Data 4 Healthy Recovery - a hackathon program dedicated to overcoming the challenges #EUindustry is facing

A brand new European hackathon is on the horizon! Get ready to hack the innovative smart health solutions and tools to boost the European industry in the upcoming months. The Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon is organised by the European Commission with the organisational side carried out by the key players in the Estonian startup ecosystem - Garage48 and Civitta. The hackathon will take place from the 18th to the 20th of June as a hybrid event in Brussels and online.

What is Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon?

Industrial transformation and post-COVID recovery both offer the chance to rethink economic and social models. This requires innovative solutions and tools, which will help European companies and organisations reshape their business models, products and processes. That’s why we are launching Data 4 Healthy Recovery, a hackathon with an emphasis on smart health solutions, which can help the industry to recover and at the same time create new business opportunities for European companies. To achieve this, we will partner with various European companies and organisations active in the smart health sector or lookout for fresh solutions to boost their resilience.

“We believe that the Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon is not meant to act on the immediate crisis only but should also look at the long-term solutions necessary for social and economic recovery. This hackathon is a practical way of trying to boost the competitiveness of small and bigger businesses in Europe and modernise the value chains that will serve our societies.” – said Maive Rute, the Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission.

Who are we looking for?

We are calling all visionaries, developers, designers, data scientists, marketing specialists, engineers, entrepreneurs and industry experts to join as individuals or with ready-made teams with or without an idea.

“We are on the lookout for passionate people who would like to come up with interesting, smart health solutions, tools, processes and products that would help us all to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and faster.”, stressed Ms Rute.

What will you sign up for?

Before the hackathon, you will have a chance to meet the challenge partners through a series of brainstorming and matchmaking sessions. We will help you dig deeper into the problems that the smart health industry faces and introduce the ins and outs of the challenges. By May 2021, we expect you to submit your idea and team for the hackathon. All of this will culminate in June with the Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon.

“We are in the process of mapping out the most relevant and pressing challenges for European industry in the field of smart health and fine-tuning them together with industry experts. Our goal is to get the best data sets available so that the hackathon participants can submit the solution that matches those.” - Mari Hanikat, CEO of Garage48

So, buckle up and join the journey! Registration for the Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon is open, and we want you to apply now! The deadline for applications is the 15th of April.

Read more about the hackathon, and the challenges here: 

Apply as an individual or with a ready-made team, with or without an idea here: 

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