Projects launched @ Garage48 Tallinn Music 2012

March 24, 2012
Garage48 Tallinn Music was a 48 hour hackathon, where 100 people turned ideas into working mobile and web applications within 48 hours. This time most of the ideas were about music and entertainment. From 20 ideas pitched on Friday, 14 got a team together and started development. Here is the live list of projects updated throughout the weekend. If you want to see the outcome - come and check projects demos 5:30pm in Tallinn Ülemiste City or follow our live-stream via internet.
Winner - 
We will make technical communication precise, trackable and more accessible for all the people involved. And while doing that we will save time, money and a lot of stress of the bands, promoters and technicians. This might lead to a better concert that evening.

Team: Raivo Raidvee, Sten Aus, Ilja Livenson, Martin Voltri
Twitter: @easyrider_me

Favourite of the Audience - MegaSpkr
MEGASPKR connects your iOS and Android devices into a mobile speaker cloud!
Team: Carl Rannaberg, Helen Kokk, Martin Grüner, Mihkel Sokk, Tõnis Tiigi, Tanel Tähepõld, Olavi Tõnisson, Kristjan Hiiemaa
Twitter: @megaspkr

Runner up - Punkt99
Have you ever regretted that you did not buy flowers for your favorite actress? Punkt99 allows you to send flowers even after the performance has started.
The greatest gift on them all - all of a sudden a free evening? Where to go? With Punkt99 you can check the schedule and buy tickets right before the performance.
And last but not least there will be an ultrasecret-intergalactic red button somewhere...
Team: Meelis Ojasild, Ando Roots, Katre Kasmel, Martin Pedanik, Alvar Lumberg, Janno Siimar, Sten Schwede
Twitter: @punkt99

Runner up - Notif5
Imagine strolling the streets listening to your favorite music. Wouldn't it be cool to receive a gentle audio notification once there is a good deal nearby?
Team: Kaspar Reili, Kei Karlson, Anton Narusberg, Giulio Lotti
Twitter: @Notif5

Runner up - ReFocus  
It is a tool for music managers to improve music selection and for listeners to share their opinion - 
simple, user-friendly and specialized in radio music testing.
Target - worldwide; this application could be used by any video and audio content providing medium.
Team: Külli Rist, Lauri Lüüs, Juha Kovanen, Marko Söönurm
Twitter: @Refocusmusictest

Moodify and color your music library according to your listening habits. Scanned colors magically match your mood and the playlist.
We take randomness seriously!;)
Team: Darius Baciulis, Björn wetz, Aleksejs Mjaliks, Anna-Liisa Allmäe, Veli-juhan Veromann
Twitter: @moodtunes

Linkedin for music professionals. It connects musicians with other industry professionals.
It helps: Bands find new members, Organizers to find new bands and Musicians find new concert opportunities. Team: Leonidas Kambiselis, Marko Ausma, Verner Jänes, Martin Sookael, Karl-Gustav Kello, Mario Neises, Arno Skipars, Hendrk Heinsoo 
Twitter: @stagemenet

Movie downloads for honest people. We deliver movies you love at unbeatable prices.
Team: Arnis Supe, Kristen Gilden, Margus Pala, Mari Kadanik, Laas Toom, Mikk Martin
Twitter: @TipTheAuthors

Why Boom CDN?
- Easy to use & adopt
- Easy to access content
- Service desinged for short-term content delivery using aliases
=> One file hosted, multiple times served to different clients.../user groups
eg. offer some file to specific audience for only 6 hours

Team: Kaido Väljaots, Markus Törnqvist, Jukka Välimaa, Tatjana Tšenõhh, Jeremias Kangas
Twitter: @BoomCDN
Discover new music by traveling around the world! Each person on map has one most interesting song to share with you and as you visit them, listen to their songs, exchange songs with them and make new friends.
Team: Alexander Shtuchkin, Pavel Gorohhovatski, Anastassia Semjonova, Rain Saavel, Julia Sulina, Jevgeni Martjushev, Timur Hassanov
Twitter:!/JourneyFm helps you to rock more in concerts. It's idea is very simple - words of songs are displayed on your mobile device and they are syncronized with the words singer sings same time. Just sing along and rock n'roll.
Team: Märt Kelder, Arnel Pällo, Toomas Verrev, Volodymyr Floreskul, Ilmar Kurvits
Twitter: @LaulaApp

Song Boutique is an iPhone app, where by just typing in the name of a birthday boy or a girl it generates a "Happy Birthday" song with that name in it and just by one click you can send that song to your friend or family. Also to the start of a song you can add your very own personal voice message.
Team: Stig Rästa, Heiti Kender, Taavi Talvik, Teet Kuusmann, Hans-Jürgen Pokmann
Twitter: @SongBoutique

Improvizr is a multi-player game of musical improvisation. One person proposes a short tune by playing it in online. Another user continues with it. The third one goes on even further, eventually obtaining an ongoing fun shared creation.
Team: Rasmus Rattas, Martin Kikkas, Konstantin Tretjakov, Tarmo Annus, Karl Kipper, Shazia J
Twitter: @Improvizr_app

Discover music geographically! Tark Elmar is a smartphone app for discovering music of an area. 
* It streams music that is created near your current location.
* It shows on the map the exact address/coordinates of the house or street corner or whatever place a tune was created at.
* It offers also short information about the artist, author.
Team: Hannes Praks, Mart Normet, Jevgeni Krasnosjolov, Ander Punnar, Rene Rebane
Twitter: @TarkElmar

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