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Have you always been wow’ed by entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas creating real impact? Are you flexible, eager to learn, inspired to boost entrepreneurial mindset and ecosystems? Then take a closer look - our open positions might be something you have been looking for!

Garage48 is a community of people inspired to work full-heartedly without excuses. We love what we do. Our mission is to bring out the best in people - boost their creativity, bring out their entrepreneurial minds and guide them towards the execution of their bold ideas.

None of us has come here with a 100% match or the exact skill-sets listed in the job ad, but each and every one of us has a strong desire to learn and grow. We’re in search of like-minded individuals with the strong desire to create impact.

Senior Project Manager

We are looking for a person with a natural drive to initiate and lead a project from the very beginning to the end - a senior project manager who gets inspired by the opportunity to lead bigger cooperation projects, develop concepts from the scratch and fundraise through both public and private channels.

You will be working on
  • Coordinating the organisation of hackathon events both in Estonia and foreign countries, that includes management of partnerships, hackathon organizing team members and volunteers work, service providers work. Running several projects at the same time.

  • Identifying and researching funding opportunities coming from co-operations with private companies or public organisations.

  • Developing different event concepts from the scratch - through partnerships management, problem & challenge topics identification and participant target groups selection.

  • Sales and partnerships. Creating sponsorship proposals, compiling or developing materials to submit to granting or other funding organisations. Fundraising for already existing projects. Approach interested parties and work on seeing these proposals go through. Coordinating partnerships.

  • Managing and overseeing correct reporting and documentation of the project.

It would be great, if you would have
  • Strong project management skills, natural drive for initiating that things get done and the ability to act on, implement and make sound decisions.

  • Previous experience in fundraising and/or sales.

  • Leadership skills. You have to be comfortable in leading a small team and managing partnerships.

  • Some knowledge of how large-scale international projects work.

  • Some experience in grant writing, and the basics of sales work. Or at least a curious mind about it and desire to find out!

  • Readiness to rather quickly adapt to, lead and implement changes in COVID-19 unpredictable circumstances.

  • This is not a 9 to 5 job. While this is a good thing for many, it also requires excellent time management skills to stay on top of your work.

  • Excellent English skills. Fluency in Estonian is always a bonus. -

  • Open mind and heart for different cultures and curiosity for new experiences.


Chief Marketing Manager

We are looking for a person with a creative mind and strategical thinking - an experienced marketing manager widely informed and trusting methods that work, while brave and creative in developing and testing out new opportunities. Someone, who has a vision for the big picture and can lead a team in making sure all details shine on their own.

You will be working on

  • Developing event marketing strategies for Garage48 hackathons from scratch, including regular media, social media, community partners outreach, online media.

  • Marketing team management for the full execution of an event marketing strategy

  • Creating visual identity for events together with designer and in collaboration with partners/clients

  • Together with the core team, designing content marketing strategies, set short-term and long-term goals for both events and Garage48 whole brand.

  • Creating, managing and sharing a rich text and attractive visual content that attracts a qualified audience to our channels (web, Facebook, registration platforms etc) and strengthens Garage48 brand. You’ll be writing all different types of content, also managing outside contributions and guest posts.

  • Receiving customer feedback and generating ideas to increase customer engagement.

  • Measuring the results of marketing activities, track down numbers

It would be great, if you would have

  • Past experience in marketing and experience in running several projects at the time.

  • Excellent communication and creative thinking skills, with an ability to analyze data to make decisions.

  • A passion for writing.

  • A good eye and some skills for working with designs

  • This is not a 9 to 5 job. While this is a good thing for many, it also requires excellent time management skills to stay on top of your work.

  • Excellent English skills. Fluency in Estonian is always a bonus.

  • Open mind and heart for different cultures and curiosity for new experiences.

Garage48 family members are team players and people's persons. We appreciate somebody who is willing to help others out, and is excited to learn together in the process. Our greatest events come together if the bright minds and diverse skills collaborate.

Garage48 is an organization that offers endless opportunities for You to grow and explore - You just have to have that adventurous and curious mind!

If this sounds like the right thing for you, please send your resume, salary expectation and a cover letter telling us why you’d be a great candidate to 

Deadline to apply: 15th of March, 2021

About the author

kadri tiisvelt

Kadri is the COO of Garage48 with years of experience as a hackathon organizer and community builder. She loves to create and bring together supportive environments for starting entrepreneurs who wish to make their ideas into valuable services and products. 🌸

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