Garage48 Wood launched with great 36 wooden ideas

This weekend Garage48, together with ca 100 participants from Estonia and Latvia, is exploring the magical world of wood as for the first time the Garage48 Wood hackathon is happening in Väimela Technology House in Võru county, Estonia. The event is organised by Garage48, TSENTER Centre of Competence for Wood Processing & Furniture Manufacturing and Vidzeme Planning Region, as the opening event of the Wood & Furniture project in the Interreg Estonia-Latvia Programme.

Designers  architects, wood technologists, constructors, tislers & carpenters, engineers, project managers, marketeers and wood industry practicioners from students to working specialists have taken on the 48-hour prototyping journey in order to innovate the wood industry and build physical objects from wood. 

The first-time event saw an amazing number of 36 wood project ideas pitched, ranging from toys for fun & redesigned wooden products to smart furniture and universal wooden structures' joints. Exactly half of the ideas gathered team members with necessary skills to build physical prototypes by Sunday evening and were approved for the hackathon. Get acquainted with what the participants are working on:

1. Voting Boothlet’s make voting booths modern, easy to use and set up and multifunctional.

2. Tree-house KIT - a tree-house-building construction game for children to build an actual tree-house outdoors.

3. WOSV Wooden Open Source VehicleWooden version of the open source vehicle. Plan for the weekend is to build a wooden frame during the weekend.

4. Sun Bed - there aren’t too many nice sunbathing chairs and this product will change that - it is a wooden sunbathing lounger that has a really nice design.

5. Playcart - a wooden version of the shopping cart that is also a children’s car, with drastically improved user experience. Happy child = happy parent!

6. CleatWallsmart furniture made from French cleat wall concept that brings an element from woodworking shops to living rooms.

7. Hobbitdynamic bed for kids that is affordable, green, easy to use, modular and compact.

8. Dynamic Structures - wooden x-capsule or one flexible joint that can accommodate different needs for structure elements.

9. Multiplayer Marble Gameredesign of an existing marble and plywood ball game.

10. Origami Furniturelet’s imagine a piece of plywood, that we can fold into a chair. Plan for 48 hours is to build the concept and if it works, make it open source.

11. Handheld Office - a special laptop and equipment case for designers that unfolds quickly and has spaces for designer tools to carry around and open easily.

12. BINreinvented wooden garbage container that is more appropriate for urban space.

13. Mirrorwooden make-up mirror for girls with bright lights and pockets for make-up tools.

14. Foldable Boata foldable fishing boat made out of wood with folding-unfolding time of 1 min, weight of 10kg and capacity of 100kg.

15. Adjustable Table handcrafted working table with adjustable height and a visible moving mechanism, e.g. captain wheel that rolls around when the table height is being adjusted.

  16. Dog Stationsmart furniture for dogs, that        houses the dog’s food, drinks, toys and         accessories. 

  17. Log Seatlog benches made of the short pieces   of logs that remain from log processing.

 18. Bicycle Basket a wooden basket for carrying  groceries with the bike, inside the house and store.

And all the other wooden ideas.

1. Architectural wooden constructor for kids

2. Fence panel filled with reeds

3. Playhouse - a playhouse made of standardized elements that can be disassembled, rebuilt, resized, design & function changed. Hands on flexible playing experience to encourage creativity, teach kids moderator skills and problem solving.

4. Pyramid MIX - wood is something more than for using only practically. Let’s create art – watch it, smell it & transform it.

5. Shelf-Cars shelf as a little parking house for toy cars including parking slots and driving roads. Less accidents, happy parents & happy children.

6. 4-piece bench - easy-to-assemble and dismantle bench for short-term use, that you can fold together and put away, e.g. under the bed.

7. Foldable airplane - in model airplane size, adjustable to make different wings.

8. 3D Plywood Butterflya design element from plywood in the shape of a butterfly that can be used as a lamp holder and room décor.

9. Interior design element of used wood - a way how to use old wood from houses or sheds as an interior design element.

10. Auditorium chair - make sitting comfortable in a lecture with a chair that adjusts to your most special comfortable position and which you can fold up and take with you.

11. Modular banner - smart advertising/event banner that is reusable, enables to changemodules according to the event and can be printed on in 4 sides.

12. Aluminium thermoset plastic compression mold for fabric cotton waste

13. Modular furniture - smart furniture (like Lego) made of 6 pieces that can be assembled in various ways for different use cases.

14. Wooden Wish Book - a wooden wish book for a beauty salong where wooden wish cards are in the shape of an eye.

15. KINETIC - a constructor toy made of plywood, that sticks together with magnetic pieces  - let’s play.

16. Room in a room - pop-up bedroom from a big desk in the daytime that secure your sleep with popping up sound proof walls.

17.  Spherical string instrument

Good luck, lots of creativity and energy to work hard to all the teams!

About the author

kadri tiisvelt

Kadri is the COO of Garage48 with years of experience as a hackathon organizer and community builder. She loves to create and bring together supportive environments for starting entrepreneurs who wish to make their ideas into valuable services and products. 🌸

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