska, Gints Ērglis, Dairis Cālītis, Guntis Sils.

Aims to create platform on iOS and Android smartphones to help people shop online using existing logistics solutions from retail stores.
Team:  Aleksejs MjaliksAndrey GraveJanis Jansons, Jānis Ķempe, Martins Lucaus, Vita Vagnere Grinberga
Facebook | @onescanbuy

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