All the 20 Teams Of Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2016 Hackathon In All Their Glory

Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2016 is the bomb! Literally. The teams are having fun, although we have nearly 150 participants working on 20 various prototypes from building a tea machine, gene testing machine for students, smart doorbell, infusion heater to a smart bubble helmet to wear fashionably on the head. 

The teams today started with the first checkpoint to give feedback of their brainstorm outcome to now actually building the products. Our partners, such as Mooncascade, Rohde&Schwarz, Eccom, Skeleton Technologies, Hedgehog and Elisa have provided us with invaluable know-how, equipment and mentors. The most popular room today has been without question the lab, where DigiLab guys from University of Tartu have been guiding the teams non-stop.

1. Track My Ride 
Track My Ride is a great tool for logging information about the car usage. Track your car mileage, fuel usage and drivers' history.
Team members: Kārlis Babris - server programmer, Ervīns Patmalnieks - electronics, Guntis Šusts - server programmer, Zintis Mazdrēvics - frontend developer, Lelde Bērziņa - designer, Kristaps Skutelis - marketing, Pāvels Reško - server programmer

Modular construction kit to build useful tools/machines for small enterprises. "Lego for factories" (e.g. production tools/machines, machine prototypes etc)
Team members: Anna Jõgi - Team Lead, Martin Kontus - Marketer/Business modelling, Oleg Kalinkin - Designer, Taavo Lukats - Mechanical/Electrical Engineer, Paulius Vandals - CAD/Mechanical Engineer, Danius Kalvaitis - Software/Electrical Engineer, Andreas Vija - Software Engineer, Sopo Giorgadze - 3D Designer

We are going to create a word guessing game for revising the vocabulary. We will make an app that sends words to a robot. On the screen of the robot the word that have to be explained appear. The robot has a random timer in it and will make sound, if the time has run out.
Team members: Kaia Tomson - project manager, Kristina Allik - web designer/ 3D designer, Maria Purola - web marketing expert, Erkki Lindpere - developer, Kairi Schotter - developer, Edgars Grava - electronics engineer

4. Smart Health
Smart Health - care for your loved ones. We have user friendly health monitoring device to collect and visualise your health parameters. Easy way to take care for your senior relatives and yourself, with daily healthiness monitoring directly attached to App that will send notification to your relatives and/or doctor if the results would not be acceptable.
We will have Smart Health device that will collect data from at least 3 different sensors and then visualise it, allowing to compare them with already gained information and known parameter ranges. If something will be out of range, it will send a notification.
Team members: Janika Leoste - Team leader, Renats Kozodajevs - Medical engineering & Marketing, Ulvis Kublins - Sales & Marketing, Kristjan Pihus - Technical team leader/BE developer, Erik Piip - Electronics engineer, Deniss Zinkevics - Mechatronics, Zaneta Drzymala-Tabaczuk - Visual communication/design, Rolands Brencs - Medical engineer, Aare Undo - FE/App developer

5. M-Sap
Affordable music visualizer for individual performers and small bands. We are building ready-to-use system consisting of 2 slave units, master controller and web app.
Team members: Egert Loss - team lead & electronics, Mikk Müraus - electronics, Mark Kerner - web app, Ģirts Užāns - web app, Tiia Päkk - design & marketing, Merilin Tõnisoja - design & hardware, Priit Pedastsaar - website & logistics, Paul Vahur - project management & marketing

6. Smubble
A smart bubble/helmet, that filters air and has a lot of cool tech features in it!
Team members: Max Zubkov - Team Lead/ Marketing/ Business; Karel Kundrats - Marketing/ Business; Marianne Jogi - Art; Karlis Goba - Software/Electronics; Hannes Haljaste - Electronics; Jdat Deface - Electronics/soldering; Andrejs Pukitis - Designing and creating physical things; Rihards Skrubis - Designing and creating physical things

7. Genosity 
Genosity is a gene testing machine that anyone can use anywhere. Our first target market is school system, because studies today have very much theory and very little practice. Using our system, every student can learn about their own genes in biology class.
Team members: Ken Veski - team lead, Priit Kaup - electronics, Indrek Keskküla - electronics, Kaisa Lindström - machine design, Maarja-Liis Raamat - machine design, Piret Puppart - visuals design, Ranno Päi - visuals design, Aleksandra Varnaeva - visuals design, Jasper August Tootsi - web design, Jelena Kotivnenko

8. Smart Ramp
We are building a solution for US Navy to move equipment and vehicles from one ship to another using a ramp while those ships are moving with a different amplitude ('till up to 1 m).
Team members: Veiko Dieves - team leader, Martin Meisalu - mechanical engineer, Rain Randsberg - chief engineer, Andreas Ayal - electronics engineer, Ranno Päi - designer

9. False Radio Network
We are building a device that is able to replay recorded radio signals in a way that those signals sound and seem authentic military radio signals. That project aims to deceive enemy radio reconnaissance units.
Team members: Veiko Dieves - team leader, Erik Ilbis - radio engineer, Dmitrijs Čulkovs - radio engineer, Jaanus Kalda - radio engineer, Kalle-Kustav Kruus - radio engineer

