Hurry! Seats are getting filled up at Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon

Recent turbulent years have placed many companies and industries in a situation to rethink their operating and social models.  Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon, with an emphasis on smart health solutions is a way to help the European companies to recover from the crisis and at the same time also create new business opportunities for the future. 

To achieve this, we have invited various European companies, organisations, and top-level mentors active in the smart health sector, to find innovative solutions and tools helping European companies to reshape their business models, products, and processes.

“This hackathon is a practical way of trying to boost the competitiveness of small and bigger businesses in Europe and modernise the value chains that will serve our societies.” – said Maive Rute, the Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission.


Who are we looking for to join?

We are welcoming all visionaries, developers, designers, data scientists, marketing specialists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to join as individuals or participate with ready-made teams. Let's hack together smart health solutions to help Europe recover from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and faster.

What we will hack about?  

This hackathon aims to find creative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in smart health

  1.  Safe workplace of the future: How to design a modern and safe workplace of the future?
  2. Data-driven insights for health: How to infer patterns and insights using automated big data analysis?
  3. Improvements for medical manufacturing: How to improve functionality, quality, efficiency, safety, and affordability of medical products?
  4. Public space safety for customers: How to allow offline businesses to provide services to customers safely?
  5. Medicine Demand Forecasting: How to accurately predict the demand for medical goods?
  6. Safe use of medical data: How to protect medical data from intended or unintended disclosure?
  7. Smart mental health solutions for employees: How to predict, prevent, diagnose and address mental health threats more efficiently?
  8. Solutions for teambuilding: How to reinforce employee social interaction in the remote work era?
  9. Threat tracing: How could industry player survey the emergence and translocation of health threats to prepare beforehand?
  10. Food consumption awareness: How to inform consumers about the benefits of the food they consume?


What´s the timeframe?

25 February 2021 - Official launch: apply to take part in the Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon!

23 April 2021- 7 May 2021- Meet and greet pre-events to meet the challenge owners and get to know the challenges

23 April 2021- 24 May 2021-Think of a problem. Think of a solution. Submit your idea

24 May 2021- Deadline to submit your idea

28 May 2021 - Pre-event for matchmaking and team formation. Put together a team!

9 June 2021- Announcement of the top teams that will participate in the hackathon.

11 June 2021- Get Ready! Pre-event to define your plan of action for the hackathon

18 - 20 June 2021- Data 4 Health Recovery Hackathon

Apply  HERE!

More detailed information about the hackathon is available on the hackathon website 

See you at the hackathon!


This project is undertaken on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the Executive Agency for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) by Civitta and Garage48.





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