Meet the 15 Sleepless Teams of Garage48 Hardware & Arts Riga 2018

By the evening of the 2nd day of the Garage48 Hardware & Arts Riga 2018, the 15 ideas are starting to come to life. Not all the prototypes are working yet, but all the teams have built something. And as tomorrow they need to deliver working prototypes on the stage tomorrow evening, today's agenda probably will include lots of late-night teamwork and not much sleeping.

But the excitement is still high - working on such exciting ideas like talking chairs and power factories, art marketplaces and psychedelic experiences - how could you sleep like that?

Here are the 15 teams in their full glory:


A platform that brings new artists and art enthusiasts together

Team members: Arturs Snegovics – team lead; Rasmus Aarla – marketing; Mohamed Bouya Maalainine – marketing; Nora Biteniece – developer; Anita Alinina – developer; Michael Czar Anywar – developer; Annija Kamilla Vanaga – designer; Anima Vitruvian – marketing

Balance board
To connect mouse through raspberry pi in balance board with the game

Team members:   Mareks Zirdziņš – programmist; Jānis Bukovskis – UX designer; Marina Petrakova – UX designer; Agris Liepa – physiotherapist

Shower Dance
Make music with your body movements

Team members: Danielius Visockas – team lead; Simonas Gildutis – software; Arturas Jonkus – electronics; Matas Misiūnas – mechanics; Džiugas Meškauskas – software; Povilas Dadelo – software

Petting Throne
The Chair/Throne which helps you with relaxation, gives you compliments and pets you gently

Team members: Luka Tsulaia – idea guy, Management, helping software part; Mariam Nozadze – marketing, interaction designer; Mark Mets – marketing, interaction designer; Nika Kalandarishvili – electrical engineering, 3D design; Yangpeng Miao – electrical engineering; Ronalds Sovas – software engineer; Eriks Rasolovs – art design, audio design

The Reflection

An installation that represents how we see the world and ourselves in it. A person up-close to the installation has their face read by sensors and the box acts as a mirror by imitating the face. This is achieved by means of mechanical fittings pressing against the material cover and thus creating a silhouette imprint of the face 3 times the original size.

Team members: Maris – Mr. Boxer; Edgars – Mr. Reality Check; Ieva – Ms. Experiment; Dante – Mr. Serial Innovator; Alisa – Ms. Chief Gluer; Ivan – Mr. Still Waters Run Deep; Anete – Ms. Paperwork; Mehruba – Ms. Facelift; Alex – Mr. Almost Here; Liga – Ms. Absent


Many old people are healthy enough to live alone but we still want to be sure that they are ok. These days the pace of life doesn't allow us to visit them daily so we came up with an idea how to keep an eye on them. Our service is mainly targeted at local social service providers who have to provide care for many elderly people in their area. The idea is to provide monitoring service via a physical device that allows alone living person to notify that he or she
1) is okay (press a green button twice a day)
2) needs some assistance or
3) has a critical situation and needs help right now
we believe that with our service we bring safety to each home in a simple way

Team members:  Vladyslava Melnyk – product designer; Jānis Heniņš – electronics engineer; Liina-Mai Kaunissaare – UI/UX designer; Ismayil Aliyev – mobile or web apps developer; Charlie Yu – service programmer; Martin Laan – service programmer; Mathias Luik – bus developer; Rauno Piirsalu – business developer; Aljona Kurbatova – business developer; Roman Sereda – product designer

Sound Machine

An interactive musical instrument that explores original sounds from scrapped materials and can be played by anyone.

Team members: Kate, Joanna, JungEun, Julia – design of the instrument; Girts, Kristers, Sherif – electronics; Roberts, Ervin's, Gloria, Artūrs – mechanical engineering and musical instrument design; Lina – team lead, management

Clever Tupper
Food containers with digital weights that help you make better decisions when shopping for food

Team members: Janis Cimbulis – team lead, web developer; Baiba Lukasevica – product designer; Killu Kolsar – marketer; Magnus Otsa – mechanics engineer; Rolands Umbrovskis – server programmer; Matīss Vaivodiņš – electronics engineer; Nicole Turello – product designer; Beatrise Lasmane – product designer; Elena Fazio – art lover; Andris Lācis – server programmer

Interactive Mirror that produces Psychedelic Experience using Deep Dream neural networks

Team members: Krisjanis – team lead, interaction design; Kristaps – developer; Lauris – developer; Betul – developer

Tube Bending
Tube spiral bending controlling device

Team members: Arno Bermans – team lead, Liga Bermane – business, Dmitrij Voroncov


A set of puzzle cubes that provide fun problem-solving exercises for company events. Unlike stationary ‘escape rooms’ our products can be delivered to your office.

Team members:  Guntis Valters – team lead, electronics developer; Ivo Capins – marketer; Māris Bergs – product designer; Gustavs Kaupers – mechanical engineer; Mārtiņš Ciekurs – electronics developer; Pēteris Ciekurs – electronics engineer; Ulari Teder – business developer; Mihkel Arold – product engineer; Taavi Koppel – mechanical engineer

Damned Party
Most powerful, unusual and loudest speakers for Halloween Party.

Team members: Sam – EE; Dietrich – Mech; Alla – UX Designer; Anastasija – Designer; Arsenijs – EE


Machine for turning raw wool into sheets of material that can be used in gardening. A mechanical low-tech solution for small farms.

Team members: Timmu Tollimägi, Liisu Miller, Gleb Stenov, Anna Jõgi, Russel Geler – mechanical engineering and building; Kadi Pajupuu – idea, marketing

Digital AID

Portable Medical Box for the elderly citizens of Baltic Countries / People who are suffering with chronic diseases / long-term illness and treatment. It is linked with the app for Time management and synchronizes with timetable given by doctors prescriptions.

Team members: Faradh – business; Ankur – UI/UX designer; Sachin – designer; Maria – designer; Kris – web Development

Reverse Trick-or-treat

Instead of going out and trick or treating on Halloween, you can place ReverseTrickOrTreat machine outside your door. It lures other kids with candy towards the machine with friendly voice but when approached trick or treats them. If they do not feed the machine they are tricked with several of our non-lethal weapons like party popper combined with sticky syrup, siren combined with toilet paper gun and stroboscope and others. Everything while you enjoy watching TV at home and eating all the stolen candy without lifting a finger.

Team members: Jānis Zaharans – electronics engineer; Mikus Upmalis – mechanics engineer; Einārs Deksnis – electronics engineer; Jēkabs Krūziņš – electronics/mechanics engineer; Arsēnijs Pičugins – electronics engineer; Juris Ločmelis – designer

P.S. The competition for the "Favorite of the Audience" title has started – the one who gets the most likes for their team photo on Garage48 Facebook page, gets the prize. Time to go crazy!

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