PromInnArt - the winner of the arts&culture hackathon in Yerevan brings Armenian contemporary art to your doorsteps!

The last weekend was super busy for Garage48 as our events took place in Oman and Yerevan at the same time. With the help of Estonian Development Cooperation, it was our first time in Yerevan. It also was the first time for us to hack arts and culture.
Throughout the weekend we kept on meeting the representatives of the local community who came over to greet us with an excitement. The challenging weekend culminated with positive emotions and making common future plans together with our very lovely local partners EIVA Arts Foundation and ISTC. We really hope that we managed to inspire and encourage the participants and see them soon together with many more.

When going to Armenia our wish was to give life to new ideas that help the local rich culture reach more audiences. The overall winner PromInnArt really nailed this ambition by creating a platform to connect Armenian contemporary artists with potential customers.  

Zhanna Harutyunyan, Project Manager: "This event was very inspirational for me as I could work with my dream.  On a daily basis, I work in a totally different field and art is my hobby. I'm very happy that I can now take ma hobby to a next level - we will for sure continue developing this project."

We had around 55 very passionate participants who pitched 14 ideas from which 6 found themselves a team. These 6 teams were supported by a dream-team of mentors who really introduced the concept of design-thinking together with very important tips and tricks on how to make your idea come true. We would like to make a deep bow to Maarika Truu, Helen Kokk, Vaiko Hansson, Albert Poghosyan, Mikk Meelak, Piruza Harutjunjan, Kaja Kruus, Ashot Arakelian, Ara Tarumyan, Aryan Behzadi and Karen Hambardzumyan. 

A special thank you goes out to our very diverse and strong jury - Alex Saroyan, Diana Hovhannisyan,  Ruben Malayan, Mikk Meelak, Ashot Arakelian, Kaja Kruus, Avetik Ghukasyan, Areg Gevorgyan.

Ruben Malayan: This was an amazing event and everyone did a great job in a very short period of time and the winner really deserves the prize for the effort they've put in. For me, as an artist, this idea is very helpful for promoting my work and I will definitely use their service once it comes commercially available. The runner-up was great too, I think they stumbled upon a great idea - they just don't know it yet."

Here is the final list of winners: 

Favourite of the Audience 
Cyber Mantis Studio
Prize: Special goodies from Armenia

Our product is a digital comic that creates and rethinks culture. We're incorporating elements of the Armenian epic with a futuristic cyberpunk setting, hoping to tell a touching story about the past, the present and the future.This story will be endearing both to Armenian people and to people of any ethnicity and background. Our project will make you feel, see and hear everything the main character will be going through.

Team:  Albert Hovakimyan, Eric Ghazarian, Liza Bayburatyan, Nina Baghdasaryan, Marta Martirosian, Robert Davtyan, Stepan Harutyunyan, Tigran Atayan 

Happiest presenter
Tamara Bezljudova from Hamegh
Prize: Goodies from Estonia

A cooking website including easy step by step guides and recipes for traditional foods from all around the world. What sets us apart from other cooking sites, are our visuals, exceptional design and directions to the recipes that are based on the experiences of our grandmas. We are creating an international platform for intercultural communication through quality traditional recipes. The only cooking web site you'll ever need! Go and cook your today's dinner with our grandma approved recipes and you'll never be able to tell the difference from your childhood dinner table!

Team: Tamara Bezljudova , Babken Vardanyan,  Andreas Yanikian, Nerses Gevorgyan, Mari Gasparyan 

Best Jury Engagers
Unicorn Armenia
Prize: Goodies from Estonia

We create a unique chatbot system about Armenian history, culture, monuments. And we hope that our chatbot system will contribute to the development of tourism in our country. It will make easier for tourists to discover Armenia and get necessary information in few seconds. We are going to keep the connection with our users and send them an attachment to get their feedback on customer service. 

David Gharibyan, Vahe Baghdasaryan, Varduhi Simonyan, Gayane Hovhannisyan, Sargis Petrosyan, Lilit Tarumyan, Ashot Tarumyan, Anush Ohanyan

Promising Young Talent
Marta Martirosian from Cyber Mantis Studio
Prize: Special goodies from Proekspert

Eiva Arts Foundation Spezial Prize

Prize: Mentoring and support to further develop the product

Prize: Special goodies from Proekspert

is an Android or IOS application that seeks to make children's music learning more interactive and fun

Team:  Grigor Gevorgyan , Arman Avetisyan, Mariam Stepanyan, Albert Amirbekyan

Prize: 2000€

PromInnArt is an online curator, connecting Armenian contemporary artists (painters, photographers, sculptors) with businessmen and companies interested in 1) modern art promotion and 2) environment creation to ensure extra income for artists. It will also create a social good by contributing to the increase of the society’s interest towards Armenian contemporary art and promoting Armenian contemporary artists, constantly engaging new, young emerging talents. One of the value-adds to this project is building a community by developing an environment for artists, art curators, art critics and art evaporators.

Team: Avetik Vardanyan, Mariam Khalatyan, Zhanna Harutyunyan, Narek Harutyunyan, Aram Muradyan, Davit Grigoryan, Aret Boztas-Tovmasian

And of course, once more we thank our sponsors and partners. We rely on their help to put on these awesome events.

See you at the next hacks!

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