Garage48 SpaceTech: Integrated Applications is in full gear!

The European Space Week kicked off on Friday, the 3rd of November with the extraordinary, out-of-this-world-cool hackathon on space technology and space data. 122 participants arrived to the halls of Physicum, University of Tartu’s institute of physics, all excited to start hacking. 21 ideas were presented and 14 teams started working on the same goal - to deliver a working prototype in 48 hours.

The whole event is an epic gathering of brainpower with our team of top-notch mentors and participants ranging from coders to engineers to designers to all kinds of space enthusiasts. Proving that space has no limits the whole crew has come together from all over the world, our host Priit Salumaa counted 23 different nationalities among which people from Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Germany and many more.

The event is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. As Paul Liias, the representative of the Ministry and an expert in all things space, mentioned, the EU Space Week was “hacked” together like a startup as well - an event that started as a 2-day conference idea quickly grew into a 7-day event with a hackathon, accelerator bootcamp, opening of ESA BIC, a ministerial meeting and much more. Paul encouraged all participants to think like that - set high goals and execute fast.

The hackathon is very excited to have our great partners from European Space Agency (ESA) and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) joining us. Both have brought a great team of experts and have made available satellite data for the hackathon teams to build their idea upon. Our very own EstCube, the student satellite team, is making sure that the hardware ideas are running smooth and delivering great results.

So without further ado here are all the ideas pitched and teams that started to work on applications combining Earth observation data, satellite navigation positioning systems, hardware and social media. (The teams that formed are marked in bold). 

1. DYI Strat Balloon Set

To build a Do it yourself set for a stratospheric balloon. For personal use.  

2. Smallsat Trade

Data exchange market connecting data scientists with amateurs.

3. Smart-Raim

Developing reliability and integrity for smartphone by using RAIM solution.

4. Life Line

Uber-like system reacting to a request of an elderly person.

5. Spacebeer

High-altitude balloon releasing beer with parachute whenever you need it

6. Alert

First global positioning and alerting system on Earth.

7. Atmosmart

Audio/visual device for weather forecast. Led light and speaker system to forecast the weather. Lovely gadget to communicate what weather is outside. Like a snow-globe.

8. Eurabia

Integrated application against urban flooding.

9. Rain mapper

Teaching computers to use centinnel-1 data.


Galileo based location game where your phone works as a launchpad.

11. On grid

Tracking team movement on military grid reference map. Mobile support detail tracking foot soldiers - military sports competition context

12. Reliability database

Database for small satcubes which have insective every cubesat would know. Webpage/database with incentive data.

14. Drone ID

Automatic identification system for drones.

15. Sim based GPS device to find lost stuff.

16. Geo-tagged, location controlled chastity belt

17. Futurism

Learn how to use satellite data for looking into the future.

18. Turn tarvelling into a sport.

19. ”Ways” for drones, calculating the best route for delivery drone.

20. Sending cremated pets to space

21. Gather data from earth observation satellites combined with VR experience.

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