SPACETECH EUROPE Online Hackathon: solving present and future challenges in space.

In cooperation with Garage48 and SpaceOn, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has launched the SPACETECH EUROPE Online Hackathon to crowdsource innovative technological solutions in spacetech, and enhance the next generation of American and European space experts, develop U.S.-Europe cooperation in the space sector. The hackathon took place on December 3-5th.
Teams across 15 countries and various time zones tirelessly worked with amazing industry-leading mentors. Ideas were ranging from aggregate space launches and 3D mapping of the lithosphere to removing space debris from the dangerous trajectory and recycling it without deorbiting.
Mentors Stefano Alberico and Gerardo García Díaz watching the Final Pitches.

The G48 SpaceHackathon 2021 has been a concentrated 48 hours of passion, endurance, dreams, technology, and fun. Connecting people across the world, creating new friendships, having fun, learning new things, and having surprises are the ingredients of this explosive G48 space cocktail. Now we are all hooked and can't wait to get more :)

- Stefano Alberico Founder and CEO at Skudo OÜ, Mentor at SPACETECH EUROPE

---  Organizers Noora Ustav and Eliise-Berta Tarto coordinating the Finals.

It was a truly cosmic weekend full of hard work, excitement, and great solutions! 🚀

Hackathon Challenges

In 48 hours teams along with industry experts were building solutions that tackle the following challenges:

  • How to make spaceflight technology more reusable?

  • How to proof spacetech against malware and cyberattacks?

  • How to clean up space debris?

  •  How to optimize space navigation?

  • How to use satellite data on earth for sustainability?

  • How to enhance collaboration in the space sector and many more!

Mentors Stefano Alberico, Gerardo García Díaz and  Garage48 CMO Tamara Bezljudova during the winner's announcement. 


🥇1st Place - Flexicons

Award from ESA BIC Estonia- 500€ Cash + 1000€ mentoring hours!

 Flexicons team picture

💡 Building a party underground housing compartments designed for self-sustaining lifestyle environments such as other spaces. It is 3D printed with in-situ excavated materials.

The biggest personal lesson for me as a civil engineer was that no other planet beats Earth. We have taken everything around us for granted, from the soil, oxygen, and water to Earth's atmosphere and magnetic shield. All of which create a perfect condition for thriving as an intelligent species. However, not only other planets' ecosystems are harmful to our very existence, but also they have harsh environmental conditions, which require an extreme amount of protection just to survive.

- Arghavan Akbarieh, Flexicons Team Lead

 Flexicons Team Lead, Arghavan Akbarieh

The other thing that I learned from our mentor was to create deliverable promises through our business model. He helped us to divide our extremely ambitious goal into achievable milestones. The last thing for me was my position as a team lead. It was difficult to manage a team of newly-met people while being responsible for a part of design delivery. Although it was quite rewarding since I got to actualize my vision with the help of my team!

- Arghavan Akbarieh, Flexicons Team Lead

🥈2nd Place- Parapilot

 Project analysis by Yuznoye experts and mentoring from Slovak Space Office.

💡Autopilot for a paraglider to reuse lightweight parts of rockets and simplify risky operations.

🥉3rd Place- Exio

Combined package €500 mentoring hours and chance to also apply for the Gravity Incubator program from CyRIC and Gravity Incubator!

💡 Creating convenient, light modular robots that generate energy on the go by themselves.

❤️ Favourite of the audience- Mineralis

They win sTARTUp Day 2022 tickets!

💡Helping businesses to reach natural resources on asteroids and Mars. Provide information on where the particular natural resources are.

👑 Honourable mention to teams Mineralis, Orbitbits, and Paganel LPS

all winning a spot in the Space Hubs Network (SUN) Pre-Incubation program!

SPACETECH EUROPE hackathon was a fun and interesting event with knowledgeable mentors and a diverse set of contributors, the staff was lovely, kind, and helpful. all in all, it was a fun weekend hackathon and I enjoyed being a part of it! thank you!

- mim Armand, Orbitbits Team Lead

SPACETECH Europe Online Hackathon cover at the FINALS---

The hackathon once again proved that innovation happens from the synergy of diverse disciplines and professionals coming together. The winning team Flexicon is a good testament to that!

- Oleg Shvaikovsky, Aristotle, Founder, CEO


Who made it possible?

This event would not be possible without our amazing team. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this cosmic journey! 🚀

SPACETECH EUROPE organizers and mentors.

Mentors: Gerardo Garcia Diaz, Maria Yarotska, Alexander Kmoch, Krzysztof Kanawka, Sven Lilla, Oleksii Planida, Stefano Alebrico, Lauri Kimmel, Carl Pucci, Jeremija Hrajec, Bendikt Soja, Jaan Praks, Dmytro Kalynychenko, Maria Terekhova, Ben Ottoman , Oleg Shvaikovsky, Svitlana Khutka, Martijn Leinweber, Misha Rudominski, Serhii Moskalov, Micha Heilman.

Organizers: Kadri Kõivik, Siim Eesalu, Kadi Aguraijuja, Tamara Bezljudova, Jana Saastamoinen, Noora Ustav, Eliise-Berta Tarto, Stanislav Kyryllov, Vitaliy Demchuk, Oleksandr Bobrovyts, Sergii Redchyts, Stanislav Tsyhichko, Yuliia Kosharna, Anastasiia Mcridina, Olena Zoria.

Hosts: Kai Isand, Siim Eesalu.

Jury: Michael Clausen, Abedin Bajagilovic, Dmytro Kalynychenko, Maksym Dehtiarov, Panayiotis Philimis, Sven Lilla.

Want to know more about the Hackathon?


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