Meelis Luks - The Estonian Stephen Hawking?

Garage48 Enable Tallinn 2014 is happening on the 28-30th of November at the TTÜ Tudengimaja. This hackathon is a little bit more special as we are going to change the society with innovation and the magic of technology! Garage48 Enable has brought us together with so many amazing people already, that it seems that they are inspiring us, not vice versa. One of sunniest and bravest persons I've ever come across is Meelis Luks aka Mella, or let's say - the Estonian Stephen Hawking? We would like to now introduce him to you. 

What is your idea for Garage48 Enable? 
I would like to propose an idea that would directly help me and of course other Estonians with speech-disabilities. Namely, there are non text-to-speech synthesis in Estonian available on the Android and iOS platform. The given app would compensate the biggest disability of mine - the disability not being able to speak.  
You are very fond of computers and programming. What IT-related projects are you working on currently? 
To be honest, I haven't tied myself with any projects. I am mostly working with the web - PHP+MySQL  solutions. I am developing a web management platform for my own use. I do not have time to take part in bigger projects.   
You are an extremely prolific painter. How would you describe yourself as a painter? 
Art is my life and work. I paint using my toes and brush. This makes the way I do art special. As a remark I would like to say that I opened an exhibition at the Upper Secondary School for Adults, which will last until the 27th of January 2015.   
 Do you have any favourite painters or artists? 
am my own favourite artists :) Though I have some idols, for example Leonardo da Vinci, who was such a versatile person.  
Do you also belong to some clubs or communities? 
I am a passive member of the NGO Estonian Internet Community.  
You certainly know that Estonians are famous for their "whining". What would you say to these Estonians who are constantly dissatisfied? 
"Look at me - look at me :D". Well, yes the typical Estonian whines at every minor detail. I personally do not understand it and do not tolerate this sort of behaviour. There are way better things to do in life, than to whine.  
What computer programming languages would you like to learn in the future? 
It would be great to know lots of programming languages. But mostly, I'd like to develop something on iOS.  

Have you ever invented something?
Well, programming is also inventing and I've always loved to teach something fascinating to the computer. Once I started with the school computer's "Juku" and then I moved on to program games in Pascal.  
What people do you admire the most? 
I like honest people and people, who do not whine.  
What is your mission for the next year? 
My plan is to continue with my education and to continue practising IT.   
What are you expecting from the Garage48 Enable event? 
I personally hope that my idea will go into process, though perhaps nothing major won't be developed in 48-hours.   
Why should people participate in Garage48 Enable hackathon? 
Because Garage48 benefits Estonia as a country. The new Nokia or Skype could easily be developed at the Garage48 Enable. :)  

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