First Garage48 hackathon in Odessa- First day!

Why U so rainy, Odessa?

It's the first time Garage48 is taking place in Odessa, and we love it! Except the rain. We really don't enjoy the rain that apparently decided to come down for this weekend only. But back to the point- as usually, hackathons in Ukraine are full of kick-ass engineers. Just imagine, over 50% of the participants were backend developers! Wow, right? This time 19 amazing ideas were pitched on the stage of the new and fabulous Terminal42. The entire room was packed with mind-blowing can-do attitude, you could feel it in the air. Though not all ideas were accepted, as it happens due to demand, they all deserve a huge applause and attention! The ideas that were lucky enough to be formed to teams are currently in full work-mode. Good luck to all 11 teams (the teams that made it are marked in bold)!

1) Happening – Discover what’s happening around you by video streaming system. You can be part of any event directly from your chair.

2) Homie – connects people with problems and experts via instant-messaging and video streaming services (Telegram, Slack, Messenger, etc. ). Homie integrates with modern chats using chat bots and chat API.

3) Hey Mom! - application for pregnant moms, that collects all documents and pictures related to the pregnancy.

4) Pixpie – SDK for developers to compress images for the clients on different resolutions.

5) Meetly - Business meetings in one click whenever wherever!

6) SmartCityCenter – apps that offers news and event notifications of the city´on your mobile app.

7) Phest – Mobile application to make quests with photo sharing.

8) Check my tickets – convenient way to getting from one place to another.

9) Flight search  –  search engine for all type of flight companies to find your perfect match for flight tickets. 

10) Mishenka – Russian version of Siri - personal voice reader for car drivers.

11) To do market – App where you can share your to-do-list and find people to help to finish the goals.

12) Gift Delivering – service for sending gifts (using people who are traveling from one place to another and can take packages with them).

13) Meet Me – Application for real life dates- meet people near to you in one click.

14) My Frame – Service for photographers to keep and share their photos.

15) Race Watch – Service for amateur (local) streaming of races/rallies

16) WineYarder – A tablet app that makes online models of growing trees. It later helps you to cut them and analyze their growth.

17) Roads – Service that provides information about the quality of roads.

18) SploitWare – Service that alerts about software vulnerability.

19) BookWorm  – Social book application, where you can share quotes and emotions about the books that you have read.



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