Garage48 Pärnu Winner turning bad customer experience into a good one

Garage48 Pärnu 2014 Women Special week-end hackathon, co-organized with Tech Sisters and Development Centre of Pärnu County is over for this year. With the focus of motivating women over 90 people gathered on Friday (10th October), of which 40% were women :) 34 ideas got pitched on stage and 15 were presenting their working prototypes on Sunday (12th October) in TU Pärnu College. We were honoured to also have the presence of Estonian President T.H. Ilves to come and see & comment the final presentations. Jury selected Sorry as a Service, a web platform that links their clients CRM with clients "apology partners" as a Winner of Garage48 Pärnu 2014 Women Special event.

Garage48 Pärnu 2014 Women Special jury members to choose winners were from representatives from different companies and organizations:

  • Geke Rosier (RightBrains)
  • Michelle Surya (Testlio)
  • Ragnar Sass (Garage48)
  • Elise Sass (Garage48, Microsoft)
  • Maido Parv (Skype)
  • Alvar Lumberg (Transferwise)
  • Siim Lepisk (Prototron)
  • Sulev Alajõe (PEAK)
  • Aare Raev (Pärnu City Council)
  • Judit Grosz (Microsoft)
Judit Grosz mentioned that she was amazed by the quality of the ideas at the event compared to other hackathons that she has seen, also one of salvation was that prototypes, she thinks that teams went really far compared to what they usually go in other similar events. Geke Rosier added that Garage48 Pärnu 2014 Women Special event was one of the most inspirational events she has taken part in. Alvar Lumberg brought out: "It is great to support initiatives where people come out to solve problems and innovative ideas and we want to keep on taking part of such kinds of events". 
Arengufond Special Prize 

Sorry as a Service 

We offer a service for companies to help to turn the bad customer experience into a good one. Our target customers are small to medium size companies who don't have the time and expertise to apologize for mistakes. We are building a web platform that links our clients CRM with our "apology partners". FB
Team: Siim Talvik (back-end dev), Martin Mägar (back-end dev), Martin McCloin (front-end dev), Egija Gailuma (marketer), Maarja Laineste (marketer), Sabīne Sipunova (designer), Indrek Põldvee (marketer)


RunnerUP Ajujaht Special Prize
 We ensure companies' high customer satisfaction level by providing feedback in a simple manner and giving managers the possibility to act on it on time. We are operating on a B2B level. We use NFC and QR codes, which fire our mobile web in the default browser. No need to download anything!
Team: Raido Aasoja (CEO), Raigo Lilleberg (CDO), Marie Polli (CMO), Kadi Pung (CFO), Konstantin Žillin (CTO) 


RunnerUP Ajujaht Special Prize
GlamCall offers crowd sourced on-demand beauty services connecting home beauticians with clients.  FB Team: Kristiina Kala (project manager), Erki Hendrikson (marketing), Ronald Liive (marketing), Krõõt Laesson (marketing), Kārlis Feldmanis (designer & front-end dev), Daniel Cho (dev), Klavs Taube (dev), Janis Peisenieks (dev) 


Microsoft Special Prize

CashMatador helps small organisations tame their cash flows and save time on project reporting.  FB
Team: Uve Poom (Project Manager), Jaan Urb (Marketing), Katharina Elme (Design), Rando Välimets (Dev), Kaspars Rinkevics (Dev) 

Ship It! 

Prototron Special Prize 
 Convenient way to ship your stuff without leaving your location. Using ship it!, everyone can become a deliverer, earning extra income from each delivery.
Team: Mihkel Matson (project manager), Lauri Mattus (dev), Jinesh Parekh (interaction designer), Enelin Paas (marketer), Helena Veidenbaum (designer) 


