The 21 Grown-Up Projects of Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 Hackathon

The 2nd Day at the Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 has been filled with hard work. 21 teams are working on their physical prototypes around the clock using various materials and technologies, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, different tools and design materials. Today after the mentor rounds, the technical and design mentors gathered for a moderated panel discussion to speak on how technology and design comes together. Sven Kirsimäe, the head of Mobile Engineering at Pipedrive, agreed on the ever-lasting relationship that developers have with designers: "designers force us, developers, to think outside-of-the-box." How beautiful. 
In order to deliver all the prototypes on the stage tomorrow evening, the mentors did rounds in 3 groups and gave advice in technical, business and design questions. Whether it was a need to calculate if the mechanical construction of a device would hold the weight, help in critically assessing if the Java or Python skills are better presented in the team and should be put to use, or to help find actual practical uses to a prototype that at the beginning was just a fun idea, our amazing mentors put their minds and hands to it.
Our on-site electronics & mechatronics storage, Mass Portal 3D printing room, design storage and Eccom lazer cutting labs are all in busy use and also mentoring sources for our teams.

Tonight at 20 we will enjoy a special networking event, where all of the teams and mentors can mingle and meet with members from other teams. The Latvian Embassy helped us to set up the event and brought some Latvian goodies to our fun gathering as well. :)

Now meet all of the 21 teams in their full glory: 

1. Deep Shit 2017
Inspired by Isaac Asimon’s novella “The Last Question” and Douglas Adams’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, we have decided to build a computer that can answer any question it is asked in a way seemingly most suitable for the perception of today’s modern society.
Team members: Marija Luīze Meļķe - artist, visionary, Luīze Nežberte - ui/ux designer, front end, Lauma Muižarāja - ui/ux designer, Helēna Ozola - ui/ux designer, Mindaugas Dudėnas - ui/ux designer

2. No Drone Zone
Create a "smart sight" that mounts on a rifle and calculates the correct aiming point for your moving target.
Team members: Martin Joesaar - military field expert, Rivo Zirk - military field expert, Nataliia Kinash - math expert, Ilya Kuzovkin - math expert, Vitalii Lakusta - software engineer, Christian Safka - software engineer, Magnus Otsa - mechanical engineer

3. tLOGG
A wristband to logg time and do more what matters
Team members: Rene Rannamägi - Marketer, Wajid Khilji - App developer, Laura Pint - Product designer, Konstantin Bilozor - Electronics + Software developer, Ilnur Hairullin - UX Designer, Tobi - Electronics

4. Streamo
You are craving for attention? Share your life with Streamo wearable life-streaming camera.
Team members: Ailar Väärtmaa - marketing, Mihkel Külaots - marketing, Mathias Luik - business, Anete Sepp - product design, Madis Lehtmets - UX/UI designer, Roberts Dargis - software developer, Arturs Znotins - software developer, Arsenijs Picugins - electronic engineer

5. aFloat
A smart fishing float which notifies via bluetooth the fisher when a fish is on the hook.
Team members: Ričardas Bielskis - Marketer, Mykolas Bistrickas - Mechanic, Modestas Jonikas - Engineer, Jaan Tohver - App developer, Karolina Vaikšnytė - Product designer, Ričardas Leščinskas - Electronics engineer, Tomas Jaskauskas - Machanics Engineer, Simonas Gildutis - App Developer


Centralized Battery Monitoring System
Team members: Villu Teearu - Experienced Software Engineer, Andre Tampõld - Experienced Software Engineer, Renno Raudmäe - Mechanical Engineer, Erko Sepri - Marketer/Business Superstar, Urmast Joost - Mechanics Engineer, Raido Kalbre - Mobile or Web Apps Developer, Hegert Horn - Marketer/Business Superstar, Andreas Ragen Ayal - Electronics Engineer, Pāvels Reško - Server programmer, Artjoms Petrovs - Mobile or Web Apps Developer

7. Posture Tracker
Our Idea is to design a device that would help users to sit in a correct posture.
Team members: Egle Juodziukynaite - product designer, Deniss Zinkevics - mechanics engineer, Anton Tserepanov - mechanics engineer, Tiina Kuura - app developer, Paulius Juska - programmer, Kristina Dulskyte - medical specialist, Andreas Vija - programmer, Renat Kozodayev -marketing and mechanics, Madis Kaspar Nigol - electronics engineer

8. re-loop
A kinetic audiovisual installation. Phygital circular sequncer that generates compelling audio and visuals.
Team members: Toms Burāns - designer, front-end, Andrejs Puķītis - Mechanics enginee, JDat Deface - electric engineer, Reinis Lodziņš - designer, front-end, Terēze Talita Rozenblate - designer/ front-end, Romāns Jarmuševičs - electric engineer

9. Flighting
Device what is integrated into a table and floats a dreamy lamp above it
Team members: Timmu Tollimägi - role-leader/mechanic, Karl Paide - role-mechatronic/programmer, Tiit Rätsep - role-electrician, Nagarjuna Kandarapu - role- product designer, Anne Jääger - role- product designer, Triin Vallner - role- product designer

10. Tseres

We are building a multispectral camera to help farmers grow their crops more efficiently.
Team members: Iaroslav Iakubivsky - mechanical engineer, Mart Vainu - marketer, Aleksander Parelo - electronics engineer, Taras Burko - software engineer, Joosep Kivastik - electronics engineer, Triin Teppo - marketer, Chris Thompson - software engineer, Andri Ots - mechanical engineer, Kadri Bussov - marketer

