Garage48 Vitebsk 2014 projects in progress

It's the 2nd day of Garage48 Vitebsk 2014 week-end event and teams are intensively working on their projects. Mentors are just in the middle of their mentoring rounds giving advice mainly on business and marketing side. Technical talent in teams here in Belarus is just perfect!

Projects currently in progress: 

FurBall Domination Le wild Random Monsters have suddenly appeared! Take control of your Furball Hero and defeat the enemies on your way to the total Furball Domination. The game will be available for the Android platform, with future releases on Windows 8.1 and desktops. 
Team: Nauris Abolins (Lead Development, Game Design, AI, Animation), Kaspars Ruva (Game Design, 2D Art, Programming), Aivis Linde (Graphics), Julia Tolochkova (Character Design, Concept Art), Oskars.Gavrisevs (Marketing, Social Media), Martin Boze (Team Lead, Content) @Furballdom FB 
Grow your own  Simple web and mobile app for following regularity of your activities. The app based on Pomodoro technique. It's possible to create your task list, track time manually or automatically from mobile or desktop app, view regulatity graphics, leave reviews to yourself 
Team: Pavel Birukov (frontend, lead), Artsiom Miklushou (backend), Pavel Seleznev (frontend, backend), Konstantin Salak (iOS developer), Andrey Safonov (WinPhone dev)

The idea is to motivate codedevelopers to achieve more at work and to compete with other developers for fun.  Team: Alexey Alexeev (front-end, team-lead), Helen Volkova (designer), Petr Shypila (software engineer), Yuri Gaichuk (back-end developer), Kate Nechaeva (developer), Egor Komissarov (back-end developer), Vlad Batushkov (developer), Triin Liiv (marketer) 
Split Metrics  SaaS that will help to find out the most efficient way to sell a Mobile App. We offer an A/B testing of an App's Icon, Price, Description, Screenshots etc. in almost real conditions of an App Store.
Team: Eugene Nevgen (designer), Max Kamenkov (back-end developer), Sergey Loysha (front-end developer), Kate Morrison (marketing)  @splitmetrics 

Proghunt We are creating service for headhunting IT specialists.
Team: Sergey Avlasko (team-lead, manager), Blinkov Anton (designer), Maximovich Alexandr (backend developer), Nazarchuk Dmitriy (frontend developer), Ogonyan Yuriy (frontend developer), Ronalds Sovas (backend developer)

DonateIT’s mission is to reach as many new and existing blood donors as possible. For this we are building an app that links together the donors and the donation centres allowing to notify the user when their blood type is needed and give them relevant information to make the process more convenient. DonateIT is also a community that links donors around the world and helps them to share our mission in their own circles. 
Team: Vitali Pavlov (CEO), Renna Reemet (CTO), Kai Isand (Marketing), Raido Aasoja (Marketing), Marko Kolks (Marketing), Raigo Lilleberg (Design), Kaspar Kaur (Design) FB

AchieveThis! Create your achievements, beat your friends, share your records, and have fun in this social game team 
Team: Nikita Kraev (Mobile developer, team lead), Alexey Korotkevich (Front-end developer), Vitalik Sadovski (Back-end developer) 
World of Mechanics Online constructor game 
Team:  Dmitry Fedorov (PM), Stan Pastukhov (front-end developer), Yura Korolyuk (back-end developer), Mikhail Tulyankin (marketing), Aleksandr (design)

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