 We are developing a personal skill development platform.If you are an employee you join and choose your profile. You find out your market value. We tell you what skills to develop to raise your value and what are the most valued jobs for you.  If you are an employer-all of these profiled users are available for you to choose the profile you need and we'll list the matching users.   
Team: Rainer Aunpu (Project Manager), Margus Pala (Back End Dev), Jordan Valdma (Back/Front End Dev), Martti Kuldma (Front End Dev), Kaspar Kaur (Designer), Silver Smeljanski (Marketing), Kaisi Kask (Marketing/sales), Kalev Kask (Marketing/sales) 


Making selfies is more fun then ever!!! This app helps people to create and find nearby events of interests by looking event and quest selfies.
Team: Tõnis Truumaa (project manager), Mihkel Rembel (marketer), Erik Kaju (backend dev), Marko Arrak (mobile dev), Ethel Voites (frontend dev), Tiiu Tigas (designer), Katri Selg (designer)  

Story Streams 

We provide a space for people to tell their stories through pictures and words. Our target is people who like story telling and photography. People who want to leave a footprint and be part of a collective history. People who want to inform themselves through multiple perspectives.
Team: Carolyn (software dev), Kaisa (designer), Charu G. (content manager & marketer), Maria L. (project manager & marketer)    


Tastebinder is for people who are looking for ways to pimp their meals. It helps to elevate and educate peoples' tastes buds about different combination. You're gonna get all that through our user base stats and our vast ingredient base. 

Team: Agni Raitar (marketer), Artis Desels (designer), Martin Verrev (dev), Mihkel Aamer (dev), Heli Aomets (Project manager)  


 Web Application that helps easily share a car ride. Car owner registers start and destination points and posts this on the website. People who are interested will get contact details and join the ride. Easy and fun!!!   FB     Team: Jane Narusk (Project manager), Hanna-Mari Kirs (Front-End Dev), Lembit Lõpp (Back-End Dev), Victor Vilgers (Marketer)  

3D Paint&Print 

 3D Paint&Print is the easiest way to create a 3D design on a touchscreen phone or tablet. Your design will also be 3D-printable instantly.
Team: Kristjan Järvan (project manager), Sander Mets (back-end dev), Eleri Apsolon (designer & front-end dev), Jüri Siilivask (marketer)  


 it's a marketing tool for a Brands and an opportunity for users to have a discounts. You as a user doing photos with the hashtagged brand, and this brand gives you a better price. So would you like to have some discounts for selfies? #PonderRate
Team: Iuliia Vorobiova (Project Manager), Anfisa Bogomolova (Designer), Karl Strandberg (Marketer), Eduar Yesid Rodriguez Caro (Front-End Dev), Joel Mislav Kunst (Back-End Dev) 


Favourite of the Audience 
We bring together home kitchen superstars and real customers. We are here to offer them a user-friendly web platform, where they can announce their products to reach a greater number of consumers.
Team: Kristel Talvistu (Visionary / Project Manager), Kai Isand (Marketer), Ahti Nurme (Front-End & Back-End Dev), Maia Vaab (Designer), Heli Sepping (Business Advisor) 


 Tree is reliable and smart online bookmark service with extensive social features. Empowering your bookmarking experience!
Team: Benjamin André-Micolon (visionary & designer), Marko Klopets (dev), Ivo Capins (marketer), Marlen Ulrika Elisabet Kakkori (project manager)  


MusterUP is a cumulative archive for Estonian traditional patterns and therefore provides the selection of patterns to the users to browse through. The patterns have been forgotten by the younger crowd so our idea is to bring them into the MusterUP platform to find contemporary uses for the patterns. We bring together businesses and people who want some product with the traditional patterns - there are product options available under patterns and the buying process will be on-demand, production is going to be personal. The target market is everybody in the world (Estonians everyday use, special event necessities, tourists). MusterUP supports the preservation and the knowledge of traditional patterns.     FB      @musterupikas 
Team: Siret Tuula (Project Manager), Liisi Taimre (Marketer), Marion Rogers (Marketer), Anastassia Dratšova (Marketer), Chris Raastad (Back-End Dev), Tiia Tänav (Designer), Tea Tänav (Front-End Dev), Anna Jõgi (Front-End Designer), Martin Sookael (Front-End Dev) 


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