Remodelling the tomorrow of Open Banking

Imagine a world where you can process all of your payments with a single tap on the screen, where you can tell your phone to give you detailed and understandable answers about spendings, savings and investment, and more efficient and simplified banking experience with augmented reality. This world is already here!

We partnered up with Luminor and Mooncascade to reinvent the way banking and financial technologies are today and make them more efficient and useful by finding the solutions that people actually need. As 2019 might as well be the year of Open Banking, it is important for banks to be confident and collaborative to push for the bright future. With these event series, we advocated the mutual relationship between banks and third-parties to generate an improved customer experience, new revenue streams, a sustainable service model for underserved markets, and dynamic services.

Idea Garage: Open Banking started on the 20th of May in Tallinn and for the next 2 consecutive days visited Riga and Vilnius, to combine the creative ecosystem of Baltic states for delivering and validating ideas, which could change the way of banking forever. We brought together the best mentors and the best participants to work in this elaborate workshop. During the series of events total of 47 inventive ideas were pitched and 17 of them will continue to work and bring value and efficiency to the industry.

Finally, after a continuous journey of 3 days in 3 different countries and 3 cities, we have boosted the evolution of open banking technologies and seeded a new generation of financial technologies, which will give the advantage to make banking more efficient for all of the stakeholders.

Congratulations to the WINNERS and RUNNER-UPS of the Open Banking Idea Garage events:

☆ Winner of Open Banking Tallinn ☆  
Cost Pocket - A platform which allows you to add your invoice straight to the accounting system and pay for it at the same time.

☆ Winner of Open Banking Riga ☆
Personal Business Wizard - A dashboard that helps you find answers to your questions about your spendings, savings and investments. Also predicts the future. All with a voice command. No app needed.

☆ Winner of Open Banking Vilnius ☆  
Augmented reality glasses that help bank employees to offer better customer experience in the banks. The glasses can identify you and have info about your history with the bank.

Runner-up Tallinn 
F*ck Invoices -
a platform/plugin which allows you to send an invoice to your client straight from your bank account.

Runner-up Riga
Internet platform where you insert your personal data and are able to get the best interest offer to buy a car. This platform brings together car dealerships, banks who offer interest and people who want to lease a car.

Runner-up Vilnius #1 

Skillder - an app that gives young women financial confidence by educating them about financial decision making.

Runner-up Vilnius  #2  

An aggregated platform that unifies banks, credit companies and small business owners in order to raise the percentage of getting loans.

Nevertheless, all of the ideas generated during the event will continue working, have the potential to make banking better for everyone and this is all thanks to our creative participants who did show what is possible!

Thank you to our most wonderful mentors, as bringing the change to the future of banking and delivering these successful events would not have been possible without you:

Jevgenijs Kazanins - Head of Daily Banking Products at Luminor, Priit Salumaa - Event Host, Co-Founder at Mooncascade and Garage48, Sven Meimer - Open Banking Product Manager at Luminor, Ele Reiljan - Head of Customer Offering at Luminor, Mart Tõevere - Head of Performance Management and PMO at Luminor, Peter Lunding - Chief Information Officer and Head of IT at Luminor, Rimgaile Antanaityte - Senior Compliance Officer and MLRO at Luminor, Justina Lobe - Senior Compliance Officer and AML Specialist at Luminor, Krista Koppel - Compliance Officer at Luminor, Marii Kõima - Senior Compliance Officer at Luminor, Inga Platace - Compliance Control Expert at Luminor, Aleksei Bljahhin - Head of Open Banking / PSD2 at IceFire, Sintija Dzalbe - Senior Compliance Officer at Luminor, Gerda Ozola - AML Specialist at Luminor, Evaldas Ruzgys - Head of Digital Channels at Luminor, Kerli Gabrilovica - Head of Retail Banking at Luminor, Kristiina Palu - Service Designer at Luminor, Hanna-Mari Kirs - Business Lead for European Markets at Mooncascade, Heili Strite - Head of Business Development at Mooncascade, Helena Veidenbaum - Head of Design at Mooncascade, Jaanus Sakkis - Design Mentor at Garage48, Martin Verrev - Tech Mentor at Garage48

The reconstruction of open banking technologies is powered by Luminor

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