The 17 Teams Working With Data Science At The Ongoing Garage48 Open & Big Data 2016

The Garage48 Open & Big Data 2016 Hackathon is now halfway done. The 17 teams are working very hard to deliver their innovations with open and big data for tomorrow's grand finale. This time we also have two challenges by PlanetOS and Mooncascade, both companies have also sent their expert mentors and have supported the hackathon with valuable datasets. PlanetOS is choosing their winner from 4 teams, who is using data of their premiere data publishers (weather, climate, oceanic data) from the PlanetOS Datahub. The winners of the 2 challenges will get a cash prize, so it pays off to work hard now! The overall winner of Garage48 prize is amazing too - the tickets to the Slush conference in Helsinki + many other amazing prizes!

The day started off with the 1st checkpoint. The first task of the teams was to sit down with their team and map what and how they are going to build their prototype. As the day was evolving the projects got better and better, making the mentors excited for the final presentations on Sunday evening, as most of the active mentors are also jury members. The projects are being built for the world to solve a certain problem, but additionally, there is a small competition going between the teams - who is building the best prototype at the end?

Today we also had a presentation by the Co-founder at Greenhouse CI Triin Kask, who gave a presentation on the topic "How to survive as a team after the hackathon is over?". Triin Kask shared her own experiences regarding team work and continuing with her team in a complicated start-up life cycle. At the hackathon there are people with various personal missions - some want to just challenge themselves, some want to meet new people, some want to make a start-up out of the project etc. It is okay to be motivated by different things, but after the hackathon the team members should be open and frank about if they want to continue or not with the project. 

But now let's see what the teams are actually building at Garage48 Open & Big Data 2016 hackathon. Here is the overview of the projects:

1. L ocata
Locata turns location based data to valuable information for everyone
Team members: Johannes Horm - Backend, Marko Kaar - Backend, Keegan Mcbride - Data science, Andres Koitmäe - Data science, Karl Lääts - Frontend, Madis Lehtmets - UI/UX, Maarja Toots - Marketing, Solomia Prokopiv - Marketing/Project Manager/Visionary

2. Siuts
An app that helps the user identify the bird species from the sound recorded
Team members: Vitalii Lakusta - Backend developer, Seher Ugurcuklu - data scientist, marketing, Nataliia Kinash - Data Scientist, Adham Kira - Marketing, Tanel Peet - Data Scientist, Artem Bachynskyi - Data Scientist, Timo Petmanson - Frontend, android developer, Anna Agafonova - Backend developer


X-ray your pension fund
Team members: Tõnu Pekk - idea/ data science, Rauno Viskus - backend, Reigo Hendrikson - data science, Kristjan Saarela - fullstack, Erko Risthein - fullstack, Riina Niine - UX/UI design, Tiina Orav - frontend, Erki Nukk - frontend, Heikki Visnapuu - UX, business dev

4. OfficeHealth
A tool that gathers,analyses and reports health data. The reports offer advice on how to improve microclimate and occupational health of a company (the buyer of the service).
Team members: Vilho Jonsson - project manager, Suman Sarkar - backend/ frontend/ visualization, Arsenjis Rozenbachs - backend/ frontend/ visualization, Dietrich Nexus - designer
Ivan Chernuha - data scientist, Kaisa Liiv - marketing/ health promotion

5. XIoT

IoT Data Marketplace
Team members: Lembit Loo - CEO, Harri Koppel - CHO, Alexey Nesterovich - Agile Project Manager,  Evelyn Sepp - Service Development Manager, Roman Beria - UI/UX Design,  Sherif el Sherif - developer

6. Beer Buddy 

Beer Buddy is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that makes your evening beers more fun by providing you with company and chatting with you about movies, alcohol, etc!
Team members: Andreas Vija - Developer, Uku Raudvere - Developer, Janis Vegis - UX Designer
Normunds Vilcins - Data Scientist, Marko Toom - Marketing, Ardi Tampuu - Data science, Kristaps Taube - Full stack developer, Arvi Tavast - Natural language processing, Hannu Kikkas - Developer

7. Exctelligence 

We are creating a intelligent web tool, where investors could make educated decisions by comparing taxes, GDP, labor cost etc.
Team members: Talis Tobreluts - project manager, Priit Pruul - marketing and PR, Mathias Luik - data scientist, Alex Rodyukov - UI/UX designer, Artur Mihno - front-end delevoper, Kaidur Roht - back-end developer

