Pure passion for gaming was the real winner at Garage48 GameHack Minsk 2017!

The past weekend gathered a motivated punch of game developers, game designers, artists, marketers and visionaries to Eventspace Minsk to hack games in 48 hours. With the well appreciated support from our main partner Estonian Development Cooperation, we had the chance to bring the hackathon on games and gaming to Belarus. We were also super glad to have great support from the local gaming industry - Gameloft, Wargaming, Gismart, Vizor Games - who helped with mentors and prizes and our very own Belarusian Garage48 alumni team MSQRD who came to participate with mentors and supported the main prize to send the winning teams to Estonia to the international gaming conference Game Dev Days 2017.

The mentor team consisted of specialists from local and international gaming industry: Andri Allas (MängudeÖÖ, Level1.ee), Mart Virkus (Toggl, Arcade Rage), Fred Moritz (Imagine AD), Jaanus Sakkis (Feks Design), Amid Moradganjeh (Velvet Design, Estonian Academy of Arts), Jose “Pepi” Prieto (Samasama Studios), Oleg Tsurikov (Limestone Games), Aleksei Nehoroshkin (Limestone Games), Andrew Yanchurevich (MSQRD), Dmitrii Dorni (MSQRD), Christopher Hamilton (Rovio), Anton Sitnikov (Wargaming.net), Ivan Baryshnikov (Wargaming.net), Constantine Ramenskii (Gameloft), Kristina Zavarykina (Gameloft), Kirill Govzich (Gameloft), Vladimir Yatsukevich (Vizor Games), Peeter Tamla (Levira). 

With this impressive bunch of mentors 23 teams were intensely working on their idea over the 48 hour period. Ready to take on the challenge 22 of them made it to the finals and delivered a stellar demo by Sunday night. The tough decision by the jury had to be made and the following teams were awarded:

Kingdom X
Prize: MSQRD and IGDA Estonia are sending the team to Estonia for the international game dev conference Game Dev Days + MängudeÖÖ is having the team to present their game at their game night

Gather your army, catch the princess and don't die! Turn-based "capture the flag" game with the elements of CCG.

Prize: Nintendo Switch from Vizor Games

So many people, so little ammo!
The one and only shooter tries to hunt their enemies (and friends). And they can't even hide! Or can they?! 

Twisted Nipples 
Prize: Steam gift cards from Gismart 

Crazy mobile fighting, which you need twisted nipples and get fun! Thumbs up!!!

SPECIAL PRIZE: Best Progress
Prize: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis book + 20 bonus codes for World of Tanks + meeting at Wargaming office

Gonec is a banal time killer in which you control the messenger (the person who delivers the letters). He must share very important information as far as possible. This is very important and you must help him to survive in this harsh and cruel world. The game will help you to pass the time while you get somewhere in public transport or just stand in queue. Also, if you are a sleepy person, this game will help you not to sleep at the wrong time.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Best Progress
Eternal Leakage
Prize: Steam cards from Gameloft 

“Eternal Leakage” -- the adventures of brutal hero through the time to stop the leakage.

Prize: 6 months of free hosting from Levira and 5 free tickets to MängudeÖÖ to present their game

What happens when the two worlds of Tetris and Snake collide? Will it be a nightmare or a life changing experience? Find out!

Lose Yourself 
Prize: a magical liquid from Estonia 
Multiplayer music fighting game for music fans. They play our game by choosing their favourite musicians and fight them against each other. While they fight their musics are played. Whoever wins his or her music will volume up, so the winners will listen to their favourite music.

A big shout-out goes out to all the participants who took part in this weekend. As it was said to finish the event: You are all winners! Here are all the projects who worked hard for 48 hours and got up on stage to deliver their final demo: 


Moortir is a simple tactical game with minimalistic design, in a world that is made up from blocks.


"Snow White" and the Blaster dwarves: dwarves go on quest to rescue "Snow white" from The evil P.I.M.P.

Turn Left!
No brakes! No control! Only turn left!

Reaction game where your reaction is the key to defeat evil octopuses that stand in you way of becoming rich.

Bull Milkman

Mobile game where Bull drives Milk truck and we need to protect bull from cats everywhere.

Wildwest Sport (Drink, Shoot, Run)

Wild West runner with complex gameplay.


Transformational psychological online game.


Game to introduce Minsk using a simple map game with augmented reality 3D models. Collect them all, and get informed!

Eat or Be Meat

This is a 2D arcade project, where you are an angry ball, located on square-sliced surface. But, do not relax: There are the same angry balls all around you! Moreover each of you wants to eat everyone else, but not have been eaten. Real time game; Each ball enraged so that he can move only on direction he is looking at. Barely one button has an opportunity to command it. Make everything rapidly, finish with everyone else and stay alive!

Space Unicorns (Lightrise)

2D platformer with elements of hacking, represented by solving logical games.

Nero Dog

Tamagochi in 3D with AR.

Holy place is not empty

Create you own religion and lead it to the world-wide domination.

Outback Defender

Mini-game "Hack the computer" for the our bigger post-apocalyptic game. It will be launched between come missions to make our gameplay more interesting, to let player rest a little bit from our intense core game. Also it will be quite fun separately from main game just as simple brain-relax game.

Deep Sinking

2 player couch co-op controlling one submarine. Goal is to get deeper and beat your opposing teams score.


Also a massive thank you to our local partner Eventspace Minsk for being an amazing host. Also our amazing team - Daria from Eventspace and Dagmar, Merilin & Kai from Garage48 - they deserve a medal for handling every situation, challenge and problem that came up like it was nothing. Hurrray for awesome teamwork! 

Another big thank you goes to our sponsors and partners who are helping us make the magic happen: 

This event is organized by Garage48 with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid

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