The Woodworking Wonderland of Garage48 Wood

The first ever Garage48 Wood hackathon had 36 project ideas pitched on the opening evening, from which 17 are now under woodworking hacking to be showcased on the demo stage on Sunday. The Väimela Tech House and TSENTER machines have been roaring all day long with sawdust and amazing wood processing cents flowing around the hackathon premises. 

To support the prototype building, Väimela Tech House local action-team of mentors has been running the machine park and providing materials, including a short walk to the forest to get a fresh piece of log crucially needed by one team. The knowledge and experience of the mentors from Estonian Academy of Arts, Art Academy of Latvia and Latvian Forest and Wood Products Research
and Development Institute is put constantly into the prototypes that are developing every minute.

Read about the 17 projects and the team members joining all the idea and wood pieces together.

1. UVote 

Team UVote is innovating ballot elections. The challenge is to make voting booths modern, light, even enjoyable for the voters but also for all the ladies and gentelmen putting the election booths up each time needed. Modern democracy needs modern ways of election - even if with ballots. Yesterday we had 100 brilliant ideas and turned out that 98 of them were s**t. Today we know, that 99 of them are s**t.  We wonder what tomorrow morning will bring.


Team: Gatis Zamurs (Wood industry practicioner/professional), Eveli Kuklane (Manager/Marketer), Girts Sukurs (Wood industry practicioner/professional), Evita Berzina (Designer), Gatis Veveris (Carpenter), Klavs Prieditis (Designer), Beatrise Dzerve (Designer/Architect).

2. Tree-house KIT 

A miniature tree house construction game for children. Children can build it around a chosen tree in the forest or garden. It develops creative artistic and technical thinking in 3 dimensions.

Team: Ieva Kreituze (Designer/Architect), Ruta Austrina (Designer/Architect), Jurgis Feldmanis (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Gustavs Skerstins (Designer/Architect).

 3. Sun Lounger

 There are few wooden sun loungers on the market.  Our mission is to offer people wooden sun loungers  that combine natural materials, design and quality.


                       Team: Kert Kõiv (Technologist), Siim Simmermann                        (Designer/Architect), Kuido Kasak (Carpenter).

 4. Playcart

 A wooden version of the shopping cart that is also a  children’s car, with drastically improved user          experience. Happy child = happy parent!

 Team: Lauri Semevsky (Team lead, Engineer), Epp  Marta Tarvis (Carpenter), Christopher Nõmmann    (Designer, Constructor), Kevin Laus (Designer).

5. CleatWall

Functional smart furniture made with French cleat wall concept that brings an wood workshop functionality to everyday household.



Team: Martin Kangur (Team lead, Woodworking, Electronics), Airon Roosalu (Designer/Architect), Margus Mänd (Technologist, Wood working specialist with 2 decades of experience), Ingus Draksis (Tisler/Carpenter), Benson Muite (Constructor).

6. Hobbit

Dynamic bed for kids that is affordable, green, easy to use, modular and compact. It is multifunctional as it can be used for sleeping by a small baby and for a playing house by older children.

Team: Igors Neborskis (Constructor), Edzus Runcs (Manager/Marketer), Kaspars Zviedrans (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Galina Asmaita (Designer/Architect).

 Dynamic Structures

A universal joint for wooden structure elements, that can connect 3 or 4 any kind of structure elements together in one point. It makes it easier to build wooden structures in any shapes.

 Team: Rudis Rubenis (Designer), Zane     Kalnina (Wood industry              practicioner/professional), Ritvars       Krastins (Designer/Architect), Gyuri      Jakabfi (Engineer, Designer/Architect),     Paul Salumaa (Metal worker), Antra         Viluma (Manager/Marketer), Aleksis       Pavalkovics (Wood industry             practicioner/professional).

 8. Multiplayer marble game

 Design and build a new marble game for    multiple players.

 Team: Kristians Miezitis (Wood industry     practicioner/professional), Davis Jansons - ,  Timo Toots (electronics), Anti Saar (Team    lead), Kristaps Butaans               (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner).

9. Origami furniture

Lightweight and configurable open-source furniture for micro-apartments.

Team: Didzis Jaudzems (Designer/Architect), Inese Emma Klovina (Designer/Architect), Ülle Maiste (Wood industry practicioner/professional), Argo Männik (Wood industry practicioner/professional), Mihkel Urmet (Wood industry practicioner/professional), Martin Verrev (Technologist).

10. Black Hand Office

 A special laptop and equipment case for designers that    unfolds quickly and has spaces for designer tools to carry  around and open easily. Keeps the tools clean from the       dust in carpenter’s workshop. It will be made of a plywood  frame and of birch with textile parts.

 Team: Arturs Veveris (Designer/Architect), Harijs Balodis  (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Inga Zotova (Tisler/Carpenter),                    Ilze Gutmane (Constructor).

 11. TIM-BIN

 Reinvented wooden garbage container that is more      appropriate for urban space with added value currently    under testing.

 Team: Helmi Marie Langsepp (Designer/Architect), Kristel  Alliksaar (Designer/Architect), Egert Uibo (Constructor),    Oskars Kreišmanis (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Kaspars      Lagsdinž (Manager/Marketer). 

12. Mirror
Wooden make-up mirror for girls with bright and dimmer lights with pockets for make-up tools. The idea is to make the current  mirror more effective with a hidden closet for jewelerry inside the  mirror, that opens with magnets. 

Team: Maksims Jekimovs (Wood industry practicioner/professional), Kristine Duce (Designer/Architect), Talis Grinbergs (Manager/Marketer), Verner Mättas (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner).


An easy to carry, foldable, light and affordable leisure boat which can be used for recreational purposes such as fishing and nature sightseeing. 



Team:  Tiit Kolk (Team lead, Wood industry practicioner/professional), Martin Polikarpus (Wood industry praciticoner/professional), Rahul Puniani (Manager/Marketer), Kaarel Saar (Technologist), Matthew Mitt (Technologist), Remo Allikas (Technologist), Elza Dobičina (Designer/Architect), Kaisa Kalmet (Designer/Architect).

14. Nordpedics

Handcrafted height adjustable standing  desk. You turn the ship steering wheel and rope winches lift the table top.


Team: Toms Vitols (Designer/Architect), Voldemars Dzirkalis (Designer/Architect), Anna Jõgi (Engineer), Karl Käis (Wood industry practicioner/professional).

15. Hund Dog Station

Smart furniture for dogs, that houses the dog’s food, drinks, toys and accessories. It also  serves as an ergonomical dinner table that is adjustable and comfy for dogs of different sizes. We help dog owners to get organized.



Team: Mait Kaup (Team lead), Veiko Ilves (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Lauri Visnapuu (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Keidy Säinas (Designer/Architect), Karin Oras (Marketer).

16. Log seat

Log benches made of the short pieces of logs that remain from log processing. The log seat can be adjustable for any body size to make it as comfortable as possible.

  Team: Pauls Megnis (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Ilva Preisa (Engineer),      Inara Ketlere (Designer/Architect), Ilze Oša (Constructor), Martins       Strods (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner), Solvita Šaraka                   (Tisler/Carpenter/Joiner).

  17. Bike Box
  Wooden folding bike box    for user daily urban needs!

Team: Viesturs Laurs (Manager/Marketer), Ilze Janpavle (Manager/Marketer), Sander Tint (Engineer), Tiina Pärtel (Manager/Marketer).

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kadri tiisvelt

Kadri is the COO of Garage48 with years of experience as a hackathon organizer and community builder. She loves to create and bring together supportive environments for starting entrepreneurs who wish to make their ideas into valuable services and products. 🌸

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