8. Flipover

An online project management tool with a twist – using your time logs, margin data and usage of resources, we will predict the outcome of a project at any given time.
Team members: Annegrete Peek - Data Scientist, Lagle Sammelsaar - Data Scientist, Octavio Pozo - Data Scientist, Peeter Piksar - Data Scientist, Taavet Tamm - Developer, Martti Kinkar - Pitching and Sales, Magnus Kiisküla - Market Analysis, Marelle Ellen - Project Manager

9. Network Planner
We are developing a web-based tool to help website owners and administrators identify the optimal locations for their web servers in order to achieve the fastest possible page loading times for their users.
Team mebers: Chris Thompson - Team leader and back-end dev, Kevin Kanarbik - Data Scientist, Oskars Gavrisevs - DevOps, Marten Lunge - Marketing and Design

10. Should I go?
We want to make a map which will suggest you the best places for your trip. You can just select what you want to do, for example skiing, surfing, hiking, and when you want to do it. Our website will tell you where will be the best weather conditions for your trip.
Team members: 
Roberts Dargis - Team leader/ Developer, Ucha Vekua - Marketing/ Project Manager, Arturs Znotins - Data Scraper, Aleksandrs Rilins - Back end Developer, Kateryna Grygorenko - Data scientist, Arnis Leilturks - Back end Developer, Anastasiia Babash - UI/UX Designer, Andro Gvivradze - Front end Developer, Pavels Resko - Back end Developer

11. Cody
Interactive code learning platform for students.
Team members: David Frazer - Back-end developer, Illimar Kahar - PHP developer, Markus Johann Kuslap - Marketer, Kaspar Kuus - Visionary

12. Automatic Data Scientist
Automated visual analysis of data.
Team members: Tanel - Team Lead, Idea, Kaspar - Data Scientist, Jaanus - full stack development, Katya - Data Scientist, Eliza - Data Science, Kadri - marketing

13. HypeSilo
HypeSilo helps companies prioritize their social media messages from all sources. We do this by analyzing these messages and offering automatic replies.
Team members: Michael Yee - Marketing and Business, Khawaja Umair - UX/UI, Aqeel Labash - Data Scientist, Ahmed Nafies - FrontEnd Developer, Musa Suleymanov - BackEnd Developer

14. BirdRadar
Map bird migration routes
Team members: Andres Luhamaa - initiator, Katre Karja - UI/UX designer/Front-end developer, Maarten Lemken - Data scientist, Ingvar Lukas - Data scientist, Martin Lumiste - Data scientist, Vitalii Peretiatko - Data scientist, Priit Tamme - Data scientist, Martin Valgur - Data scientist, Gleb Štšenov - Fullstack dev, Ove Kangur - Data scraper

15. F_Stop
It is the peer to peer web platform, where you can rent all the equipment from other local creatives.
Also you can share and rent your own gear to other local creatives and earn some extra money. Lets boost the sharing economy
Team members: Mariann Liimal - marketer/designer, Pille Aro marketer/project manager, Aadam Kaivo front - end developer, Margus Pala - back-end developer, Ajay Sharma - data scientist.

16. MARKUS - Intelligent Age Verification Agent
MARKUS helps companies to automatically verify the age of the customer. The use cases range from self service counters in supermarkets that need to verify the age of buyers of alcohol/tobacco saving labor costs, to huge future market of companies doing last mile delivery with robots and drones, where age verification on receiving alcohol/tobacco products is required by law.
Team members: Kristjan Jansons - project manager, Lauri Tammeveski & Robert Roosalu - machine learning experts, Kristjan-Julius Laak - UI/UX expert, Linda Legzdina & Mart Raus - business developers/marketers

17. Open Tartu (for Smart Citizens)
Scrape metadata from document registry (got a working prototype); Visualize the flow of decisions and money; Engage citizens in discussing, voting etc.
Team members: Märt "Ultrahacker" Põder, Gea "On Duty" Kangilaski, Annett "Django" Saarik, Eno "The Experience" Menov, Sander "Siil ux Udus" Hiire, Risto "The Data Robin Hood" Hinno, Kaspar "The Scraper" Raudla, Ailan Daniel "The User" Mark

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