Student Startup Camp gives the courage to succeed!

This is the 3rd year we organised the Student Startup Camp together with University of Tartu and again the week-long program produced amazing emotions and great determination from the teams to deliver 8 cool projects. We started with 80 students from universities all over Estonia, 25 ideas were pitched and initially 10 teams formed. During the week each team’s skillsets were challenged - to be successful you needed to hack time management, plan the design and development process, validate the market and set a clear action plan - the answer to cope with all of this was teamwork.

The co-founder of Garage48 and Weekdone, Jüri Kaljundi, stressed on the 1st day the importance of communication in the team, he gave advice to assign roles, set clear goals and make everyone feel important as a member. To reach these goals, altogether 15 mentors were giving talks and coaching the teams on different subjects. Krists Avots, long-time Garage48 mentor and Maret Kruve, front end developer at Testlio were doing most of the heavy lifting of the program with local entrepreneurs and investors coming in to give talks on topics from marketing to development. Special thanks to all the mentors who could commit their time: Triin Kask (Greenhouse), Joosep Raudsepp (EKKA), Kristaps Grinbergs (Qminder), Eva Tomašpolskaja (Transferwise), Martin Rand (Vitalfields), Rein Lemberpuu (Contriber, Garage48 HUB Tartu), Elise Sass (Microsoft), Jüri Kaljundi (Weekdone, Garage48), Priit Salumaa (Mooncascade, Garage48) and are awesome technical mentors team from Mooncascade - Siim, Aleksander and Anna.

Although the jury acknowledged the most potential ideas at the Sunday final, the result of the event is not supposed to be a punch of new companies. “Most of the teams will fail,” the main organiser Krists Avots shared the harsh truth, “but it is not our main intention to create startups but moreover to give students the experience to put what they've learnt straight into practice. Also we want to build a stronger network between students in different courses and give them an overview of the opportunities there are to actually make their idea happen.”

The jury to assess the teams consisted of Maret Kruve (Testlio), prof. Marlon Dumas (University of Tartu), Rain Rannu (Fortumo, Angel investor), Rein Lemberpuu (Contriber) and Marcin Borecki (Microsoft). Here are the results:

Winner: Need2Park

Need2Park is a parking management software that enables parking lot owners to cut out the middle man in the shape of the parking operator. The solution creates new creative ways to manage the parking lot, new entry methods and payment methods. It saves the parking lot owner up to 90 % of the expenses that are related with parking lot management.

Team: Kaspar Kikerpill - business management / project lead, Kert Pjatkin - head developer, Sixten Leemets - Android developer, Salman Lashkarara - Front End developer, Ankit Garg - Front End developer, Mihkel Loomus - designer, Emma Eensalu - designer.

Runner Up: HireYoung

HireYoung helps young people to start their careers. They find opportunities for them for their self development and provide personal assistance with the applications. Last, but not least, they provide internship opportunities.

Team: Andriy Bondarenko - CEO, Kostiantyn Turchak - COO, Umair Khawaja - CTO, Atoll Chandge - developer, Theodor Kaljo - manager of Estonian market, Asmar Hasan - Front End developer, Meya Stephen - Front End developer.

Microsoft Special Prize: JustSwap

Time flies when you have kids. They grow up so fast! Along with the joy that kids are bringing to families, they can also be tightening the families budgets with all the clothes, toys and accessories out there. JustSwap helps you to comfortably exchange children's clothes, toys and other belongings that your children have outgrown with other people while helping you to hold back from having to buy the next costly item for your kid!

Team: Andres Randmaa - business/market, Isaac Agaba - full stack developer, Kadi Kerner - project manager, Kolawole Gabriel - backend developer, Mesike Männik - design, Mobolarinwa Balogun - backend developer, Rainer Nutt - design, Rodrigo Garcia - consultant.

And all the other awesome ideas: 

YOMO app

Our project is an app that will make it easy for the customer to manage all daily expenses, with features like automatic updates after a credit card or a debit card is used, no matter which bank the customer uses, and an easy to use interface. YoMo – be the master of your money!

Team: Maryna Pashchynska - team leader / business, Mall Kullamaa - design, Karilin Tõnisoja - design, Halyna Oros - marketing, Mykola Herasymovych - business / programming, Mikuláš Muroň - programming, Niccolò Martino - lawyer.


Tindomondo is a social sports app, that helps you find new companions for your sports activities. By teaming up like-minded people, we create a vibrant sports community that helps its members to stay happy, healthy and motivated. Tindomondo is an app for people who already practice a sport or would like to try a new one. Our target groups are: - (exchange) students studying in a new city - temporary workers - new residents - locals who look to enlarge their sports network - people who travel often, but want to keep up their sports. Our early adopters are: - exchange students in Tartu and Tallinn - local sports communities, looking to find new members. Tindomondo connects people for rewarding sports experiences.

Team: Markus Kuslap - CEO, Arne Lapõnin - developer, Karli Oruste - developer, Kerwin Jorbina - developer, Kostya Popov - developer, Mark Laane - developer, Volodymir Leno - developer, Siim Parisoo - design, Otto Suits - design, Andrii Khymchuk - business dev & legal, Dagmar Urb - marketing.


We help you save money on groceries by comparing the price of your shopping list between different local supermarkets. The need comes from people wanting to save money on groceries, having the pain of remembering to make shopping lists, not being able to keep up with the prices in supermarkets and the ability to compare the prices. The product users are shoppers, the focus is on families with at least 2 children and the parents aged 26-46. The buyers are initially supermarkets - they buy analytics and data we provide of shopping preferences.

Team: Viktor Uskov - design, Kyrylo Lobachev - business & economics, Fortunat Mutunda - front end + designer + backend, Kevin Tammearu - business & marketing, Omisakin Oluwatobi - marketer + front end + design + other, Aleksandr Ljamin - front end developer + other, Artem Kobrin - legal and business, Andrii Rozumnyi - back end developer, Dmytro Chasovskyi - Windows Phone developer + team-lead, Rustam Nadrshin - iOS developer.

Bring'em Back

Bring'em Back is a web platform that enables people to collaborate in missing people search effectively. It' necessary to optimise missing people search by timely notification, easy-to-use team management and accurate GPS mapping. Currently we are working on the first two features. Our potential customers are the searching organisations (e.g. Kadunud SA) and single volunteers.

Team: Alexey Nesterovich - marketing communications manager, Darwin Sivalingapandi - front end developer, Mari-Liis Oldja - back end developer.


There are millions of people traveling everyday. There is no such service at the moment which connects traveler with the people in need of some product. For example, some specific products from countries that are available there. Travelers can bring products from the country they are coming from.This idea will solve the problem through our website and an android application.

Team: Adeel Ul Rahman - leader and business person, Martti Vasar - front and backend developer, Laura Lilleste - web designer, Mykola Demchuk - marketing & legal, Zura Isakadze - Microsoft developer, Konstantine Ujmajuridze - Android developer.

Also a big shout out goes to our co-organiser University of Tartu, especially prof. Marlon Dumas, and a massive thank you to our sponsors and supporters: Microsoft, Latitude59 and Mooncascade.

See you next year! 

SSC team

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