Timber Diameter story - 6 months later

The Garage48 Pärnu 2013 hackathon event winner TIMBER DIAMETER is a mobile application that enables to measure piles of logs quickly and accurately. The journey since the Garage48 event has been really quick that resulted in winning the main prize of 50 000 euros at the Estonia´s largest startup competition BRAINHUNT last week. In six month the team has managed to go live with the first release of the application (available on Google Play!), closed the first investment round and made deals with the biggest forest companies in Estonia, opened up the office and paid the first salary :)


The team met up at the Garage48 event and since then most of the effort has gone to the application development. The Timber Diameter application is meant for customers that need to measure the piles of logs in the remote areas, to get an instant and accurate data about the size of the pile. The working method is simple, client has to take the picture of the pile, set the parameters on the picture and the application does all the needed calculations. It even enables to measure the surface area of the pile even if the pile has an irregular shape. Currently there is pile measurement in Google Play! and in the beginning of June the panorama measurement for extra big piles will be available.

We are extremely happy that the Garage48 Pärnu 2013 first Runner-Up GoWorkaBit was in the grand finals with us at the Brainhunt Competition. We find it as a clear signal – the more ladies you engage to the start-ups and companies, the more successful they are! At this point it would be appropriate to remember Margaret Thacther`s famous quote: "If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman". So thank you Tech Sisters and Garage48 for having an event dedicated for ladies. Especially enormous thanks goes to Maarika Susi (Garage48 event organizer) and Elise Sass (Garage48 events coach)!


The next challenges ahead of us will be connected with quick expansion to different markets: Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and so on. We already have interest from Tanzania, so there will loads of work to be done. We started as a mobile application but now we see our solution to be provided as SaaS, supporting clients with the sales, logistics, reporting and analysis modules that all use accurate data measured by application.

Luckily we have investors who seed our further development and growth. Our investors pointed out that they were attracted by the uniqueness of the solution that brings innovation to the wood-industry. In addition the great engineering capability (applause to our technical team!) the clear vision and potential to conquer big markets. So all we need to do is to conquer these markets :) 


  • Develop your product with clients! Talk to them from a really early stage of your product.
  • Be brave and make decisions! Even if you don`t yet have the investors behind you.
  • Believe!

Post by: Anna-Greta Tsahkna (Garage48 Pärnu 2013 winning team & first-time participant) If you liked Anna-Greta's story, find Timber Diameter in Facebook to show support. 

Next Garage48 event in Estonia happening already in October in Pärnu. Garage48 Pärnu 2014 (10-12 October) is again motivating especially women to come and participate! Come and make your ideas real...

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