Digitization of the construction sector – more questions than answers

Digitization of the construction sector – more questions than answers
The construction industry is undergoing exciting times as we embrace innovation,
robotics, drones, parametric design, automation, new technologies and disruptive
ideas. Digitization of the construction industry is not a question of if or when—the
changes are happening now. Digital technologies are not tools to do the same thing just a bit better, but are and should change the way business is done and processes work.
Digitization gives the construction sector possibilities to improve lagging productivity yet very few players have used that resource as a way to solve that problem.
Things are evolving at a pace that sometimes it feels exhausting to keep up. AR/VR,
how to implement into architectural and engineering process other than for marketing purposes. Parametric design- can it be a tool to help overcome extreme shortage of skilled engineers and architects?
With the construction sector being the top global consumer of raw materials and
generating 25-40% of the world’s carbon emissions we need smart planning and
sustainable design to reduce the energy consumptions and pollution.
With the use of technology, BIM etc, we create a lot of data throughout the design,
build and maintenance process. With all the data collected we are in need of a fresh insight into every link of the value chain in order to put these insights into good use.
How could we use connectivity to link up and synchronize separate activities in the
building process?
Despite the endless questions, the potential for growth and new success stories has never been greater in our sector. Join the r-E-volution!

Merylin Rüütli
CEO of architectural and engineering office Projekt Kuubis
Member of the board of E-difice – The Estonian Digital Construction Cluster

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