Garage48 Baltic Open & Big Data 2017 is in full bloom!

Garage48 Open & Big Data 2017 hackathon is in full bloom! The event has gathered 130 participants and over 25 mentors, who will be building prototypes in the next 48 hours. Most of the teams will be using datasets provided by our partners at  Tele2, Open Knowledge Estonia, Loov Eesti, Tuleva,  SEB, Creditiinfo, Ekspress Meedia and many others. 

The warm opening words were given by Priit Salumaa , a co-founder of Garage48 and Mooncascade.  Priit recognised the participants with their willingness to build exciting prototypes in the interesting world of data. 
Tele2- our main partner and sponsor for the Garage48 Baltic Open & Big Data  took the stage as well and wished good luck to all the participants on pursuing their dreams and developing the next big thing.  
Garage48  Baltic Open & Big Data has gathered data scientists, data scrapers, back-end and front-end developers, UI/UX designers and marketers to enable all these ideas to come true. Though loads of data are being collected every day, there is not enough innovative use of the data. Lots of solutions of existing data science projects could also be improved, making room for better outcomes to emerge. So with the help of our many data science experts, including Dmytro Fishman, Mikhail Iljin, Peeter Piksarv, Jordan Valdma, Kaspar Gering, Andres Kütt and Taivo Pungas,  this hackathon will definitely
bring new and clever innovations to the world.  
let's see, which teams made the first cut and will be working hard over the weekend. 
The chosen teams for Garage48 Baltic  Open & Big Data 2017 Prototyping Hackathon are the following: 

Open Progress

Map election promises from coalition agreement to real debates in parliamentary bodies to show the real progress of governance based on actual data. Uses data from  This is the first attempt to hack our parliamentary democracies for more reasonable and measurable election promise. 

Passport Eye- is a team with the most data scientists  ( 8! ) . It is an open source project, everyone will be able to use the end result.  Image recognition application with image processing. 

 Rooftopan idea about collecting the whole data about apartment buildings and houses, so we would know what's the history of the house or an apartment before purchasing it.  Platform for housing associations as well. 

 Smart Mobility- presented to us by Reimo: a  data scientist at Estonian Road Administrations who thinks that traffic planners don't know a thing about how to plan the real traffic! Traffic planners have plenty of data about vehicles, but not much about how people move. Smart Mobility will use open data from public sources, Tele2 data and SEB's data. A prototype will be a  tool for the planners to make a better network of roads. The team is looking forward to revolutionizing  Estonian roads infrastructure.

E_? Anthropologist enthusiasts, who are going to investigate how much Estonian media has used  "e" as a prefix throughout the years. They will begin with the year of 1995 and analyze right til today. "E almost everywhere"  is going to use Ekspress Meedia's articles and Texta as a source of their data. 

Bullshit Detector- is going to build a text credibility evaluator. It can be used as a browser or social media network extension that overlays a core next to web content indicating how reasonable and credible it sounds. They are going to take a bunch of words, analyze it and then detect how many "garbage" words are there and how much is actually a valuable and credible information. 

News Cycle wants to understand the news life cycle a little better ( how it begins, when is the peak time and when it dies down). If you know how it works there should be a way to predict the news which will spark some attention.

Nirdizati helping companies optimizing their business processes via predictive monitoring.Nirdizati crunches process data using  and top notch machine learning algorithms such as ensemble methods or neural networks.They  have an API which companies can use to integrate the solution into their servers or as an alternative we provide our own dashboard tool.

Tuleva - Pension Investments App- make smarter choices. Problem:  your pension is lower because you don't understand investment choices and the impact of fund fees. Solution: open source app that teaches you how to make your retirement plan more profitable in a fun and easy way!

Project PSII

 Discover private sensitive information for public document registries.There will be a lawyer in the team for helping to determine what is considered sensitive data and what is not.

Financial Data /Gleb Maltsev (co-founder at Fundwise)

They have over 8000 investor profiles+Creditinfo+ data from Delfi. They want to put it all together to a friendly system that can give you a good hindsight about the person you are working with. An intelligent and softer approach to a background check

Trump- analyzing you know who's tweets and rating their intelligence.

Smarter Cities-   Idea to develop an app which will visualize data and that will map out problem areas in the cities like busy places parking wise and bad bus schedules. Better city planning is the key. 

Insights- Customer intelligence tool to help cafe and restaurant owners to know their most valuable customers today and in future.
Based on card transaction data across different venues, Insights offers info on persons visiting your and the competitors' venues. So owners know how to monetize their existing customers better and how to engage new high-value prospect customers.

Spot-analyzing the best place for businesses, using datasets from Creditinfo, Tele2 and SEB. 

is a modern solution for community involvement in city planning process. They are trying to provide solution for problem reporting from the citizen's side and perspective workflow mapping for municipalities

Some projects were left out this time because we only do have a limited amount of time and people to hack the problems over the intense, 48 hours. There were some intriguing ideas like: 

* Data from space + mix it with some reality, turn it all into some exciting augmented reality 
* P- politician meter (aka populist meter)
* Ruumiriiklus- mapping out abandoned buildings in the cities
*Salty9- a plan to create an environment to get more thorough information about boat's life cycle
* Estfeed- energy related apps

News CycleThey want to understand the news cycle a little better (beginning, peak, less interest and so on). If they know how it works they should be able to predict it. They are looking for someone in a natural language analyze.

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