The WINNER of first Garage48 event in Bishkek helps to display the right campaign to right people

The first ever Garage48 week-end hackathon event in Central Asia, in Bishkek concluded with 17 projects being presented on stage on Sunday, 13th September at American University of Central Asia. Alltogether 100 participants worked over the week-end to develop their innovative ideas into web and mobile applications. Jury chose Segmently, a project helping site owners to display right campaigns to the right audiences as the Winner of the Garage48 Bishkek 2015 event.

"Garage48 Bishkek event brought together great talent and young people showing their motivation to build successful projects. I can honestly say that it was one of the most warmly welcoming countries where we've organized events so far. Hopefully the local startup community will be growing and we'll be hearing of Kyrgyzstan soon," says Maarika Susi, the main organizer of Garage48 Bishkek 2015.

Our big thank you goes to the Jury members, who had the difficult decision of choosing the winners:
  • Ragnar Sass - Garage48, Pipedrive
  • Jüri Kaljundi - Garage48, Weekdone
  • Elise Sass - Microsoft, Garage48
  • Helen Kokk - MadeBy
  • Andres Susi - Cherry
  • Sven Kirsimäe - Pipedrive
  • Kanat Mukanov - Office of Kyrgyz Republic
  • Jorge Parra - Eclipse Food Group
  • Aibek Dunaev - Tech entrepreneur
BIG thank you to all of our mentors: Ragnar Sass, Elise Sass, Jüri Kaljundi, Andres Susi, Martin Verrev, Helen Kokk, Kair Käsper, Cesar Zeppini, Sven Kirsimäe

As we advised our participants to keep up the energy, let's raise the energy level now by announcing the winners of Garage48 Bishkek 2015!

Overall Winner

Prize: 2 team members will be sent by Eclipse Food Group to meet Estonian start-up community and take part in SLUSH conference in Helsinki, Finland.
We help site owners to display the right campaign to the right audience

Microsoft Special Prize

Prize: 4 awesome Lumia 132o phones
The platform is directly connecting farmers with buyers to make deals

Most International Impact 

Runner Up Prize
 All sports venues in your cities under one roof! 

Social Potential Prize

My City
Prize: 1 month worth of legal services by Precedent
Report and locate municipal problems on map

Favourite of the Audience

  Prize: 250USD gift voucher from Svetofor Group
 Donate by selling and buying

Technically Strong Project Prize

 Our product is service for advertisement companies
It is IT solution-device which let you put advertisement on the screens of buses and manage it in real time. 

Congratulations to also our other teams, because you all ROCK and you all are winners!

Audio, Video and Chat support in realtime

Sonic+ Know your audience better!!!

Let's Talk
Location base social chat

Our online platform based on stickers with unique ID's, that can be used to secure a property. So it makes easy for finders to contact us 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Moreover, our service is simple, effective and convenient for every citizen of Kyrgyzstan

The Trip
Create and Share bicycle trip in Kyrgyzstan

A web-site and mobile application, where tourist can find all necessary information outdoor and indoor activities, hotels and hostels, museums and theatres, restaurants and bars of Kyrgyzstan

Our solution helps retailers & wholesalers to increase revenue and reduce expenses

University Guide
Guiding to the right university!

Challenge Me
It's a place where everyone can make video challenge to his friends and all over the world

Dilemma Me
Our mobile App helps people and businesses with challenging & exciting questions to get answers and have fun! 

The Half Moon

By giving up a few chocolates or ice creams in a month, people can help other people in real need

Big thank you for all our sponsors and partners

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