Garage48 Baltic Open Baltic Hackathon in Tallinn was a milestone event

For the first time in the history of fintech in Baltics a hackathon about open banking took place. It attracted 137 banking specialists, developers, designers, project managers and experts of the field. On Sunday’s grand finale 15 teams presented what they've achieved in the last 48 hours. This was the most popular Garage48 hackathon ever streamed by a record high 10 000 watchers. Over a long time we also had 5 factory teams joining the event which increased the overall level noticeably.

“Taking part of the hakathon has been amazing, I personally learned so much and I felt so much spirit in the teams! It's a very good experience and I'm really glad to give be here and represent Mastercard!” commented one of the jury members and the representative of MasterCard Mats Taraldsson.

 The event was brought to life initially by 
SEB whose Head of Digital Strategy in Baltic Division Ragnar Toomla shared his thoughts about the event : “I'd say the energy was really cool and the organisational part super professional. We didn't have a clue how everything will turn out so I'm very happy that on Friday 33 ideas were pitched and today we saw 15 working prototypes presented. What I like about the format is that the coding is accompanied by marketing and business execution. I really hope that the majority of the ideas will continue their journey - either together with SEB or independently.”

We would like to thank Omniva who came together with a team and awarded the most energetic team of the event with a special prize.

Also a special thanks goes to Myfitness, Madara, Eatnatural, SUVA and Club Mate.

One of the biggest assets of Garage48 are our mentors and jury, thank you : Cesar Zeppini, Siim Lepisk, Ragnar Toomla, Gunnar Läll, Andra Altoa,Endrik Eller, Jaanus Sakkis, Mats Taraldsson, Aleksei Bljahhin, Asse Sauga, Rain Rannu, Jordan Valdma, Pramod Ravikant, Sander Aasna, Eerika Vaikmäe-Koit, Inga Ruduša, Karlis Karolis, Paulius Kriščiūnas, Mart Maasik, Anton Prokopov


The Favourite of the Audience
Angry Bills
Prize : Goodies from Madara
Revolutionising the process of work-related expense reimbursements
Team: Dima, Leo, Herman , Ivan, Joosep

The Best Factory Team

Enabling payments between merchant and user with bank accounts and devices they already have.
Team:Marvin Helstein, Lauri Mäe, Rode Luhaäär,  Mariliis Mia Topp

SEB Special Prize
  Short track to SEB corporate partnership·         Free use of SEB Innovation centre meeting rooms for team meetings for next 3 months·         SEB experts mentoring
Proposing an automated accounting solution seamlessly integrated with Open Banking API's to automate tasks that are performed by accountants daily.
Team: Viesturs Slaidins ,Arnis Stolde, Ronalds Sovas, Rihards Mozalevskis 

Most Energetic team by Omniva & Runner-up

Secure Badger
Bringing the real estate rental industry to the 21st century
Team: Teele, Karl, Levan , Mikk, Erko

Overall Winner
Prize: 2000€ by MasterCard

Hassle-free bill payment! We automatically extract invoices from your e-mail into our mobile app and allow you to pay the bills in one swipe.
Team: Dmitrijs, Igor Kersov, Jone Joh, Evita Dzene, Diana Atvare, Turan, Maksim 

Huge thank you to the participants - without you this event wouldn’t have happened!

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