Garage48 GreenTech Tallinn 2015 is overloaded with talents and ENERGY!

Garage48 has teamed up with the Ministry of the Environment, Estonian development Fund, Microsoft and Planet OS to host the biggest green technology and climate change hackathon of the Baltic region. Over 150 participants from various countries starting from Latvia, Russia, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine, Netherlands etc have come together to innovate the climate and environment sector and build new solutions that will most definitely change the world!

This hackathon is also very special to Garage48, as we celebrate our 5th birthday! Additionally, this is already the 40th event to date, which means hundreds of startups and one thousand working prototypes have been born thanks to some crazy sleepless people! In words of Garage48 Co-founder and Mentor Ragnar Sass: “This event copies real life, it is no game!”

Today an astonishing 35 ideas were presented on the stage this evening, of which 19 teams made it the cut to go the working process with mentors and all the support! 

We now presented you all the ideas that will develop and sweat for the next 48 hours:

  1. Whats in the air? a website for air analysis. Do you what to know what is in the air that you breathe? The goal is to visualize the raw data.
  2. Curo - a system where the drones do the autonomous aerial surveillance, where they have thermometer and camera.

  3. DCSA – distribution community supported agriculture. An app that enables that enable the farmer or gardener his/her goods to the app and sell it locally.
  4. EcoCoins – a webpage, the idea is to give out coins to everything people do to save the planet, the coins can later used to buy eco product or support charities.
  5. Environmental Performance Simulator – for buildings, to give a real time feedback to the designers, imagine a future home-owner to see real-time performance data and use by architects
  6. Ecolabel Aide – online tool for verification/tracking that will greatly fasten up the speed to chemicals that wish to apply for the UN label to prove they are producing ECO products, based on chemical CAS numbers, to help the government bodies.
  7. GIC (Get it clean) – a mobile app that has a location-based app, where everyone can put their garbage on the map and the user can click and then apply for the removal of the sofa, fridge etc. Its like Uber for garbage!
  8. IRECYCLE (Do You Recycle?) - An simple mobile app for making household waste recycling easy, where you can find out which bin you have to use for which waste.
  9. P2P Delivery Service - The system calculates which is the cleanest and fastest delivery solution
  10. World Cleanup 2018 - Let’s Do It World is a world-famous NGO, which has engaged over 12 million people. They starting a new project World Cleanup 2018, the idea is to involve 5% of world people (300M) to have a big event. They are building new tools for that and they are looking for some technical people. They want to build a new social network to help to arrange a huge event with logistics etc.
  11. Solar Cost – platform service for choosing solar panels faster, the customers are house-owners who want to buy solar panels.
  12. Mermes – an app where you can give your own things away for free, location-based, peer-to-peer, a dating platform for garbage.
  13. Forest Captain – or landowners for forest management, app where you can select the era that you want to see and select what animals to see to get the path.

  14. BuildingCalc – a web portal to calculate, that takes house measures, output is very easy, user can use can compare different solutions and look for house parameters, comparative calculator with pre-defined building system.
  15. Mark Mask – they make face masks that protects people’s health, companies can buy masks with company’s logo, they want to build an interface where client can choose their own design.
  16. Wasted – a game, which targets all kids of audiences, with a message about how not to pollute.
  17. Swim and joy – to digitalize beach data and to collect water quality data for swimmers.
  18. Sunburn – for Microsoft band to check how long you have been in the sun, checks the UV strength.
  19. Smart consume – to aim to increase people environmental awareness through a website that gathers all the topics and offers solutions and analyses, they want to show a website for water and electricity solution.

All the other ideas that were unfortunately able to form teams that were very AWESOME as well: 

2.  Ohutuost – safe payment and you save money, you send the money, if the seller receives the money you get the package

3.  Carpooling – as there is a lot of car traffic, the idea is to create an app that enables to share cars to reduce the number of cars in the cities. It is more peer-to-peer, which is different from Uber.

4.  Clickabook – an app where you can click and sell books, to add metadata and have library in your mobile phone, so you can share your library with your friends, but you can also click and sell it also afterwards.

8.  Empty Trash – Waste management faster, smarter and cheaper. A universal platform so you scan the trash can analyze the waste market. The solutions is meant to speed up the system.

10. Firewood – location-based technology that helps unite waste firewood and interested people, recycling wood waste.

14. My Green Project – all the students want to change green minds with green action, the idea is to make an app of these days and link the actions to the Special Days, for a planting tree day, so you can go with your whole class and plant trees. An e-learning tool.

17. Quietness Inspector – quietness app, that monitors 24/7 how quiet is the place with a device that automatically puts info to web so you can get special price 

18. Scan To Do Good – an app to scan goods to known how the products have been made, user can update the app and request info from retailers and so they can know if the product meets their requirements

19. Second hand application - An app to connect 2hand shoppers with 2nd hand shop, user can book the items and get more data about the items.

21. TÖÖTEE – automatic AI route learning with pattern recognition.

24. Windhub – app for kitesurfers, that helps to measure the wind speed and get all wind reports, and a map with the wind conditions.

27. E-management platform, a new clean system for service contracts and communication between B2B companies, Facilities and Environmental Management platform.

28. Zero Waste Grocery Store – to promote zero waste lifestyle, a mobile grocery story where you can home-order basic food items that you need in your home on a regular basis, the packaging from the last delivery will be taken back.

31. Challenges Platforms – challenges platform to get people out of their comfort zone, also booking service to sell survival courses.

34. Calculate – C02 calculators, carbon off-settings, the updated version of the HTML calculator.

35. Challenge – power suppliers have targets that want to reduce power consumption, how to create a device that measures power savings.

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