11. WeedBox
Automated in house growing system with hydroponics to grow vegetables, medical herbs and other plants easier, faster and without having gardening experience.
Team members: Adomas Sabockis - Web and Mobile Developer, Andrius Ušinskas - electronics engineer, Džiugas Laurušonis - electronics engineer, Karolis Mažukna - System programmer, Rokas Milaševičius - Web and Mobile Developer, Sender Kutt - mechanical engineer, Simonas Sankauskas - Electronics & Server stuff, Skomantas Čepulis - Marketing

12. Mapy.Me
Creative mapping
Team members: Reigo Kimmel - idea/marketing, Raul Valge - team leader / software engineer, Artur Luik - service developer, Tarmo Annus - server dev, Mark Laane - developer, Karl Lääts - front-end / web dev, Annija Grosa - graphic designer, Marija Grinjuk - graphic designer, Martynas Micrevicius - backend dev, Keiti Lige - product designer, Kristin Ehala - product designer / business analyst, Villiam Miklos Andersen - product designer, Salman Lashkarara - web dev

13. SensoDoor
Stop door from closing if there are (chidren's) fingers in the way.
Team members: Oleg Kalinkin - Team Lead, Product Designer, Riho Tiivel - Product Designer, Rain Randsberg - Mechanics Engineer, Aivars Vaivods - Electronics Engineer, Rain Lepikmäe - Marketing, Laur Joost - Electronics Engineer

14. SpiderWeave
3D printer that uses yarn, is capable of weaving complicated cell-structures that have esthetical and functional qualities. Our 3D printer can moveN on a track built by the user.
Team members: Kadi Pajupuu - Product Designer, Liisu Miller - Mechanics Engineer, Anna Jõgi - Electronics Engineer / Programmer, Taavo Lukats - Mechanics Engineer, Urmas Mägi - Marketer / Engineer

15. Peat
Immersion circulator for masses, so that everyone could make restaurant quality meals at home.
Team members: Danielius Visockas - Lead, Gražina Bočkutė - Designer, Danilas Ščepanov - Designer, Lukas Avėnas - Designer, Danius Kalvaitis - Electronics, Nerijus Misius - Mechatronics, Ann Kristiin Entson - Designer, Marius Pareščius - Dude

16. MultiBowl
MultiBowl is a smart bowl device to feed pets (mainly cats & dogs). It has variety of benefits for pet owners. 1) Helps to keep track on pet's health. 2) Helps to separate pets during mealtimes 3) Helps to protect from overfeeding 4) It could fill the bowl automatically (good for cat owners) 5) It reads pet's personal data from minichip
Team members: I-Chih Lu - UI/UX design, Reelika Reinsalu - Product Designer, Erika Lille - UI/UX design, Thomas Lepik - Devloper. Riho Raassild - system engineer, Adham -  Mechanics Engineer, Lauris - UI/UX design, Silver Mae - marketer, Dobrinya - Elektronics, Dietrich Nexus - Engineer, Susanne Org - Marketer

17. False Radar
Imitation of the actual radar: false battlefield radar with the purpose to minimize own forces and equipment losses.
Team members: Rauno Viitmann - military field expert, Mattias Petters - electronics engineer, Egon Tangsoo - military field expert, Kaljo Valk - electronics engineer, Oliver Toomela - military field expert, Robert Rajaste - military field expert, Vahur Singa - product design, Liisbet Ross - product design, Liisi Kippak - product design 

18. OwlBowl
OwlBowl never gets empty. It's a bowl that refills with fresh fruits automatically and helps you to be healthy.
Team members: Maiko Arras - team lead, Kaili Mänd - marketer, Lauri Kirikal - electronics and embedded software engineer, Priit Kaup - electronics engineer, Kristaps Grinbergs - mobile developer, Rudolf-Gustav Hanni - marketer, Angelo Maiuri - marketer, Lauri Välja - web developer, Ranno Päi - graphics designer, Reno - mechanics engineer

19. GasPal
GasPal is a product that will warn your employees in case they have left the gas cylinder valve open. This is achieved by using visual and sound alarm. The more advanced solution offers an option to send warning signal to the phone in cases when user leaves the perimeter of the workstation. This device can be easily attached to the gas cylinder valve. It consists of 2 parts - the compass that is attached to the top of the handwheel and a magnet, attached to the valve body. Micro controller is receiving the feedback from the compass about the valve position. When it is closed it sends sound confirmation signal and shows the green indication light, if it is not - it displays a red warning light and gives a sound signal!
Team members: Kristjan Järvan - Business Development, Mihkel Ilp - Engineer, Ieva Upeniece Marketing, Rihards S. - Integral TBA, Ilja Ostrovskis - Mechanical Engineer, Edgars Grava - Electronics Engineer, Edgars Lielāmurs - Electronics Engineer, Linards Jukmanis - Electronics Engineer 

20. SID
A silent field. communications system for short-range, inter-squad communications.
Team members: Heikki Saul - electronics engineer, Umesh .A Bhat - software engineer, Priit Põldmaa - electronics engineer, Mati Parts - marketer, Anri Šaduro - marketer, Martin Ernits - mechanics engineer, Kristjan Pihus - server developer, Hannu Kikkas - other, JP - marketer

21. Memolert
A device that notifies you if you forgot something you usually carry along.
Team members: Kaarel Adamson - team leader, Roland Arnoldt - tech and design, Janne-Eliise Kond - design, Anna-Grete Konsap - design, Delija Thakur- design, Marie-Elise Chhabra - design, Raido Ossip - marketing, Miros Rolko - tech, Sirle Orav-Hinno - marketing

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