The 19 kick-ass and environmentally-friendly teams at Garage48 GreenTech

The teams at Garage48 GreenTech Tallinn 2015 have been working on their prototypes since Friday evening by now. We are expecting amazing working prototypes on Sunday, because there are expert teams consisting of environmental specialists and IT professionals collaborating. The 2nd checkpoint and some usual pivoting rounds have now ended, so we can be very excited for tomorrow. 
Besides all the hard work, we have also had the absolute pleasure to have had two great and world-class speakers at our event - Ron Bloemers and John Bates. Thank you for all the knowledge, inspiration and lightsabers!

Please now meet the 19 teams in full glory:

1. World Cleanup 2018
Web app to enable to find teams of evangelists, "Rainer Nõlvak's" in each of 200 countries for 2018 big cleanup day event.
Team members: Jaak Laineste - PM, Sven Illing - marketing, business development, Janek Valdsalu - design, Triin Heinsoo - domain expert, Lembit Lõpp - frontend dev, Sven Kirsimäe - mobile dev, Mikk Andersen - backen dev, Eva Truuverk - domain expert, Helen Tiitma - design, marketing, Piret Jaaks - marketing

2. CURO 
We are developing Autonomous Aerial Surveillance System for wildlife conservation which includes several aircrafts (for tests at the moment we use Drone DJI S900 (hex-copter), landing platforms (for aircraft autonomous charging and video downloading) and data transmission solutions.
The aircraft flies from charging platform and spots object that emits heat (in area there are several aircrafts connected in one system). Then it takes photo of object (to photo is added information layer (location, etc.). Photo is sent to on land based surveillance centre where manually objects are sorted). When operator on software decides that something is suspicious he clicks on the picture and aircraft gets command to go exactly there and shoots small video, which is also sent to centre. Then operator can decide does the patrol group is needed on exact location.
Team members: Bruno Andersons - remote sensing and aircraft specialist, Ingus Purgalis - environmental expert, Toms Burans - Designer, Endel Soolo -Windows developer

3. PostPal
PostPal is delivery service for online stores that offers fast, cheap and green delivery by eliminating middleman courier company.
Team members: Veiko Proos - project manager / businessman, Siim Saarik - backend developerKlemens Arro - mobile developer, Harry Kanistik - marketing / design

Reward people with eco coins for all their activity that saves the planet. Provide ability to exchange ecocoins for sponsored gifts or stuff other people do not need.
Team members: Sergei Prokopov - Team Lead, Aleksei Prokopov - Back End Developer, Aleksei Zaitsev - Back End Developer, Andrei Nesterov - Front End Developer, Ivan Semjonin - Graphical Designer, Sander Ots - Environmental Specialist

5. Sortem
Sortem is simple to use mobile app to help you out with the waste recycling process. 
*search function to find out what goes to which bin 
*map to find closest public waste collection points 
*basic information about the waste categories
Team members: Priidu Paomets - back-end developer, Kert Kaelep - front-end/mobile developer, Marie Assmann - designer, Holger Mets - designer/marketing, Mart Mänd - team lead/marketing, Johanna-Maria Siilak - environmental specialist, Liina Laiverik - environmental specialist

6. Ecolabel Tool
Ecolabel Tool is an online application management service for businesses applying to the EU Ecolabel.
Team members: Janika Liiv - full stack developer / designer, Idir Laurent Khiar - business developer, Ann Runnel - R&D, Sander Jahilo - environmental specialist

7. Solarcost
Platform service for choosing solar panels faster from one webpage
Team members: Kristjan Tappel - project manager, IT part also, Birgit Aru - marketing, networking, Janis Ozols - front-end developer, back-end developer, Una Ieva Zusane - user experience design, back-end developer, Mikk-Erik Saidla - design, marketing

 8. Thinger
 Do you have some nice things you actually don’t use? They are waste of     space but you just can’t throw them away? Or do you need something to buy? Would you like to get it for free?
Join Thinger community and be part of reusing century!
Team members: Sten Krüünvald - project manager, Priit Kuuseorg - full stack developer, Mārtiņš Grigors - full stack developer, Gloria Paul - designer, Katarina Allev - designer, Enelin Paas - marketer

9. Get It Clean
The app gives everybody opportunity to photo and tag on the map the bulk garbage (like used sofa or wardrobe) which needs to be removed, or any other place which needs garbage removal.
It all can be added to the map, and other users can click on it and sign up for the removal, mark a date and time or even create a project or gather a team to deal with the clutter. If it’s a cleaning project - after the problem area is cleaned the new pictures can be taken and added to a map. The involved users get rewarded and grow their rating in the system. The application helps enthusiasts to join their efforts, to build better logistics for those involved in removing of bulk and unwonted household appliances, involves everybody who just has a phone with a camera into the process of spotting and tracking of areas which require attention and adds fun into overall process of keeping our living environment clean.

