Garage48 Kiev 2015- Meet the teams

Meet the 9 teams who have shown their willingness to work 48 hours straight to present a worldchanging idea on Sunday evening! 

Cherrytea - is an online social service to connect people with stuff and people with cars to charity organisations.

Team: Victoria, Ivan, Anton, David, Dima, Ivan.

PayLess - a service that will help you to save money and buy products for their fair value. User enters the list of goods and the system finds the nearby stores where this basket can be bought for the lowest price.

Team: Anton Nikulin (back-end developer), Viktor Vetsko (front-end developer), Roman Paryshkura (mobile developer), Alexey Zyabkin (front-end developer), Victor Lazorenko (project manager\business developer), Roman Kishchenko (back-end developer), Romina Aksyutina (designer), Vitaliy Tsybulko (back-end developer). Anatoliy Antonenko (back-end developer).

   Parking Hero - They provide an instrument for users to easily send an official claims for parking rules violations.

Team: Maksym Kolodezhny (back-end), Paulo Chebotu (visionary/marketer) , Anatolii Stepaniuk (visionary/marketer).

    SafeServ - easy alarm system for car and home, what provides it’s  safety. 

Team: Dmytro (visioner), Andriy (android developer), Yulia (back-end Java developer), Sergey (Back-end Java developer), Dima (marketer).

  Eventer - A mobile app showing event data and gathering information for event organizers about potential participants.

Team:  Yaroslav Kovlchuk (visionary), Alexander Serbin (designer), Andrey Snitsaruk (mobile developer), Andrey Antonov (mobile developer), Irina Ziakhor (frond-end developer).

 Highlights - helpful social application for collecting and keeping your memories.

Team: Denis Dantsev (Front-End developer), Ivan Kostuchenko (Mobile developer), Dmitriy Tkalich (Back-End developer).

 Dev&Dis - designers & developers collaboration workflow and version control system for designers.

Team: Ahmed Sulajman (CTO), Lisa Dziuba (marketer), Tes Mat (developer), Lapchevskyi Kostiantyn (developer), Myhailo Vayvala (developer), Andrey Veles (designer), Alexander Zagariya (developer), Victoria Veles(developer).

 Q bera - an online service to educate people.

Team: Nazar Panchyshyn (project manager ), Ignat Varzar (frontend + backend), Pavel Pedenko (visionary), Asia Kolisnichenko (marketer),  Grisha Stechenko (designer), Kirill Sulyga (designer, marketer).

 Let's buy together - an online social shopping collaboration tool.

Team: Aziz Soltobaev (visionary + project manager ), Vladislav Ursul (frontend + backend + design), Dmitry Yashchenko (frontend + backend), Alexander Geruk (marketer).


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