Projects pitching at Garage48 Kiev 2012 Hackathon

May 11, 2012
Garage48 is 1st time in Kiev, a country with huge amount of engineering talent. Garage48 is in full speed, people are currently pitching great ideas on stage. We list all pitched ideas LIVE on this blogpost. Please also follow the pitches from Live stream from website and share your comments in Twitter hashtag #garage48
1. Share your sports gear. Most of the year your sports gear is just standby. Put up the stuff and lend them out to your friends, make some money. If you are afraid, don't put up expensive stuff.

2. People Managing Dream. Successful people are managing their dreams, regular people don't. Application to write down your dreams, split them to smaller steps. Get advice from your friends (tips, books, links, mentors, contacts) and also get your friends to push you to achieve your dreams!

3. ASKMOM - Quora for mothers. Service to pregnant women to ask questions and share their experience.

4. Service to find local service providers. Social network application via Facebook, Twitter to help sharing local service providers (plummers, construction guys, massage) recommendations.

5. Mobile application to share your coordinates during the phone call. Install the application and push one button during phone call to share your location to your friend. Paid package allows you to send fail locations for your husband :)

6. - Platform for small companies to get affordable marketing services from professionals. The idea is to use same marketing patterns to scale the business model, few marketers will provide services for many small companies.

7. - real-time Kanban board for businesses, useful for distributed teams.

8. - best tourist information website about Kiev, later expanded to other cities.

9. - simple email reminding system. When writing e-mails, add "reminder e-mail" address on CC: line and the service will remind you outstanding e-mails/topics that are still outstanding. You can configure, snooze and many more features. Different packages for business users.

10. Hireme. You have lots of skills, but you don't use them. List your "standby" skills and try to make some extra money on free time. People can also trade their skills - I need plummer, I need massage, lets do barter/trade deal.

11. Crazy Kings - revolutionary action game for iPhone/iPad. Angry birds are boring already, the new game will hit you back. It's "two way" and interactive action game.

12. Study service "I am good at". Social and rapid study platform for interesting topics, you study and do exams, share your results and take next topics. System can use crowd-sourcing for creating content and tests.

13. - Mobile application for emoticon sharing network, its like Twitter for emoticons. Emoticons works faster than texts and they are more fun :)

14. Partiture Sharing Service - find music notes, play them online and download. Share with friends and play music online. A cool social music application.

15. Pro Hobby Network. People have hobbies, but your friends might not share same hobbies (fishing, golf, gardening etc). This platform is for finding people with same hobby and share ideas and experience.

16. Muudi - mobile application, define your mood and the application chooses music you like based on your mood. Premium business model.

17. Tweet People Around You. Service to share message to people who are close to you. 

18. XDay. Aggregation service to get input data from social networks and create reminder for your and your friend's special days - birthdays, anniversary, etc.

19. PRP - Pull Right People. Mobile application to match "right" and interesting people in conferences and similar occasions. Define your interests, skills, needs and find few important and relevant people on the event you attend?

20. - local based virtual stage for indie artists. Platform to indie bands to express themselves, get audience, get concerts and engage with fans. Bands are location based.

21. Events database in your area. Event promotion platform and mobile application - you pay and we promote. Gather events from Facebook, public databases and manual input for promoters and event organizers.

22. Consolidated profile service. After meeting a person, what is the easy way to get full background information about this person (aggregated from public social networks).

23. Fake Tweet. Fun web service to manage and operate "fake" twitter accounts and publish tweets.

24. Card game to describe and explain famous persons without saying their name. It's a team game, fun and social.

Case closed, all ideas pitched! Which ideas you liked most?

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