Garage48 Lviv 2015 winner makes magic with messages!

This weekend Garage48 together with the Estonian Development Cooperation brought together 65 participants and 7 mentors to create something special. Not only that we wanted to disrupt different areas and innovate the way of thinking, we wanted to introduce the word "hackathon" in a new light. Because a hackathon doesn't always have to mean hackers coming together to generate codes  - sometimes it's about the new vibe, the emotions, the intensity and the motivation. After the 48 hours, 240 cans of Red Bull and 2 sleepless nights later, 12 teams managed to show some kick-ass prototypes on Sunday evening.

 By the way, we wouldn't have managed to do it all without our great friends and partners: N-iX HQ Development center, Microsoft, Transferwise, Startup Depot, GrowthUP Accelerator, Lviv Business School, Franko National University of Lviv, Startup Line, Lviv IT School &

The jury members of Garage48 Lviv 2015 event were the representatives of different companies and organizations: Ragnar Sass (Pipedrive&Garage48), Tiit Paananen (Pipedrive), Viktor Tsykunov (Microsoft), Maksym Bryzhko (Transferwise), Veiko Jääger (Fraktal), Vladyslav Chornobay (Transferwise), Andrew Pavliv (N-iX), Nikolay Pavliv (GrowthUP Business Accelerator), Khrystyna Boyko (StartupDepot)

 Free of charge participation in Startup School from StartupDepot
4 Kindle's from Transferwise
Free coworking space for 1 month from StartupDepot
10 mentoring sessions from GrowthUP Accelerator

 Magic Messenger

Team members: Oleg Sukhorukov (Team Lead, UI/UX), Max Strobetsky (iOS developer), Roman Osidach (Backend developer) and Anna Zelenskaya (Marketer).

* * *   

Free coworking space for 1 month from StartupDepot
Nokia Lumia 1020 phones from Microsoft


Team members: Volodymyr Lyubinets (Back-end dev + presenting), Oleh Zimoha (Mobile Dev + a bit of UX), Kyrylo Piskovets (Mobile dev), Maxym Pylypovych (Back-end dev).

* * *

Free coworking space for 1 month from StartupDepot


  Team members: Iurii Turok (PM, Marketer), Maxim Shvaykovski (Architect, backend engineer), Anastasia Turok (UI\UX designer), Michael Burychka (Game/Quest Designer), Andriy Tsykholyas (Android Developer), Nazar Cybulsij (Android Developer).

* * *

2 Kindle's from Transferwise
Free coworking space for 1 month from StartupDepot


Team members: Roman Hnatyk (PM), Marusya Hrabovska (Designer), Alex Bessonov (Front-end), Sashka Chuchko (Designer), Ostap Bochulia (Back-end), Yevhen Uzhva (Front-end).

* * *

 Powebanks for phones from Microsoft

We saw you naked

Team: Mylyanyk Ivan (marketer), Hrytsyshyn Ostap (project manager), Chubey Yuriy (back-end developer), Annus Tarmo (front-end developer), Pochynok Krystyna (designer).

Nokia Lumia 1020 phone from Microsoft

Team: Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi, Leo Kolezhuk

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