We expect about 100 people with a full commitment to participate the challenging 48 hour weekend program building new web and mobile applications. We are looking for various skill-sets and roles:
  • Front end developers and Graphic Designers - mavericks creating visual identity and user interfaces and HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX wizards making the design work smoothly in all web browsers
  • Back end developers, programmers and mobile developers - planning technical architecture, writing functional code and testing the outcome and/or building apps for mobile platforms.
  • Visionary entrepreneurs and project managers - people with ability to start new business ideas, run IT teams and deliver projects in time
  • Marketing and Business Development - evangelists and sales wizards making the products fly and reach the audience
After you have registered we will immediately send you a short email.
We will have a selection process in every 48 hours - mentors and Garage48 team members will chose and confirm the participants and we will add others in the waiting list.
When we have chosen you we will send you a confirmation email with exact payment information, we expect you to make the payment for final confirmation.


  • Ticket: 2000 Ksh  - covers all food, snacks and drinks during the event!
  • Students discount 1000 Ksh - covers all food, snacks and drinks

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