Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013 winner is Theatre Jockey

Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013 was all about building music and entertainment products. From 28 ideas pitched on Friday, 11 managed to create a team and start product development. After careful consideration on Sunday, the jury picked Theatre Jockey as the winner and Cinema On-demand as runner-up. Favourite of the Audience was DrawMusic and Colto Ladder Race got the Microsoft Special Prize.




Theatre Jockey is the ideal song and sound effect automation app for all live theatre-, dance and other performance projects. This is an app for ipad. It will be an app for all live performances, helping with sound effect and song automation. This will be the most user friendly app for song, sound effect automation and will be used around the world for both professional and amature users alike.  
Team: Peeter Rebane, Norman Niklus, Joonas-Tanel Kessel, Martin Veeris, Rasmus Rattas, Tarmo Protsin, Heikki Visnapuu, Meelis Ojasild, Erik Müürsepp, Karl Koost, Raimo Kaarlaid.  Find them on Facebook! 

Cinema on-demand 


On-demand cinema is a crowdfunded solution which allows people to see great older movies again and cinemas don't have to worry about about the possibility of losing money when screening these movies. It works by pre-selling the tickets and if enough people have bought the ticket, then and only then the movie will be screened.  
Team: Margus Pala, Mikk Rand, Elari Roop, Priidik Pung, Raul Liinev, Sander Paas, Kristjan Järvan, Holger Mets.  
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Favourite of the audience!

DrawMusic connects drawing with music. From now on drawing has a sound. It's a rewarding way for children to learn drawing, numbers and create the music as a result. Meant for young children but entertaining for anyone who's into creating on multiple levels.  
Team: Cristo Pajust, Christopher Helbig, Tanel Tähepõld, Rain Juhkam, Mikk Laos, Arno Arr, Indrek Velthut, Fabio Pescante, Tõnis Tiigi.  
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Colto Ladder Race 
Microsoft Special Prize

We doing words and music learning game for children (age < 9). Special for Windows devices, also try port to Android (XNA game making platform).  
Team: Catriona Wallis, Lauri Mattus, Priit Mattus, Karl Almet, Jaagup Kippar

MIT Global Startup Workshop Elevator Pitch


Theatre Jockey


Tallinn Music Week 2013 Pitch


Tuning Fork

Theatre Jockey





SongBuddy is a Windows 8 app where you can look up your favourite song lyrics, sing along, record yourself and share with friends.  
Team: Erki Luik, Katrina Mäeorg, Rasmus Kuusmann, Martin Verrev, Kirill Sorudeykin.  
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Tuning Fork for Windows Phone

It is simply a tuning fork in a phone. The beauty of the product is that now you will always carry your tuning fork with you; on a training session, on a performance, even on a spontaneous jam session. And what would be more entertaining for your audience than taking up a phone when they expected to see a tuning fork! Keep it handy, get inspired, and entertain your audience.  Imagine any legendary instrument; a Steinway & Sons, a Stradivarius or a Fender Telecaster. This is The Steinway / Stradivarius / Tele of tuning fork apps.  
Team: Petri Martinmäki, Markus Mettälä, Tuomo Vierros, Eugen Azcoaga, Veli-Johan Veromann.  
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Let It Start

LetItStart is an online entrepreneurial hub where you can pitch or search for ideas, form teams and launch start-ups. It’s tied to LinkedIn, so there is no need for long registration. It’s fancy and easy to use. It connects startup-minded people regardless of location, origin, and age. LetItStart operates 24/7.  
Team: Maryna, Giulio, Janer, Ervin, Ruta, Yauhen.  
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A dynamic platform for localised fun and educational games for pre-school kids. Kids can sing, read, calculate and watch videos together with a local cartoon hero. The idea is validated in Estonia with Jänku Jussi on Windows 8.  
Team: Diana Poudel, Kairo Koik, Madis Peep, Fred Moritz, Kaspar Korjus.  
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Tunefy is a portal for musicians who want to upload their music to the biggest music stores on Earth - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others. The principle is simple: upload once and it will be published on each and every musicstore you want. Via Tunefy it's simple and transparent - owner of rights knows exactly, what and how much is listened and how much do' it made. Tunefy is foremostly to Estonian musicians but the higher aim is Baltics and Russian music market. Think about what impact it would have on the world if all Estonian music - both present and whole archive would be streamable or downloadable from the internet and what riches it would bring to our yard!  
Team: Stig Rästa, Heiti Kender, Hans-Erik Põldoja, Juha Kovanen, Martin Karu, Hans-Jürgen Pokmann. 
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We will create a tool to connect the artist/promoter with the media. The primary goal is to give the artist, manager or event promoter an aggregated, systematical environment to handle their artist/event information. On the other hand clients (media agencies) will have instant access and an organized system to all the materials needed to create exclusive and fresh content for their media channel.  
Team: Natalie Mets, Jaan Kruusma, Hendrik Heinsoo, Henrik Ehte, Sten Aus, Gert Gutmann.  
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Soundport is a tool to create and edit playlists remotely. It's a user friendly web/android based platform. Just PLUG your device to a soundsystem & PLAY using simple android app. Add songs, create playlists and vote, while having the best user experience possible. Remember every vote counts.  
Team: Linas Kazlauskas, Vytautas Donatas Banionis, Mantas Ališauskas, Rokas Švedarauskas.   
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Dan Kantor

Heidy Purga
Ragnar Sass 
Lucas Hrabovsky
Viktor Tsykunov
Elise Sass
Ivar Siimar
Andres Sirel 
Helen Sildna


Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013 event is organized by Garage48 Foundation and Technopolis Ülemiste in co-operation with Tallinn Music Week.        

Premium Sponsors

  • Microsoft Corporation is a tech giant with it’s network all over the world and has special programs for startups and developers. 

    Microsoft® BizSpark®  is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure and many other useful tools for startups. 



  • Technopolis Ülemiste
  • EAS Enterprise Estonia
  • Tallinn City Council
  • FluidUI 
  • Edicy - simple online website creator, everyone can create a website in 3 minutes!
  • Seedcamp - European most respected startup acceleration and mentoring program Seedcamp started a cooperation with Garage48. Garage48 can send one team from each event straight to Seedcamp.         

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