LAST CHANCE to join us at #data4EUrecovery hackathon and win a ticket to the acceleration programme

Great ideas are being continuously submitted, team formation is undergoing in parallel and in two weeks time the teams will be announced, who will participate in the main event on the 18th - 20th June. But there is still time to apply and to be the chosen ones.

Register HERE till 7.06 11 am!

We are happy that 13 European companies, organisations, and top-level mentors active in the smart health sector, have joined the #data4EUrecovery hackathon and they will support the teams with their experts, data, network and help the teams to build their ideas into prototypes.

✨And that's not it! We have more fantastic news to share - the winning team will get a chance to participate in an intensive 3-month long acceleration programme, full of interesting workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions with the industry experts and technical mentors, to develop the initial prototype into a working product or service.

Check out these 10 smart health challenges, partners and support behind them:

1. Estonian Biobank - a challenge of "Personalised predictive medicine"

Support: Estonian Biobank will provide the data to create tools to extract insights and provide the experience and know-how on how to use the data. A mock dataset will be constructed based on the real Estonian Biobank repository with more than 200,000 consented participants with existing genetic profiles and electronic health records for at least 15 years.

Post-hackathon help: the winner will receive Estonian Biobank’s mentorship and support in the further development of the prototype along with the continuous access to data and a chance to enter Estonian Biobank’s acceleration programme free of charge.

2. MyVitale - a challenge of "Data Extraction and centralisation for better decision making"

Support: The challenge partner’s experts will provide hands-on guidance in the business and the technical aspects of the solution development. MyVitale will also provide the teams with the insight of the prospective future client and a direct beneficiary of the solution.

Post-hackathon help: mentoring will continue after the hackathon, and there’s a chance for the solution to be developed and piloted together with the challenge partner.

3. Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and Minddistrict - a challenge of "Smart mental health solutions for employees"

Support: Janssen can provide expert advice based on their significant experience in dealing with depression and will provide data for depression prevalence originating from Estonia can be transformed into a mock dataset for the participants. Minddistrict will provide expert advice on mental health issues (anxiety, burnout, and other work-related issues and insights into how eHealth is used to trigger behavioural change and empower people to master their own well-being in self-help or blended care setup. Minddistrict will provide data on how customers use their e-health application and how they drop out of using it.

Post-hackathon help: The challenge partners will support the winning teams with follow-up mentorship to help them develop and pilot their solution.

4. Spaceti - a challenge of "Safe workplace for the future"

Support: Spaceti will provide API to use their workplace environmental data and mentoring for the participating teams.

Post-hackathon help: Spaceti will provide continuous mentoring to the winning team of the challenge for 3 consecutive months and a possibility to pilot the solution at a real-life venue. Spaceti may also assist in finding investment opportunities or other required resources.

5. Roche - a challenge of "Real-time health monitoring and remote care"

Support: Roche will provide expert help to the teams who are working on this challenge.

Post-hackathon help: Roche will continue mentoring the teams to help them develop their solutions further. Roche may also consider assisting the teams in piloting the solution.

6. EuropaBio - a challenge of "Medical products development and manufacturing streamlining"

Support: EuropaBio will guide participants in the right direction by providing insights into the market players' needs relevant to the challenge and share its general market expertise.

Post-hackathon help: EuropaBio will provide experts to help the teams to develop their solutions further. Best teams will also get access to its vast network for valuable partnerships.

7. Certific and Bolt - a challenge of "Public space safety for customers"

Support: Challenge partners will mentor the teams, set the focus in solving the problem and provide insights from their perspectives as companies aiming to develop public space safety.
Post-hackathon help: Challenge partners will support the winning team in further developing and launching their solution via mentoring and expertise sharing. Certific may also introduce the team to the network of people working in COVID-19 field (technologists, doctors, researchers in the world’s leading universities, etc.).

8. Digital Pharma Lab - a challenge of "Safe use of medical data"

Support: The challenge partner will help teams define the problem from the stakeholder perspective and mentor them during the solution development.
Post-hackathon help: The challenge partner will continue mentoring the winning team and facilitate access to its network.

9. Psious - a challenge of "Well-being in the remote work era" 

Support: Psious will share their market knowledge and expertise in the business development of digital solutions for mental health through mentoring.
Post-hackathon help: Psious is interested in continuous collaboration and mentoring of the winning team and considers providing assistance in piloting the solution.

10. UBT and The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) - a challenge of "Food consumption awareness" by 

Support: UBT will provide its know-how and expertise with data science, healthcare, information systems and others, as well as share current progress on the development of the solution regarding the smart food production chain.
Post-hackathon help: The challenge partner will provide continuous mentorship and assist with the implementation of the solution. UBT can also provide access to its development tools, libraries and labs.

We hope to have gained your interest regarding Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon and the 10 smart health challenges it brings on board. You can read more about the details of all 10 challenges HERE.

You can join us till 7.06 at 11:00am at the latest by submitting your idea and a team.

 See you at the Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon on 18th-20th of June!

EISMEA, Garage48, CIVITTA, Bolt, Estonian Biobank, Certific, UBT, ENoLL, Digital Pharma Lab, EuropaBio, Roche, Spaceti, Roche, MyVitale, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and Minddistrict

The project is undertaken on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the Executive Agency for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (EISMEA) by Civitta and Garage48.



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