Sleepless in Riga – Garage48 Hardware & Arts Riga 2018 has kicked off!

The 8th Garage48 Hardware & Arts hackathon has kicked off - and for the second time, we are in Riga! Today we met 120 participants from across all the Baltics and beyond, had 34 crazy ideas pitched and 15 teams formed to start developing physical prototypes over the sleepless weekend ahead.

The evening was moderated by Kai Isand and just as the first time in Riga, hosted by RTU Design Factory.  Although surprisingly many ideas were pitched, team formation went smoothly and freshly set teams started working on their prototypes.

Garage48 Hardware & Arts Riga 2018 has come into life thanks to co-operation with EstLat Accelerate project, financed by European Union European Regional Development Fund, European Regional Development Fund Interreg Estonia-Latvia.

Here are the 14 ideas that will be turned into reality during the weekend:
  • Shower dance – a gadget that makes sounds when you move (so you can play music when showering)
  • Talking chair – a chair that supports, cheers and peps you to make you happy again
  • Escape room in a box – creating beautiful mechanical and electronic puzzles
  • Sound machine – a machine that would output different sounds from nature and make music of it
  • ImOkay – a device with an app that lets you check if your grandparents are okay
  • Digital AID – use technology and create products to make senior-citizens’ life better 
  • Tube ban – find a solution how to automate pending tubes 
  • Reverse trick or treat – a box that reverse trick or treats people who trick or treat you 
  • The reflection – an installation that represents how we see the world and ourselves in it
  • NextVanGogh – a platform that brings new artists and art enthusiasts together and allows artists to make income while doing what they love
  • DreaMirror – interactive mirror that produces psychedelic experience using deep dream neural networks
  • TupperWise – food containers with digital weights that  help you make better decisions when shopping food
  • WOOLF – pedal power wool factory that uses unwashed wool to produce energy
  • Speakers Halloween – beautiful powerful portable speakers
  • Balance board – a balance board that moves by itself (useful for people who suffer the back pain)

And then there were some ideas that didn't make it this time:
  • Sensor My Music – get sensor data, normalize it, map to filter or effect to alter music
  • Sensor App that connects people and trains hearts to be more emphatic
  • RentBox – automated self-rent mobile solutions
  • Gear thingy a logic puzzle made of gears, threaded rod, nuts
  • Bicycle ring bell a bicycle bell that rings when you release the brake handle
  • App for smartphone addicts – a system that notifies smartphone-addicted people for dangers (when crossing the road for example)
  • Shaming system for dirty people – starts loud signal and show red lights on people who haven't washed hands after visiting toilet room
  • Lightning balls – tennis-size balls that you can throw and they will stick on most of the materials
  • Alcoscope a market platform for people to people alcohol sales
  • Physical smart map – an interactive map that shows you registry of places where you've been
  • Glasses that make people uglier – VR glasses to look at the people and see them as more ugly (useful for fighting with stage fright)
  • Wearable for artists – a device that lets artists share portfolios when they meet 
  • Advanced clips – clips that could be opened by just pressing the clip
  • Touch transfer – a device that gives you an opportunity to transfer touch through the internet
  • Directional ads – dynamic advertisements with an arrow that shows where to go
  • Medicine reminder – a device that reminds you to take your medicine and lets your doctor know about it
  • Skin problems detector – a device for detecting and identifying dermatological problems
  • Floating letters – making illuminated letters that float in the air
  • Bike lock – advanced but affordable bicycle locks with alarms

What's next? Lots of exciting things ahead - keep your eye on our blog, Facebook event and be ready for our live feed for final pitches on Garage48 Facebook page on Sunday at 5 PM!

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