10. UVicorn
UVicorn is an app that gives you an overview of the UV level you are exposed to. It's all your skin needs to know about the sun.Paired with the Microsoft Band, it stops you from getting too much sun with a soft vibrating buzz, in addition providing sunbathing tips, and helping you keep track of past sessions in the sun.
You love the sun and so do we. Now, it's time to improve this relationship and it's never been easier.
Team members: Erki Luik - Front/End Web Dev, Ulf Anso - Back/End Web Dev, Katrina Mäeorg - Front/End Web Dev, Taavi Kusmin - Back/End Web Dev, Laura Streimann - Marketing, Parol Jalakas - Design, Evelin Roop and Justin Hein - environmental specialists

11. Wasted
Wasted Game goal is to make people (especially youngsters) realise the importance to keep enviroment clean. Dealing with root of the problems, not consequences.
Team members: Brice Gasnier (FRA) - C# developer, french music expert, Jana Priedīte (LAT) - drawing nature, Viktorija Postolati (LAT) - drawing stuff destroying nature, Kaspars Ruva (LAT) - coding guru, Matīss Spandegs (LAT) - animating amateur, Girts Linkums (LAT) - mobile stuff, marketing things, stuff and things in general.

12. VeggieRadar
Freshly from Gardener - Get fresh goods straight from gardener in Your neighborhood by just clicking on desirable product. Or You have something to provide?
Team members: Allan Laal - project manager, Jekaterina Tint - business and marketing, Priit Joa - functional designer, Kadri Kaarna - marketing, environmental specialist, Ingrid Hermet - marketing, Joosep Laik - marketing, Jüri Andrejev - back-end developer, Avo Tohver - developer, Kadi Ilves - designer, Hans-Erik Põldoja - designer

Beachspot is a app that gives you real time information about beaches and their conditions near you. It's a solution where any beach lover can see relevant information about the beach from other app users, see events, report actual weather, cleanliness of the beach, number of persons at the beach, add alert information if the storm is coming and rate the beach. It also unites all beach lovers to one community and inspires people to keep beaches clean, and encourage turning not so green places pure again through promotional events and ground sourced activities.
Team members: Claudius Henrichs - UX designer, Peep Käiss - project manager / UX, Aija Ambrasa - project manager / strategist, Gert Raudsepp - marketing, Hannu Kikkas - developer, Priidu Kull - backend developer
Märt Villemsaar - designer

14. Yo2 Mask
YO2 Mask is the first personalized design based facemask brand. Handmade with high quality pollution filters and antiallergenic organic materials.
Team members: Kristjan Mark - Visionaire / entrepreneur, Vitali Lakusta - Back-end, Märten Soo - Back-end
Agni Raitar - Manager, Liisa Viirald - Designer, Christopher Raastad - Fullstack, Kerli Irbo - Designer/ Enviormentalist, Marianne Kosenkranius - Enviormentalist

15. Buildilator
Buildilator is a calculator for home building and energy efficiency. Buildilator is a business model which helps to calculate and compare different materials and solutions for building a house. The tool motivates to choose green solution for housebuilding, showing that green building and further maintenance is not as expensive as compared to make a cheaper investment, paying more consumption years after.
Team members: Margus Paap - team lead, visionary, Jane Jakobson - project manager, business model analyse, Maanus Indov - front-end, Marko Veelma - back-end, Ranno Päi - designer

16. Creatomus
Creatomus is a tool that empowers you to create the utmost energy efficient future home. Play around with different parameters (number of windows/rooms/sun's direction etc) and see what impact it has on your household energy consumption. We are co-operating with Building calculator, for a possible future common application or service.
Team members: Renee Puusepp - Team Leader, Peter Fagerström - Environmental specialist, Rene Rumberg - Marketing, Kristiina Keelmann - Marketing, Ilya Vasilyev - Designer, Martins Untals - Backend dev, Maris Vilks - Frontend dev (Backend), Kaiko Kivi - Environmentl specialist/Coder, Martin Melioranski - Architect

We make the invisible - visible. Aggregate real-time and historical air quality data from all available sources to provide it via uniform REST API to commercial entities and visualize it for easy interpretation by private individuals.
Team members: Mike Vayvala - Full Stack Web Developer, Hanna Vayvala - Marketer, Sergiy Kyrylkov - Team Lead

Application for nature observers and hobby photographers to provide the best chance for private meetings with wildlife in nature. 
Team members: Andrus Asumets, Taavi Ilmjärv, Andres Lindemann, Margus Pärt, Jaanus Sakkis, Jaanus Remm

19. Smart Consume
SmartConsume is a webpage with the aim to raise environmental awareness among ordinary people and offer them solutions.
Team members: Marek Nurmik - Environmental Specialist, Tiiu-Triin Tigas - Designer, Jaak Ungro - Back-End Developer

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