Register to Garage48 Kiev


We expect about 100 people with a full commitment to participate the challenging 48 hour weekend boot-camp event building new web and mobile applications. We are looking for various skill-sets and roles:
  • Designers - mavericks creating visual identity and user interfaces
  • Web Developers - HTML/CSS/AJAX/JS wizards making the design work smoothly in all web browsers
  • Programmers & Mobile App Developers - planning technical architecture, writing functional code and testing the outcome or  building apps for mobile platforms
  • Visionary Entrepreneurs or Project Managers - people with ability to start new business ideas, run teams and deliver on time
  • Marketing Gurus - evangelists and sales wizards making the products fly and reach the audience


  • Early Bird Ticket price until 12th April: 19 EUR  
  • Ticket price (12th April-26th April): 29 EUR
Garage48 ticket price covers all food, snacks and drinks during the event

Ticket price includes Ukrainian VAT 

NB! In case you have problems with making the payment, please write or cell: +38-050-817-19-62


We are expecting people from neighbouring countries (Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia etc).
  • We offer floorspace for overnight stay at the Microsoft Office rooms. Sign-up for the overnight stay in registration form and bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.
  • If you prefer a decent bed, then the closest hostels/hotels to the venue:

Hostel Friends (see the map for address here)

Hostel Why Not? (see the map for address here)

Hostel Fan Zone (see the map for address here)

Registration is now over! You can still join by coming on spot.