You can be anything you build - the Equipment List for Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2018

Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2018 hackathon starts in Tartu on March 2nd! 
To make all the incredible ideas you have into real physical prototypes, we will provide all the teams with necessary tools, equipment and materials! We have a big list of materials and equipment suitable for all sorts of hardware and arts projects. In case you are missing something, discuss this with mentors and equipment team at the event and we will find a solution for you.

PS! Are you planning to come to the hackathon to build your prototype? Registration is open HERE.

Photo by Maido Parv.

Equipment and material list

- Raspberry Pi 3

- Arduino Uno

- Arduino Micro

- Arduino Nano

- Sensors

- Relays

- Breadboards

- UART-USB cables

- WiFi modules

- LEDs

- DC and stepper motor drivers

- Popcorn (capacitors, resistors, diodes)

- Wires

- Batteries and battery holders

- Kia Soul drive-by-wire vehicle  (TEIKA/PILOT)

- Small magnets and reed switches

- Soldering equipment and materials

- Measurement equipment

- Brains at the lab to help you

- Hand tools

- Glues: hot glue, acrylic (acrifix) , PVA, superglue, foamboard glue, epoxy

- Molding compounds: rubber/silicon/epoxy

- Plastic materials: tubes, sheets

- PVC/Silicon hoses

- Paints: Spray, latex

- Cardboard, different thicknesses

- Tapes

- Aluminum profiles

- Plywood

- Geotextile

- Strings: nylon, fishing line, attached, steel wire

- Staples and a gun

- Rivets and a gun

- Painting and finishing tools

- Tools for working with materials

- Polystyrene/EPX/XPS foam board and hot wire cutter

- Protective gloves

- White spirit and other cleaning liquids

- Syringes

- Respirators

- 3D printing material

- 3D printers (Mass Portal)

- Laser cutting (Rizart)

About the author

kadri tiisvelt

Kadri is the COO of Garage48 with years of experience as a hackathon organizer and community builder. She loves to create and bring together supportive environments for starting entrepreneurs who wish to make their ideas into valuable services and products. 🌸

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