The innovative teams of the IoT event in Dnipro showed great results!

The Garage48 IoT hackathon in Dnipro has ended and we are amazed by the prototypes our teams developed. It was our first time in the Ukrainian Space City and we are beyond inspired by the people and their out of the box ideas for using the possibilities of modern IoT technologies. Overall 65 people joined the event on Friday and 16 ideas were pitched. On Sunday 12 teams pitched their final prototype in the I coworking hub in the beautiful Dnipro.

The hackathon was organised with the support of our main partner the Estonian Development Cooperation and our local partner I coworking hub. After an intense 48 hours of developing their prototypes and preparing for the finals 12 successful teams had 3 minutes to pitch their products.

Our jury consisted of 5 people, each one having extensive knowledge of the IT industry: Ragnar Sass the co-founder of Garage48, Pipedrive and Clanbeat; Indrek Rebane CTO at Buildit accelerator and Hedgehog OÜ; Roman Kravchenko from IoT Hub; Vladymyr Khyliuk from ARTKB and Alexander Olenyev representing Intel.

After the pitches they had an important choice to make. Here are the winners of our Internet of Things Dnipro 2016 event:


Prize: 10 000 UAH from IoT Hub, tickets to the Build Stuff Ukraine Conference


A smart equipment for feeding your fish while you are away from home. A device for fish lovers who can’t find time to feed them daily.

Team members: Alexandr Matyshkin - Project Manager, Roman Beskovnyj - Engineer, Mykola Havryliuk - Programmer, Danil Shcherback - Designer, Anton Ushan - Engineer


Prize: Development of the design concept of one product by ARTKB  


Breezly is the world’s first smart training mask accompanied with app that measures how you breathe in real time and give you actionable tips on how to improve your workout efficiency. 

Team members: Max Park - Costly acquisitions, Andrey Zhizhkin - Hard warer, Dmytro Kyryliuk - Red Bull drinker, Eugene Gulyi - Diplomat , Tarmo Annus - Charts specialist, Chris Raastad - Customer pleaser

Runner up & Favourite of the Audience

Prize: Developing the product in the Noosphere Engineering School laboratory.

Team cook

We get distracted so often - even when cooking home meals. Facebook feed or new video can make you forget about your food in process, but with our device even smartphone won`t make you overlook important moments of cooking, because app connected to gadget will keep you in touch with reality.

You'll get a notification on your screen when it's time to act, that lets you spend the cooking time doing stuff, not just staring at your stove.

Team members: Igor Matushchak - CTO, firmware, Valdis Gerasymiak - Hardware engineer, electronic boards, Artem, Synytsyn - Corpus, 3D print, Darina Korotkih - Project manager, Marketing, Dima Reznichenko - Connectivity, GUI, Anton Pelykh - Interface

Special Prize: Best Business case


MyParking online service is an innovative service aimed to bring a new feel to city parking.

The main idea is to create an IoT solution for parking in overcrowded city centers by equipping parking slots with sensors. Drivers will be able to find a free parking slot on the map, pay for it online and extend the parking period.

Team members: Artem Butrii - Project manager/Visionary, Oleg Nalyvaiko - Marketer, Vitalii Ruban - Developer, Sergii-J Kushnir - Developer, Ievgen Korotkyi - Hardware engineer, Andrii Chetvertak - Designer

Special Prize: The Most Fun (One Man) Team


You can hit a button and your code will push to to the version control system which you are using (github or another) and your stress after a long and difficult project will pass.

Team member: Dmitriy - programmer, hardware engineer, marketer

A big thank you to all of the participants! We can honestly say that you made this hackathon unforgettable!

Of course the participants couldn’t have done it without the most amazing mentors. Thank you to Ragnar Sass (Garage48, Pipedrive, Clanbeat), Indrek Rebane (Buildit accelerator, Hedgehog OÜ), Cezar Zeppini (Pipedrive), Mihkel Heidelberg (Hedgehog OÜ), Emil Syundyukov (Start(IT) Foundation), Sander Värv (Pipedrive), Uve Poom (Beetroot Academy), Demyan Om (I coworking hub), Kostiantyn Hladkov (Softserve), Volodymyr Shymanskyy (Blynk), Vitalie Braghis (Intel), Alexander Olenyev (Intel), Sergey Poslavsky (Noosphere).

A shout-out goes to our amazing sponsors and partners who are always crucial to our events! Big thanks to our longtime partner Estonian Development Cooperation, our local partner I coworking hub, IoT Hub, ARTKB, Intel, Hub Lab, Build Stuff Ukraine, DIY Lab, Kyiv Maker Faire, Noosphere Engineering School, YES cafe, DataArt, Computer Academy "STEP", Anadea, Funtronica.

And that’s a wrap! Keep an eye on our events because we will be coming back to Ukraine in 2017. See you soon!

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