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Garage48 is not looking for job applicant's. We are looking for people who don't think of the difficulties and hardships when a new interesting, tad crazy project is on the horizon. We wan't the doers and hustlers, creative and independent thinkers. Someone who's smarter than us!  We want you! 

We at Garage48 are strong believers of "getting sh%t done" attitude and that's something that each of the Garage48 family members carries in their DNA. None of us came with a 100% match of the exact skillsets which were searched for in the job ad, but each and every one of us had a strong desire to learn and grow in the process. 

Have you always been wow’ed by startups and innovative ideas? Are you flexible, eager to learn, into boosting the startup ecosystem and have got what it takes to conquer the world? Then take a closer look - these jobs might be something you have been looking for!

Project manager
with a special kick for fundraising

We are looking for a project manager with a special focus on raising funds through grants and co-operation with governments, private companies and community partners.

Job description:
  • Coordinating the organisation of hackathon events both in Estonia and foreign countries
  • Identify and research funding opportunities coming from cooperations with private companies or organisations.
  • Create sponsorship proposals, compile or develop materials to submit to granting or other funding organisations. Approach interested parties and work on seeing these proposals go through.
  • Managing and overseeing correct reporting and documentation of the project
It would be nice if you would have
  • some previous experience in project management as well as in fundraising and/or sales
  • strong project management skills, and the ability to act on, implement and make sound decisions
  • some knowledge of how EU projects, grant writing, and the basics of sales work. Or at least a curious mind about it and desire to find out more!
  • flexibility to travel and to attend evening and weekend events- don't worry you get the Mondays off and we don't force anyone to travel!
  • excellent English skills. Fluency in Estonian is always a bonus. Russian skills are strongly appreciated.

 Content Marketing Manager

We are looking for a content manager with some serious marketing skills. Someone, who’s a wizard at words, helping us to create content that people actually want to read and someone who’s skilled at navigating in the world of social media, helping us to create some serious brand envy!

Job description: 
  • Together with the core team, design content marketing strategies, set short-term and long-term goals
  • Create, manage and share a rich content that attracts a qualified audience to our channels (web, Facebook etc) and strengthens Garage48 brand. You’ll be writing all different types of content and also managing outside contributions and guest posts
  • Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement
  • Measure the results of marketing activities, track down numbers
  • Event marketing for Garage48 hackathons

It would be nice if you would have
  • past experience in marketing
  • excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to analyze data to make decisions
  • passion for writing
  • flexibility to travel and to attend evening and weekend events- don't worry you get the Mondays off and we don't force anyone to travel!
  • excellent English skills. Fluency in Estonian is always a bonus. Russian skills are strongly appreciated.

Please be a team player and people's person. We appreciate somebody who is willing to help others out, is supportive and wants to learn together in the process. Noticing other people's feelings and emotions, being respectful to them and reading the energy in the room is a skill we strongly admire :)

Perks. The job is based in the coolest office in Tallinn - Telliskivi Creative City. You will have the access to all the community and startup events. 
As we travel a lot, the work schedule will be flexible. We also understand that real people come with all sorts of hobbies, responsibilities and side-hustles and therefore trust that you excel at your own time-management. Through organizing events all over the world, you will get to meet awesome people and make lifelong connections. Plus, the satisfaction from realizing your work actually matters and has an impact!
If this sounds like a dream job to you and you see yourself as part of our team, please send us your resume, salary expectation and a cover letter telling us why you’d be a great candidate to info@garage48.org

Please put a PM Fundraiser  in the subject line if you are applying for the fundraiser project manager position or Marketing Manager if you see yourself as our next marketing wizard!

Deadline to apply: 25th of July, 2018

Garage48 event series was started in 2010 by 6 successful Estonian startup founders as a way to bring the Silicon Valley attitude to this side of the world. Today Garage48 and our Tallinn based co-working space LIFT99 are among the central organizations of the Estonian startup scene. Our goal at Garage48 is to organize hackathons and idea garage's that boost local startup ecosystems all over Eastern and Central Europe, Africa and Asia, to help to build communities and to promote the entrepreneurial mindset.

About the author

mari hanikat

Mari is the CEO at Garage48. She is a very strong and mission-driven leader not afraid to go places no one has been before and help people. 🚀

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