10. Burger Queen
Mini-burger making machine.
Team members: Laurynas Gailius - UI designer, Simonas Sankauskas - Electronics, Vilius Kraujutis - Team Lead, Simonas Gildutis - Server engineer, Moses Kang - Industrial designer, Ugnius Zasimauskas - Marketing, Danielius Visockas - Electronics

11. The Bubble Gym
Making indoor fitness fun by adding virtual reality elements to it. A working prototype of a fitness bike connected to projector.
Team members: Aleksandrs Levinskis - Engineer, Aadam Kaivo - Team leader, Ann Kristiin Entson - Designer, Kaiko Kivi - Engineer, Martins Untals - Engineer, Renee Puusepp - Designer/Architect, Raul Jarg - Marketing/Designer, Vjaceslavs Lazdans - Marketing, Rudolfs Rutkovskis - Marketing, Dmitrijs Culkovs - Engineer

12. NoBell
Smart doorbell device and mobile app for apartments. You can answer your door anywhere. Whenever someone activates the doorbell you get a video call from your door. You can talk to the delivery man if you are not at home or check who is at the door before letting him in.
Team members: Kristiina Rahkema - team leader, mobile apps, Andres Lindemann - marketing, Eno Menov - design, Ingrid Hunt - marketing, Martin Meisalu - mechanics, Andre Liima - electronics, Jaan Tohver - mobile apps, Siim Talvik - electronics

13. CitySense
We take city property evaluation to the next level by delivering hard evidence on a specific location. This is achieved by the CitySense platform that aggregates readings from various sensors operating in the real environment. The most straight forward target customer group is billboard space providers that can utilize daily traffic statistics to justify the price tag for their advertising space. More complex cases include real estate buyers and rental customers that wish to make an informed decision for where to buy your next home, or locate your business.
Team members: Mart Moora - team lead, Kristjan Eljand - data scientist, Ance Gricmane - artist, Gita Sakale - engineer, Aleksandra Varnaeva - designer, Tatjana Mändla - visionary/marketer

14. Teasla Model T
We're building a tea machine for busy people who value good taste and design.
Team members: Janis Mucenieks - Team Leader, Sven Kautlenbach - Electronics, Brett Astrid Võmma - UX Design, Maarja Liiv - Product Design, Siim Leiten - Mechanics, Helen Habakuk - Marketing

15. WulfCount
On the battlefield, when you’re fatigued and under the stress, the last thing on your mind would be how many bullets you have left in your magazine…
But if you run out-of-ammo when you are under attack - you may die! If your brother-in-arms next to you, protecting your flanks runs out of ammo – You both may die. Team in G48 is building a prototype for a device that counts how many bullets there are left in your cartridge magazine and displays the number on a screen.
This is a first step for introducing a new aspect to modern warfare by working on this new system. Solution which in future not only will inform single gun operator about his ammunition status, but as well will be capable to inform units commanding officers about dangerous situations on the battlefield based on ammunition usage per time, and overall status of ammunition left.
Team members: Joosep Parts (Estonia) – original idea, Anette Sepp (Estonia), Fridtjof Wesseltoft (Norway), Timo Anso (Estonia), Uldis Kalējs (Latvia), Ulf Anso (Estonia), Uvis Lapsiņš (Latvia), Vahur Poolak (Estonia)

16. Eye-Shirt
We are building the first led t-shirt that you can control with your smartphone. We will pay t-shirt owners if they agree to show advertisements on their t-shirts.
Team members: Kristjan Järvan - team manager, Tiit Rätsep - electronic engineer, Ronald Tammepõld - developer, Arya Sohrabizadeh - ux/ui, Egija Gailuma - marketing, Janis Sauss - marketing, Andreas Krigoltoi - design

Automated camera trigger for outdoor photographers. A smartphone configurable bluetooth controller to trigger the photo camera exactly when you want it.
Team members: Jaak Sarv - Team lead, Ardi Mäesalu - Electronics Engineer, Veli-Johan Veromann - Designer, Sven Kirsimäe - Mobile Developer, Tarmo Annus - Back-End Developer, Edgars Dzenis - Marketer, Maarika Susi - Marketer, Alvar Udras - Back-End Developer, Mattias - Marketer, Maxim Shilo - Marketer

PILOT is plugin device for aftermarket cars which add self-driving and safety functionality to aftermarket cars.
Team members: Rihards Gailums - Team Lead + Marketing, Andreas Ayal - hardware electronics, Helmars Rumnieks, Reinis Veips, Riho Kerge - design, Zandis Murans

19. GuitarPi
To turn the idea of an open source multi-effects music instrument controller into a working prototype.
Team members: Jüri Bogatkin - team leader, Laura Pint - design, Hannu Kikkas - software, Juho Polukainen - electronics, Karl Uibo - software, Christian Safka - software, Linda Vebere - marketing

20. InfusionWarmer
Saving the lives of people who have lost a lot of blood in cold environments. It’s a small lightweight heater at the end of the infusion line, just before the cannula. The point is warming up the fluid that goes into the body to avoid hypothermia. For first responders, military medics and ambulance services who don’t have a way to keep their fluids warm.

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