Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 Hackathon Is Invaded By Startuppers And Humour

A study published in the 1970s looked at 55 male and 14 female comedians and found that they consistently scored significantly higher on IQ tests than the average population. You don’t have to smart to be funny, but if you have a start-up and working in the ICT sector, then you sure have things to laugh about. From afar it might look humorous to some, seeing all these start-uppers running around “saving the world” creating one app at a time. Thus the people at Garage48, Komeediklubi and Saku Brewery came together to organise a hackathon that goes against all the usual requirements, where participants can have FUN and develop the most uselessly crazy ideas ever. Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 hackathon is hilarious, bittersweet and so utterly advanced on it’s level that it has attracted 100 of the top talent to participate!

Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 hackathon started off with greetings from Saku Brewery at the door. The venue at the Pipedrive Tallinn office is already cool enough, but now it has been altered by Saku. Being here feels as if old friends have gathered over a cold beer and snacks to then develop products that makes us laugh. The host of the evening was the Head or Marketing at Pipedrive and Co-founder at Tallinn Comedy Festival Andrus Purde, who himself is a big comedy enthusiast and brought the stand-up talent of Tallinn to Garage48 Serious FUN. 

An amazing 44 ideas were pitched, out of which 14 ideas made the cut. It will be really interesting to see the outcomes on Sunday, because many of the participants are respected developers, business managers, designers and marketers. These are the people that can make a left or right randomizer app a worldwide sensation!

During the break the Armenian stand-up champion Tigran Gevorkjan, who gave everyone huge laughs. We now know also who will do all the dishes after all the 100 people have eaten. 
But who are the teams that will be producing some very FUN working prototypes during the next 48 hours? Let's see...

  1. - new and interesting literature is not available? will help you find interesting reads. Authors uploading their texts and readers can give feedback. Bringing the passion to literature
  2. StartupGag - Techcrunch about stupid ideas. 
  3. Endomondo for partying - an app to make sure you go out enough. Select an activity, measure time spent, set goals, track progresses, challenge your friends, share statistics in FB. 
  4. Placebo - Placebos working as effectively as real. Even if people know it’s a placebo it still works. Products that are said to be placebo. 
  5. Object oriented web - Interactive visualization tool. Overview of large nr of data. 
  6. Throne – relax and be yourself, the place where the backend meets the frontend. New Iot - internet of toilets. Smart toilet system – sound recording playback, challenges. Waste check, water consumption analysis. Gamification.
  7. Catlip – mobile hologram that creates a moth that the cat can play with. 3D object, what the cat will want to play with.
  8. Just Fucking Do It – calling you until the thing gets done. Mobile interfaces for a todo app. Automated voice communications to motivate you - the app will literally call you, not just send notifications. 
  9. Beatboxers – every time you hit the sensor, it will send a signal to the phone, so you will hear the drum sound.
  10. AutoEMT - Platform where you can buy or sell cars worldwide. Solving the design problem is user friendlier than others. Similar to Tinder, where you like or dislike cars. All cars you have liked, will be automatically saved.
  11. Sales CRM, talk to the beer?
  12. You’re welcome – image detection, insult/compliment generators. Take a picture with your device and the thing on the background sends it to several API-s and it generates insults/compliments or something in between.
  13. Rusikas 24 – Bodyguard on demand.
  14. Beerstand

Other ideas that could try their luck next time:
  • Silent Dating app  – Date like a local. Steal like it’s 1991, from Tinder. 84% of Estonians incapable of having conversations. We need to fix this. Tinder clone, no conversation. At all. Physical contact discouraged. Selling the meme not the product. 
  • There’s a nap for that - Taking a nap during the day boosts productivity. Market size 7 billion. Give tips what the best places, times how long the nap should be. You can even Toggl your naps. 
  • Slack + shopping - For lazy people for who shopping is too much of an effort. Missing sth going to slack, writing orange juice, what shop has what kind. During the week you add them and then purchase all of the stuff together.
  • Harvest moon – game. Recreating harvest moon. 
  • Idiot-os - a wp plugin for idiots. Platform where normal people can meet idiots. 
  • Douchebag - Using too much smartphones, changing that. Putting your phone away, taking it. Posting embarrassing about you on facebook, third time sending sth bad to someone. If you don’t put it away. If you are on your phone too much, the phone does sth bad. 
  • Õllele? – push notification with a funny sound inviting you to a funny beer. Instead of checking you in to a place, checks in to a brew you are drinking. location deals, where the best beers are, achievements, badges. Beer diary.
  • Spam a spammer –platform where you can report spammers and then spamming them back. Spam them forever
  • Modern man start-up man – glorifying start up life. George carlin’s monologue. Combine start up life with stand up. 
  • Time of death – an app that gives feedback about the ultimate deadline – your death. that how much you are wasting of your life/ procrastinating. Gives assignments or you give yourself an assignment. If you finish the assignment you get an extra week, if you don’t you lose one week.
  • Wanna tweak me – wasting a lot of time on the internet – building a robot that monitors where we go on internet, how much time we spend there, what do we do. Robot pops up and says something.
  • Valdo – finds the best events close and around you, displays the nicest clubs in the neighbourhood, chat with checked in people attending the same party.
  • Chicken grow – buy a box, heat over 20 degree celcius, watch the egg hatch, watching a chicken grow basically.
  • Most wanted - new way to meet busy professionals online. Post your activity ads and you can choose the best one.
  • CUTT – diy toolkit for plastic surgeries. App for simulating. 
  • Taxer – taxi app that combines taxify, uber etc all taxi apps.
  • Fuck you – anti dating app. When you want to have a fight. Who is nearby to fight with. Video call and have a fight there.
  • Shit stirrer – put in friend’s name. Random logarithm. Vicious rumor about your friends and puts it on social media
  • Are you dead yet? sends friends a message are you dead yet if you haven’t heard about them for a long time. 
  • Lose it on purpose - Forgetting things somewhere. Chip on a bag or whatever, Mobile device notifies you when you go too far. 
  • No-do app – list all the things you don’t want to do, When you check one thing off, “Show me active/all no do items”
  • Poop meister – foursquare for pooping.
  • Tinder for dogs
  • E-residency for pets
  • Job portal for pets in startups - If your office needs a pet.
  • Knock out game 2.0. - choose a random guy on the street and knock him out. Checking in with the knocked out person’s phone to notify that you have knocked someone out.
  • There’s a fap for that
  • waffle app - best waffles
  • PMS - an app that keeps your face but replaces every thing else in your surrounding.  
  • Bullshitometer - create a device that resembles a traffic ight standing on the meeting table. Noticing when a person looks at it. Level of boringness in the meeting. When more than one person looks at it, then it start’s beeping. 
  • Alarm clock – phone on speaker select random numbers on your contact list and start calling them.
Stay tuned for what will happen in the next 48 hours...

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