Garage48 Moscow 2013 winning project helping to learn guitar in an easy and entertaining way

Garage48 very first event in Moscow is now over! We are proud to have joined forces with HSE Inc. to organize the hackathon in brand-new Mail.Ru Group office premises. All together 23 ideas were pitched, 9 managed to attract a team and worked over the week-end to present their working prototypes. Jury selected YoDa Guitar, service to help beginners to learn to play quitar in a simple and entertaining way, as the winner of the Garage48 Moscow 2013 event!

Garage48 Moscow 2013 event was hosted in Mail.Ru Group premises who just recently moved location to brand-new beautiful office rooms. Mail.Ru being the world's top 5 most visited websites in the world and having 100 000 000 unique users per month was a good partner for organizing the very first all in English format hackathon in Moscow. "We are delighted to host such events to give ambience and comfortable conditions for participants to develop and create innovation," said Madina Tayupova (PR manager) from Mail.Ru Group.  

Garage48 Moscow 2013 jury members to choose winners were from representatives from different companies and organizations:

  • Garage48
  • RVC
  • Ribbon
  • Microsoft
  • Mail.Ru Group
  • Odnoklassniki
  • NPTV
  • Skolkovo
  • MegaLabs
  • LetaGroup
  • Almaz Capital
  • Redmadrobots
  • IdealMachine
  • RUNA Capital
  • Intel
  • PWC


YoDa Guitar 
Overall Winner, RVC Special Prize

Online Academy for Musicians Team: Kirill Karev, Anna Manannikova, Egor Lakomkin, Anton Griev, 
Konstantin Kuznetsov  

Favourite of the Audience Prize, 
Megafon Special Prize 

Idea of the project to develop service which helps you to preorder and pay your meal in any time you like and any where you are. Team: Andrey Fureev, Semen Barabash, Tatiana Podgornova, Artem Podlesnov   Facebook  @futureintouch  VK 

Microsoft Special Prize

Service that helps to study using FlashCards and SpaceRepetition methodology of learning. 

Team: Vladimir Rybakov, Sergey Shashev, Andrew Bogdanov, Ilya Nikanorov 

Let's Change 
RVC Special Prize 

Service for sharing and renting appartment closer to your working place!  
 Team: Eugenii, Andrew, Mikhail, Mikhail 

Best Presenter Prize 

Ask any question and receive an answer as “yes”, “no” or “may be”.  
 Team: Aleksey Omelyanchuk, Kirill Danilov, Andrey Salomatin, Andrey Pushkarev  


Service for finding friends with same interests 
 Team: Evelina, Sergey, Igor, Alicia      Pasone   
Service for easy and comfortable bicycle renting with smartphones Team: German Saprykin, Arseniy Nikulshin, Pavel Volodin  


Service, that helps to figure out ideas, solve problems by using creative thinking methods.  
 Team: Albert Yanov, Filipp Dmitrov, Gleb Kunokhovich, Alexey 


Convenient service that allows car owners to choose and book time in a carwash with different options: commitment, desired services, prices. The development of the project involves a few basic parts: an opportunity for car owners to find the nearest carwash and get the full information about it, book and load, discount a loyalty programme  
 Team: Mairbek Khostikoev, Gor Avakyan, Pavel Krivoruchko  


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