Garage48 Lviv Winner is marketing good deeds!

Garage48 Lviv 2014 week-end hackathon is now successfully over. 28 ideas got pitched on stage and 13 of them presented working prototypes on Sunday (9th November) in N-iX office. The jury selected Aimme, a web platform to support making good deeds, as the overall Winner!

The jury members of Garage48 Lviv 2014 event were the representatives of different companies and organizations:

Priit Salumaa (Mooncascade), Martin Rand (Vitalfields), Agu Suur (Axinom), Dima Maleev (N-iX and Lviv Code School), Bogdan Danilyuk  (TransferWise), Tatiana Zubets (Microsoft), Ksenya Medynska (Lohika)

                                           OVERALL WINNER:  

                                                                MicroSoft Special Prize


Marketplace for social deeds. There are dozens of people in Ukraine who need help, but don't know whom to turn to. That's why Aimme built a platform designed to organize and track good deeds.

Team: Roman Shuvaryk (Front –End), Sergiy Babich (Front-End), Irina Bezyanova (Design), Iryna Vasylieva (Back-End/iOS), Mykola Kavf (Back-End), Polina Karpinska (Marketer), Anastasiia Tumanova (Marketer)


                                     RUNNER UP

                                                                 Lohika Special Prize:


Local self-publishing version of Kindle Direct Publishing.

Team: Ihor Nakonechnyy  (PM), Oleksandr Shchapov (Back-End),  Serhiy Tyatin (Back-End), Maksym Bryzhko (Back-End), Vladyslav Chornobai (Back-End)Mykola Baldin  (Marketer)

                                                           RUNNER UP                                                                
TransferWise Special Prize

                                                                       INSTAWA.SH helps you find available carwashes- make an online reservation and get your car washed instantly.

Team: Taras Lukavyi (Front –End),  Mykola Tymchak (Front-End), Maksym Lysak (PM), Ivan Dmytrasevych (PM), Serhiy Batyuk (Back-End), Roman Osidach (Back-End), Mykola Baldin  (Marketer)


                                                                        Match Heroes

Match Heroes is the coolest strategic war game.

Team: (Front –End), Ostap Hrytsyshyn (PM), Mariana Frant (Design), Misha Philypchuk (Back-End), Petro Prots (Back-End), Andriy Medvid (Back-End), Andrii Titov (Back-End)


                                                                  Nyam-Nyam-Bandera is an application, that helps people to keep their deadline. How does it work? You use Facebook to log into the service and create tasks for yourself. If you have managed to accomplish your tasks in time, the application will write a positive post on your timeline in Facebook. If you fckup your task, beware of the consequences!

Team: Dmytro Lubenets (Front –End), Ostap Golyaka (PM), Andrew Meakovski (Back-End), Bogdan Tkachenko (Marketer), Roman Tameh (Design)

                                                       City Quest 

CityQuest is a mobile application designed to personalize your trip and make travel just that much easier.

Team: Dmytro Frolov (Front –End), Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi (Back-End), Lidiia Holosko (Design), Alexander Zagaria (Back-End), Andriy Rublyov (Back-End), Yuriy Priyma (Back-End)


Platform for hotels for creating and distributing online catalogues of value added services to help them to earn extra revenue. Cloice wants to become groupon for hotels.

Team: Artem Pervenonok (Front –End), Oleksandr Hutsulyak (Front –End), Alar Ülem (PM), Dmitry Les (Back-End), Bogdan Kidyk (Marketer)  

The service enables to get dates with one click. By the way, women choose the dates

Team: Andrii Dubas (Front –End), Sergii Lushchuk (Front-End), Maxym Kharandziuk (PM), Ivan Lappo (Back-End), Joe Manguno (Marketer)


Car sharing service- you can save your time, money and energy by merging your trips with others.

Team: Severyn Rybchynskyy  (Front-End), Denis Stoyanov (Front-End), Peter Gyschuk (Front-End), Ivan Pashko (Design), Mykola Pereyma (Backend), Serhiy Masyutin (PM)


An enganging balloon-popping game aming to become a secure platform for making games to companies.

Team: Oleksandr Tymchenko (Front –End),  Andrew Zhukov (Front –End), Starchenkov Igor (Front –End), Max Danylenko (Front-End)

Charity Auction 

It's an auction service where are proceeds of items sold will go to charity organizations.

TeamNazar Hnatkiv (Front –End), Taras Seredokha (PM), Oksana Hanailiuk (Design), Taras Kovalenko (Back-End), Andriy Koval (Back-End), Yaroslav Mostovyy (Marketer)


First professional audiobook listener, that has been created by a team that has listened to audiobooks for 20 000 hours. The service has an integration with dropbox, enables audio bookmarks an even has an highlighting system of the important parts of the audiobook.

Team: (Front –End), Ivan Pashko (Design), Oleh Pidhirnyak (Back-End), Vasyl Khmil (Back-End)


Favorite movie/series reminder app, that helps you to find subtitles for series

Team: (Front –End), Yuliana Oselska  (PM), Bohdan Malets (Back-End), Volodymyr Lobachov (Back-End), Yura Oleksyshyn (Back-End), Andrew Dunai (Back-End), Yaroslav Nychka (Back-End), Julia Makarenko (Back-End)



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